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44. V.A.: "DAYTONA SPEEDWAY SPORTS CARS- Sound Effects" (Nippon Columbia - PS-1121-AF) (Record: Near Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Excellent). original 1965 Japan 1st original pressing of sonic marvel documenting pulsating engines and tailpipe sniffing. Kerosine madness, practice runs, tire squeels, drivers' talk, pit area tune up and other assorted dementia. Great condition of scarce title. Price: 20 Euro

45. V.A.: "S/T - 1966 - 34th Le Mans 24 Hrs Race - 24 Hours Of Le Mans" (King Records - SLC-375) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Picture Insert: Near Mint). rare 1971 Japan first original pressing of scarce and quite sought-after Le Mans race soundtrack and sound effects LP. Recorded by Arthur Bannister, it takes you through all the sonic highlights of the legendary event. Killer sound effects, engine pumping, crashes, all the works. Historical recoding of one of the greatest racing events on the planet. Impossibly clean copy, next to impossible to upgrade upon. Price: 40 Euro