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68. V.A./ CHICAGO BLUES - A Quarter Century: "S/T" (P-Vine Records - PLP-9022~25) (4 LP Set: Near Mint/ Individual LP Sleeves: Near Mint/ Booklet: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint/ Outer Box: Near Mint). This is scarce Japan ONLY 4LP box set ( released in 1981 ) of various artists of Chicago Blues, comin' with complete appendices. As the title indicates, this box-set includes 59 tracks ( See the track list below ). The booklet shows “Japanese description”, “English lyrics” & “Photos of artists”. It's hard to find this item in complete shape Side A: Johnny Shines: Ramblin’, Fish tail, Cool driver, Ain’t doing no good, Floyd Jones: Dark road, Moody Jones: Rough treatment, Why should I worry, Please somebody Side B: Eddie Boyd: Five long years, Hard head woman, J.T. Brown: My gal went away, Soup line, Memphis Minnie: Kissing in the dark, Son Joe: I’d write a letter, Little Brother Montgomery: Keep on drinkin’, Memphis Slim: Black cat crossed my trail  Side C: Baby Face Leroy: Blues is killing me, Late hours at midnight, Pet rabbit, John Lee Henley: Knockin’ on lula mae’s door, Rhythm rockin’ boogie, J.B. Lenoir: Let it roll, John Brim: Hard phill to swallow Side D: Louis Myers: Just wailing, Bluesy, Big Walter Horton: Have a good time, Need my baby, Little Willie Foster: Crying the blues, Little girl, Junior Wells with Earl Hooker: Calling all blues Side E: Sunnyland Slim: Down home child, Over night, Highway 61, Lee Jackson: Fishin’ in my pond, I’ll just keep walking, Arbee Stidham: When I find my baby, Homesick James: Crossroads  Side F: Buddy Guy: Sit and cry, Try to quit you baby, Shakey Jake with Magic Sam: Call me if you need me, Jesse Fortune: Too many cooks, Heavy heart beat, A.C. Reed: I’d rather fight than switch, Ricky Allen: Ouch!  Side G: Fenton Robinson: From my heart, Say you’re leavin’, Mighty Joe Young: Hard times, Earl Hooker: Blues in d natural, Lonnie Brooks: Figure head, Reggie Boyd: Nothing but poison, Andrew Brown: You better stop Side H: Koko Taylor: Honky tonky, Big Moose: Rambling woman, Foot race, Big Mac: Rough dried woman, Detrait JR.: The way I feel, Call my job, Bobby Rush: I don’t know, Buster Benton: Money is the name of the game. Top condition. SOLD

69. V.A.: "DAYTONA SPEEDWAY SPORTS CARS- Sound Effects" (Nippon Columbia - PS-1121-AF) (Record: Near Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Excellent). original 1965 Japan 1st original pressing of sonic marvel documenting pulsating engines and tailpipe sniffing. Kerosine madness, practice runs, tire squeels, drivers' talk, pit area tune up and other assorted dementia. Great condition of scarce title. Price: 20 Euro
70. V.A./ GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWN: “Vol. 8” (Crypt Records – CRYPT-064) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). One word….Brutal!!! Price: 30 Euro
71. V.A./ MUSIQUES DU PAYS LOBI: “S/T” (Ocora Records – OCR-51) (Record: Excellent 〜 Near Mint/ Gatefold Sleeve: Near Mint). First original Ocora pressing out of 1970 on the dark blue label. The musical pieces on this record were recorded in March 1961 in the region of Gaoua in South-Wes Upper Volta. The 1st side of the record is devoted to the music of the Lobi, whose xylophone elong, with 14 keys and calabash resonators, is the principal instrument, always used in the important ceremonies of initiation or at funerals. The 2ndside of the disc presents the musics of the Gan, Dagari and Birifor peoples, who are neighbors. Again a stunning collection of bone-chilling African field recordings. Ocora rules! Price: 30 Euro

72. V.A./ Natural Sounds Series – ROCKY: “Crystal Streams part 1 & 2” (King Records – SKS-2002) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Excellent/ Insert: Near Mint). Japan ONLY issue, 1977 original pressing – white label PROMO issue. Absolutely stunning sound art record – environmental sound recording of running crystal clear streams in the Rocky mountains. Meditation bliss for days on end. Stunning recording quality Toshikazu Tanaka, using a Sennheither MD421 x 2 mike and a Stellavox S-19x1 tape recorder. Price: 40 Euro

73. V.A./ Natural Sounds Series – WILD BIRDS: “Yacho No Sekai” (King Records – SKS(H)-2004) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: near Mint). Japan ONLY issue, 1978 original pressing – white label PROMO issue. Absolutely stunning sound art record – environmental sound recording of birds in the wild. Meditation bliss for days on end. Price: 25 Euro

74. V.A./ Natural Sounds Series – NIAGARA FALLS: “Cosmic Array” (King Records – SKS-2001) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint) Japan ONLY issue, 1977 original pressing – white label PROMO issue. Absolutely stunning sound art record – killer sonics of the cascading Niagara Falls, a wall of unrelenting blissful noise that even puts Merzbow to shame!!. Meditation bliss for days on end. Recorded by Toshikazu Tanaka using the Sennheiter MD421 x 2 mike and the Stellavox S-19 x 1 tape recorder. Stunning sound quality!! Price: 45 Euro

75. V.A./ SAIGON ROCK & SOUL: "Vietnamiese Classic Tracks 1968 ~ 1974" (Sublime Frequencies - SFG060LP) (2 LP Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). Sublime Frequencies' long-awaited documentation of late '60s/early '70s Vietnamese Rock, Pop & Soul yields a treasure trove for fans of retro Acid-Rock, Psychedelia and saccharine ballads. Influenced by French chanson, the Western music collections of GIs, and coming from a time before "tacky" electronic production catered to the South East Asian taste for newness, these seventeen fiery and astonishing songs were recorded in makeshift studios and even US army facilities while the Vietnam war raged. They were issued on 45rpm vinyl or reel and cassette tape, but due to the region's aforementioned predilection for freshness, coupled with the purge of western culture post VC success, many are lucky to still exist in any form, and it's thanks to the tireless efforts of the label and collectors such as San Francisco's Rick Foust that they're afforded this new lease of life. Among them you'll discover blazing, breakbeat heavy Acid Rock from the popular (and still surviving) group, CBC Band, besides groovy pop from Carol Kim; the heartbreaking ballad of 'Sao Biên' by Lê Thu; Thai Thanh's amazing swingbeat play 'Bù'ng Sáng'; the atmospheric romance of Giao Linh's 'Chuyên Tinh Sao Ly'; Phuong Dung's echanting love song 'Dô Ai'. There's enough here to engorge even the most exotic-minded follower of retro fashions, and an intense taste of the unknown for any adventurous ears. SOLD