Tiliqua Records is a Tokyo based individually run independent record label and rare records mail order outlet, dedicated to underground sounds, deviated expression forms and assorted sonic debris.

The label Tiliqua Records was erected in Belgium in 2002. Initially the label was a duo venture but from its second release on Tiliqua Records shifted gears, dropped of some ballast, relocated its base of operations towards the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan and became to be individually managed. Liberated from outside interferences, the label can fully dedicate itself to adventurous sounds, psychedelic music, avant-garde outings and other underground-related activities that are vastly overlooked and mistreated by other labels. Until now, the main bulk of the artists attracted to the label’s roster are/were of Japanese origin although that contacts and plans have been laid out to broaden up the scope of interest towards artists out of other countries. Still, Tiliqua records will remain keeping a finger on the pulse of Japan’s underground activities (past & present) and this due to our educational background that got intertwined with the high quality of adventurous music that has been spray-painted all over the archipelago within the last couple of decades.  As far as releases are concerned, each title on the Tiliqua Records imprint is prepared with the utmost care and will essentially only be released on high quality vinyl, housed in deluxe thick carton record jackets. Apart from devoting our attention to musicians presently active, Tiliqua records is also proud to launch its ‘Archival Series’, a sub-division dedicated to reissuing long out of print and rare recordings by historically important artists. The first release in the ‘Archive Series’ to see the light of day will be Takayanagi Masayuki’s ‘Action Direct’ recording out of 1985. The ‘Archival Series’ titles will be released as limited CD editions, housed in mini LP gatefold jackets. All titles will be released with the artist’s legal content and the sound material will be pulled from the original master tapes. Next to the CD issue, ultra limited vinyl editions will in due time be released and will only be obtainable from this site. The ‘Archival Series’ titles are due to follow each other in rapid succession, so stay tuned if you do not want to miss out on any.

Mail Order activity: Next to the label, Tiliqua Records will also operate a rare records mail order service. Our focus will basically be centered on out of print discs, rare records and assorted cultural ephemera inflamed by musically liberated souls and adventurous sonic explorers. The mail order’s main scope of interest will be focused on and specialized in Japanese underground and psychedelic music birthed between 1960~2000, Japanese female vocalists out of the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Japanese erotic kayokyoku recordings, esoteric religious sounds, free jazz blasts, private editions, improvised music, electronic music excursions, outsider rumblings, tape music, free folk, noise assaults, erotic kayokyoku whisperings, psychedelic enka escapades, acid folk, musique concrete, sound art, and experimental music amongst others. The discs offered for sale are all out of print, privately released or are just rare records, which makes that in most cases we will only have one single copy to offer. Next to records we will also stock rare and out of print CD releases (no CD-R releases). If you want to receive regular updates about our mail order service and label activity, drop us a line and we will include you on our mailing list and keep you up to date about recent additions and acquisitions. Mail updates will be sent out once or twice a month and will keep you informed of new and obscure titles of rare discs.

General Outlines
Payment methods
We accept paypal (payments made through els.jos@telenet.be or tiliqua@fg8.so-net.ne.jp); cash in registered letter or payments made by postal International Money Order (amount must be made out in Japanese yen), International bank transfer towards our Japanese bank account (amount in Euro) or to our Belgiam bank account (easy for European buyers, cost and hassle free with IBAN). For more options or information, please do inquire.
Ordering and Availability
 Before sending us payments, please mail us to inquire whether the desired disc is still available. If the item in question is listed on the site, it should be in stock. But in order to play it safe and since we mainly carry rare and out of print records of which we have in most cases only one copy available, dropping a line before a purchase is advisable. If you are looking for a special disc or much desired rare item, do not hesitate to drop us a line and we will keep our eyes and ears open for you. Once the requested item is located, we will inform you. Regarding sealed LP's: sealed LP's CANNOT be returned once opened. I can unseal any SS LP here for inspection before shipment, if you wish to have a return privilege.
Shipping and Handling
All records will be sent out in brand new and heavy textured carton containers, stiffened inside with carton inlayers to secure a safe delivery. Records will be shipped by airmail, EMS, UPS or Yamato Courier Service. For expensive items we strongly recommend EMS or Yamato since then your item will be insured, arrive quickly and will reach you safe and sound. Of course, you decide which way of shipping you desire

 Normal airmail tariffs from Japan to most foreign countries for one LP well packed will be around 25 Euro

Japan Mail system has a 100% safety and satisfying track record. However once the parcel leaves Japan, there might be a small change of mishandling of parcels by other countries postal systems. We are NOT responsible for any parcels being mistreated outside of Japan and buyer takes responsability for any mishappen outside of Japan Postal Syetem Service. If one wants to avoid such eventual mishandling we advice you to insure the parcel at full actual cost at your expense.

Trading & Buying Collections
 We are always in for trading if you can come up with the right stuff. Also we are interested in buying collections of rare and out of print discs. But since we aim at providing top notch and high quality goods, we are only interested in discs in Mint or Excellent condition. As far as musical styles are concerned we focus ourselves mainly on underground sounds, private pressings, psych, free jazz, avant-garde, experimental music, folk, blues, minimal music, field recordings, female vocals, erotic kayokyoku, psychedelic enka shit, acid folk, rudimentary punk, DIY, garage, musique concrete, assorted psychedelia, etc, I guess you know what we're gettin' at. We are not interested in CD-R releases (how limited and privately released they may be, the medium is of no interest to us), major label crap and middle of the road mind numbing trash. As is the case with the label’s output, sonic quality is a keyword here. So if you think you have sounds that may interest us, get in contact and we will unload you of your sonic burden.