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1. V.A.: ACID JAM: “S/T” (Woronzow – Woo6) (Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1988 UK pressing on Bevis Frond’s own imprint and one of the hardest to track down titles of the label’s early dayz. One of my fave records as a teen growing up and I have lost countless brain cells while listening to this head fuck while tripping my head of in my little room. Price: 75 Euro
2. V.A./ AIYOKU JINMIN JUJI GEKIJO: “S/T” (Pinakotheca Records – 001) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint ~ Mint/Insert: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Zyklon B Insert Package: STILL SEALED!!!) Best copy to ever cross my eyes and one of the key recordings to document the seeding early 1980s Japan seedy underground scene. All complete with insert and the always-elusive Zyklon B insert package which is still sealed!!! Never saw a sealed one before. This record is without a single doubt on of Japan’s underground music scene defining moments. Much rumored about and rarely offered up for sale since this sucker so bloody rare due to the fact that most copies are safely tucked away in private collections and the ultra limited press of the record. Still, the “Aiyoku Jinmin Juuji Gekijou” is without a doubt one of the most important discs of the late seventies and early eighties to have emerged out of Japan and after gazing upon the list of collaborators it is easily to understand why. Contributions by Tamio Shiraishi, Unit consisting of Takafumi Sato – Yatasumi – Akihiro Ishiwatari – Masami Shinoda, Honeymoons, Intensions (which is Kyoyaku no Intension before Narita reinforced the line-up shortly hereafter. On the disc the duo consists of Kamura and Atsuko Shiba), Duo performance by free jazzing bass virtuoso Motoharu Yoshizawa and Katsuo Itabashi, Harumi Yamazaki’s Gaseneta, Keiji Haino solo excursion, Vedda Music Workshop (with Takeda Kenichi, Chie Mukai, etc), Kino, Toshi Tanaka and friends and Kudo Tori’s Machinegun Tango outfit. All who was of any significance during these days in the bowels of Tokyo’s underground community appears on this disc. Stellar music, uncompromising and far out. All time highest recommendation and getting almost impossible to find. Has never been reissued on CD and will never be reissued due to the high ego’s that inhabit the grooves and Pinakotheca honcho Sato-san who is reluctant to hand over the rights, even now when he is nearing the end of his life due to sickness and vows never to reissue it as he wants nothing to do anymore with the Pinakotheca label and his musical past. I doubt another copy will cross your path any time soon…. Especially in such an eye-watering beautiful TOP condition. Getting scarcer with every breath you take, has been ages since I had a copy, especially with all present. Price: 250 Euro
3. V.A./ ANTHOLOGY OF DUTCH ELECTRONIC TAPE MUSIC: “Vol.1. 1955 ~1966” (Composers’ Voice CV 7803). (2 LP set: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: near Mint ~ Mint/ 8-page Booklet: Near Mint). TOP copy and next to impossible to find in such perfect state as this one here!!!! Containing works by a variety of Dutch composers such as Ton de Leeuw (Study 1957), Jan Boerman (Musique concrete 1959) Henk Badings (Cain and Abel 1956), Tom Dissevelt (Gamelan 1963/64), Peter Schat (The Aleph 1964/65), Ton Bruynel (Reflexes 1961) and many more. Includes bound-in 8-page booklet with a brief history in English of Dutch electronic music till 1966, written by Dick Raaijmakers. Hideously rare but amazing – if not one of the best LP’s covering electronic and tape music – that came out decades ago and that since then has been elusive ever since. Rarely surfaces and it took me almost 5 years to get a spare copy of this one. Unlike many LP’s that cover electronic music tout cour, almost no recordings focus on the early tape music experiments and even less document one of the most exciting scenes of experimentation being the Netherlands. This massive double LP set (113 minutes total) offers one piece each by pretty much every composer who completed a piece at any one of the Dutch electronic music studios between 1955 and 1966. It contains some awe-inspiring and very early pieces, running the gamut from Hans Kox’s dynamic electronic organ studies to Berend Giltay’s looping white-noise blast precision tape edits. This set is so awe-inspiring and stupefying that it is almost too much to take in at once... but ultimately proving to be the be-all/end-all in documentation of the early Dutch “scene”. It also focus on the different schools active within this one little scene and the set also shed some clarity on the differences in approach and execution between the Studio of the Netherlands radio Union (Kox, De Leeuw); Studio of Delft Technical University (Boerman, Spek and Escher); Philips Studio (Badings, de Leeuw & Raaijmakers); Studio of Utrecht State University (Weiland, Kox, Schat & Dissevelt); Studio of Ton Bruynel and the CEM Studio Bilthoven (Eisma, Gorter). Just amazing. Volume one is the hardest one of the two volumes to track down. Just never turns up. Here is a stunning perfect. So don’t think twice it is alright. Highest possible all time recommendation. Price: 250 Euro
4. V.A./ ANTHOLOGY OF DUTCH ELECTRONIC TAPE MUSIC: “Vol. 2. 1966 ~1977) (Composer’s Voice – CV7903). (2 LP set: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket & Booklet: Near Mint ~ Mint). TOP copy and next to impossible to find in such perfect state as this one here!!!! This is the second volume of the Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape music. Vol.2 of a set of two. Compositions by Jacob Cats, Jos Kunst, Thomas arras, Victor Wentink, Louis Andriessen to name a few. Includes bound-in 8-page booklet with a brief history in English of Dutch electronic music from 1966 till 1977. A third volume was never issued. Well, one of the holy grails of electronic tape music is this hideously rare beyond belief 2 LP set that documents Holland’s electronic tape experiments. Extensive liner notes by Dick Raaijmakers. Unlike the first volume that focused on the closed studios, Volume 2 focuses on the open studios.Iuse “closed” in the sense that the composer works alone, tucked away in a studio as opposed to “open” in the sense that the composer links up with other forms of music production, other media and closely related forms of education, science and technology.  So with that in mind, the electronic composer wanting to “open” his studio and expand his horizons will have either to modify his art or to shift his position as an artist, so he will have to change his attitude towards electronic composing in studios using tape or he has to exalt the processing of sound using tape to the level of language processing for a new modern type of music. So it is this new wave that upsurged from 1966 on that this volume focuses on and it shows only but stunning results. So we have tape documentary music, tape collages and assemblages, tape montages, electronic tape compositions, radiophonic excursions, tape music as a political weapon, music for soundtracks and computer tape music. Very exciting it all sounds and actually is. I have searched high and low for finding a second copy and I doubt another one will cross my path within the next decade. Of all the electronic music/ musique concrete gems tucked away in my private stash, this one is definitely one of the best ever discs I have ever put my ear to. Primitive, analogue, tape-slicing experiments that will leave you begging for more, keeping you wondering why there is so little stuff like this available. It will definitely blow most of the electronic music you have ever heard straight out of the water. Killer material and hideously rare. Necessary szcomplement to the first volume, totally awe-inspiring and jaw dropping music. Price: 250 Euro
5. V.A./ BIET-HET ~ 14 Flepse Nederbieters Uit De Jaren 60!: “S/T” (Private – Boem Records) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Limited to 300 copies only release from years ago, numbered edition, this one being 73/300. Yow! Dutch garage rock from the hippie days that will knock your socks off! The BIET HET collections is pretty awesome,. The track selection is uniformly excellent, running the gamut of styles, from the obvious (Dylanesque, Beatles-y, garage beat) to the more surprising (Brecht-ian propaganda, Indian psychedelia, etc.) Some pretty cool stuff from a wildly cool scene. It basically sold out on the spot the day it was released on vinyl and created quite a stir amongst those who got soaked in it. Just brilliant compilation of tracks that will otherwise never cross your path. Deliriously insane! Price: 150 Euro
6. V.A./ BOULDERS: “S/T” (Ing-Wing Records – MLP-10). (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint, still in shrink). Killer and take no prisoners obscure compilation LP of even more obscure below the radar psych punk nuggets that will fry your brain. Brutal vintage teenage 1960s garage psych trash compilation on the highly acclaimed Boulders label. This is the shit, every track sounds like it has been set on fire with kerosene, a teenage bull market for raw sex, uncut lysergic madness, sniffing glue, amyl nitrites and double-ended Greek dildos. Meaning, that the music on display here sounds uglier and more addictive than any group of mutants you'd see at a bad insane asylum. So with credentials like these, you know this teenage 1960s trash psychedelic garage LP – all made up of rare EP and singles – is the stuff to shoot straight up into your cranium. Best thing to hit me blindly of late…if you can still stand up and walk straight after listening to this youthful rebellion disc, be sure to beam me up. Utterly fantastic!!!! Rare original 1st issue!!!! Price: 50 Euro
7. V.A./ BOULDERS: “The Greatest Rock Of All – Presents The Sixties Punk EP Box” (Moxie Records – Moxie Box 1) (4 EP Records: Near Mint/ Outer Box Set: Near Mint/ Poster Insert: Near Mint/ Sealed Bag of 2 Moxie Balloons & Candles: Mint). Absolutely killer sixties garage punk & snot-faced, pimple-scarred psychedelic teenage angst EP box set compilation. Drenched with killer all incinerating fizz assaults on the senses, teenage angst reigns throughout this set. Passing the revue are the Electric Co., Al Quick & Massochists, the Laymen, the Motion, Xcellents, The 5 Canadians, The Dirty Shames, The Emperors, The Era of Sound, The Sparklers, The Denims, Acid Head, Velvet Illusions, Teddy & The Patches, Thee Sixpence, Perils, Petrified Forest, Road Runners, Rear Exit, Pilgrimage. Fuck this beats sniffing glue for sure but is bound to give to the same pleasure. Recommended to all of your thrill seekers. Price: 85 Euro
8. V.A./ CALIFORNIA ACID FOLK: “S/T” (Penguin Records) (2 LP Set: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Seriously rare double LP set limited edition 500 copies from '81. Include previously unreleased tracks by Byrds, Country Weather, Kaleidoscope (live '67), Factory (Lowell George), Mystery Trend, Dino Valente, International Submarine Band, Misfits (Bob Mosley ex Moby Grape), Vibra-Sonics (Joey Covington ex Jefferson Airplane), American Four( Arthur Lee). Total mesmerizing compilation containing one of my favorite tunes by The Byrds - LIVE on Swedish Radio as well as the last track by Lucy Baines. One LP side each for a Byrds 1967 Swedish radio broadcast (in perfect sound), Kaleidoscope live at the 1967 Berkeley folk festival (although the fidelity is subpar), and unreleased light harmony psych demos from Country Weather. The fourth side is an assortment of rarities from the International Submarine Band, Mystery Trend, Dino Valente, and early sides by groups that featured Lowell George, Arthur Lee, and Bob Mosley before any of those musicians had become famous in biggest acts. The record cover comes from a Rick Griffin poster for a Quicksilver concert at the Avalon. Track listing is as follows: Side One: 1. Byrds - Hey Joe/ 2. Byrds - My Back Pages/ 3. Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man/ 4. Byrds - He Was A Friend Of Mine/ 5. Byrds - So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star/ 6. Byrds - Roll Over Beethoven// Side Two: 1. Country Weather - Time Is Leaving Me Behind/ 2. Country Weather - New York City Blues/ 3. Country Weather - Carry A Spare/ 4. Country Weather - Fly To New York// Side Three: 1. Kaleidoscope - Oh Death/ 2. Kaleidoscope – Taxim/ 3. Kaleidoscope - Egyptian Gardens// Side Four: 1. The Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be/ 2. The Factory - Smile, Let Your Life Begin/ 3. The Mystery Trend - Johnny Was A Good Boy/ 4. Dino Valenti – Birdses/ 5. International Submarine Band - Sum Up Broke/ 6. The Misfits - The Uncle Willie/ 7. Vibra-Sonics - Thunder Storm Price: 200 Euro
9. V.A./ CALIFORNIA EASTER ALBUM: “S/T” (Penguin Records) (2 LP Set: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Rarest one in this "California" series is this seriously rare double LP set limited edition 500 copies from '81. This is the 1st issue which include previously unreleased tracks by Jerry & Sarah Garcia ('63), Pigpen & Peter Alvin ('63), Grateful Dead & Beach Boys (live '71), Love (live '70), Hot Shit (pre Hot Tuna, live '69), Mad River (!!! live '67), Blue Cheer!!! (TV broadcast '68). Total killer west Coast psychedelic madness. Price: 200 Euro
10. V.A.: “Chicago Blues Golden Package” (Victor Records – SJET-8214 ‾ 5(M) (2 LP Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint/ Attached Booklet: Near Mint). Killer with no filler Japan ONLy 2 LP compilation of Chicago vintage blues slides released in late 1960s. Comes with rare first press issue SJET obi. All the great players are represented: Muddy Waters; Jimmy Rogers; John Lee Hooker; Lowell Fulson; Willie Dixon; Sonny Boy Williamson; Howlin' Wolf; Little Walker; Elmore James; Otis Rush; Buddy Guy; etc... Comes with booklet and this one burns all over.... fabulous. Price: 75 Euro
11. V.A./ The EAST VILLAGE OTHER: “S/T” (ESP Records – ESP-1034) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Legendary and much sought after ESP Records compilation album that only assembled previously unreleased cuts by most notoriously the Velvet Underground with a track that is only to be found on this disc. Other artists include luminaries such as Gerard Malanga, Alan Ginsberg, Tupi Kupferberg of the Fugs, Andy Warhol, Ed Sanders, etc. legendary and totally essential. Top copy and original pressing. They do not come any better than this copy here. Price: 100 Euro
12. V.A.: ENDANGERED SPECIES with Bullet Lavolta – Cows – Green River – Bored! – Monster Magnet – Codeine – Bitch Magnet – Surgery – Halo Of Flies – Helios Creed – Unsane – Bastards: “S/T” (Glitterhouse RecordsGR-0100-LC-8323) (6 EP Single Records: Near Mint/ 6 Picture Sleeves: Near Mint/ Outer Box: Near Mint). The various artists 7" box set. A rarity in the '80s and '90s, and unheard of today. While they were never the rage (due mostly to extremely limited pressings and lack of recognizable participants) 7" box compilations were well curated, and marketed to fans of indie rock sub-genres. The Endangered Species box released on the European Glitterhouse Records imprint in 1990 is quite possibly the best example of this all but extinct vinyl configuration. Showcasing twelve eardrum-decimating, aggro-punk/post-punk/noise acts of the era, this collection consisting of six 45s (one band, one song to a side), Species shines it's collective spotlight on no less than six bands by my count (incl. Cows, Helios Creed, Bastards, Halo of Flies, Unsane and Surgery) that once released vinyl gracing the Amphetamine Reptile Records logo at one stage or another of their sordid careers. For many of you, the aforementioned lineup will no doubt enlighten you to the aesthetics of this compilation, but wait, there's more! Boston hard-ass punks Bullet Lavolta grace us with a scalding cover of Cheap Tricks durable as ever "Hello There," Bitch Magnet pitch us an exclusive non-LP goodie, Green River take The Dead Boy's "Ain't Nothin to Do" to task, Monster Magnet grace us with the stoner-phonic "Murder," and even slow-core idols in the making Codeine make an appearance here. Price: 50 Euro
13. V.A./ ELECTRONIC MUSIC – MUSIQUE CONCRETE: “A Panorama of Experimental Music Volume 1” (Mercury – SR-2-9123) (2 LP Set: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1968 US pressing of this amazing 2 LP set that comes housed in a beautiful silver/ black jacket. Contains tracks and cuts by Luciano Berio, Bruno Maderna, Luc Ferrari, Xenakis, Francois Dufrene & Jean Baronnet, Mauricio Kagel, Herbert Eimert, Pierre Henry, Gyorgy Ligeti, Andre Boucourechliev and Henri Pousseur. Price: 175 Euro
14. V.A./ ELECTRONIC PANORAMA: “Electronic Panorama – Paris, Tokyo, Utrecht, Warszawa” (Philips – 6740.001) (4 LP Set: Excellent ‾ near Mint/ Box Set: Excellent/ Booklet: Excellent). Awesome copy, top shape. Electronic gurus include: Malec: Spot. Ferrari: Visage V. Reibel: Two variations en etoile. Parmegiani: Ponomatopees II; Generique. P. Schaeffer-Henry: Bidule en ut. Malec: Dahovi II. P. Schaeffer: Etude aux allures Bayle: Solitioudc (ORTF Research Music Group). Vink: Screen. StibilJ: Rainbow. Weiland: Textuur. Cats: Lux. Maschayeki: Shur. Ponse: Radiophonie I. Kunst: Expulsion. Koenig: Funklion blau (Utrecht Studio for Electronic Music). Mayuzumi: Nlandara. Ishii: Kyoo. Shibata: Improvisation. Moroi: Shosanke (Tokyo Radio NHM Studio). Penderecki: Psalrnus. Dobrowoiski: Music for magnetic tape and oboe solo (Janusz Banaszek, oboe). Nordheim: Solitaire. Kotonskl: Microstructures. B. Schaffer: Symphonic/Symphony (Polish Radio Experimental Studio). “All this music crackles with intelligence. Evincing the quickness and edginess of characters brimming over with sparkle. The box is a head-to-head of the four major electronic studios of the day; the GRM of the ORTF (Paris), The University of Utrecht (Netherlands), Radio NHK (Tokyo) and The Warsaw Radio Studio of Experimental Music (Poland...) and frankly once you've heard it you'll wanna dig a huge hole in the ground and fill it with your Nurse With Wound and Autechre (et al.) records. Somehow no other experimental electronic music comes near this stuff. On a similar note I recently read Autechre going on about how they didn't think Stockhausen was "all that" and my lip curled. SHUT UP you dweebs! Go fiddle with your multi-tracks and leave the dude alone. If you had any idea of the gargantuan scale of the work involved in making this music! The slav-ish blinding toil these tape-edits constitute. Go on (you total saps) hit that "Avant Garde" Cubase preset and act all-superior. There's a whole other dimension to this of course, the reason this music is so super-humanly powerful and unexpected is that it emerged from the ravaged psyches of the Second World War. This is particularly true when you're talking about Stockhausen (here only in spirit) and Xenakis; the former whose mother was murdered by the Nazi's for being "insane" the latter who lost half his face fighting in the Greek Resistance movement. These people are drawing on emotional resources the scale and depth of which you can't even imagine. Disc one is the cheese. Frankly the French have it. Parmegiani's "Ponomatopees II" is a dizzying seething swathe. A pile-up of snatches of speech folded and sliced, extremely influential on later INA_GRM alumni like Phillip Mion. Parmegiani was very much Pierre Schaeffer's protégé, and as such he works close to the spirit of Musique Concrete. If you don't know it (and apologies if you do) the celebrated "essential moment" of Music Concrete came when Schaeffer cut the sound of a bell being struck from a recording, leaving only the sound of it's ring. The whole idea is right there, decontextualise a real-life sonic event and impel the listener to listen to it on it's own merits. Parmegiani's later work explores this sound-as-sound idea with breath-taking power. Also, and this EVERYONE should hear, Francois Bayle's "Solitioude" (1969) which the composer describes as such: "Irreverent movement, in spite of a series of light genuflexions (to Duke Ellington...Boris Vian...the Soft Machine)". To my mind it is the defining text for the Student Riots of the previous year, featuring elements of the sounds of the street battles of that confrontation and, get this, guitar parts provided by David Allen (The Soft Machine, Gong etc). In fact the Bayle and Parmegiani recordings, the latter of which is: "inspired by...some of the vocal ravings of pop singers" should dispel the lie that this music is in anyway an ivory tower undertaking. The Japanese disc has, as one might expect, a more contemplative yearning. Toshiro Mayuzumi's "Mandara" has these flitting dragonfly in a swamp fx, and the tone is markedly less strident. Listenable even ;-) I also like Makoto Moroi's "Shosanke" which: "is a suite of six variations on a trumpet sound traditionally associated with the Buddhist "Ceremony of Water" It's amazing how the symbolic possibilities inherent in electronic music are seized on so early in the day. Decade after decade we run across the same themes, usually peaking from time-to-time as demand for "depth" in electronic music varies. For example you can hear scant evidence of these characteristics in Grime, though I'd argue Wiley's tracks are picking up on it, particularly the whole frozen wastes shtick he's peddling. Actually Erik Davis's "Techgnosis" book was pretty good on the mile-wide currents running between the esoteric and electronic music. The contemplative, the other (via 3rd world music and elements thereof) the occult, the convergance of high and low culture. It's all here. The Warsaw and Utrecht crews also have a good bash. Krzysztof Penderecki's "Psalmus" (1961), the only purely electronic piece of his I'm aware of is splendid. Gabba fans take note, ha ha. Huge 2mm gaps punctuated by gloomy passing icebergs. Arne Nordheim also contributes a track. (I'm having real fun with this!) Of the Dutch lot Koenig is "firing on all cylinders." (Woebot). Price: 450 Euro
15. V.A./ FILLMORE – THE LAST DAYS: “Fillmore – The Last Days” (Warner – P-5055~7W) (Outer Box set: Excellent 〜 Near Mint/ 3 Records: Near Mint/ 7-Inch EP Single: Near Mint/ 2 Booklets: Mint/ Poster: Mint/ OBI: Mint/ Concert Ticket: Mint) First press issue complete with first issue OBI – ALL COMPLETE Japan 1st original press set!!! Stellar 3 LP box set on the Warner label that documents the closing days of the legendary Fillmore West live venue with performances by SF finest like the Grateful Dead, Santana, Hot Tuna and the incinerating guitar signature sounds of Scandinavian guitar gunslinger sex symbol Jorma Kaukonen, lysergic Quicksilver Messenger Service, etc. Legendary to say the least and quite indispensable document. The box is hard to come by these days especially total mint condition and with all the inserts present and in immaculate condition. First of all this box contains 2 detailed booklets, there were regular issues only have one booklet. First there is the US booklet, detailed with full color photographs splattered across its pages. A fully translated Japanese version of the booklet, adorned with totally different pictures of the artists involved, accompanies this edition. Next to that there is the total mint with no pinholes poster by Mouse and Kelly (which is hideously rare on its own account), the extra 7-inch record that is al ways lacking. And last but not least this set is complete with the always-missing concert ticket included!! And the hardly ever seen 1st issue OBI In short, this box is more than complete, total mint condition and the box itself has no ripped corners or any other defects. Most perfect copy to have ever crossed my path. Stunningly great on all fronts. Price: 150 Euro
16. FOR EXAMPLE: “Workshop Freie Musik 1969 - 1978 – Free Music production Akademie Der Kunste” (FMP - ) (3 LP Set: Near Mint 〜 Mint/ Individual LP Sleeves: Near Mint 〜 Mint/ Book: Near Mint 〜 Mint/ Outer Slip Case Box Set: Near Mint ~ Mint). Top copy. Cleanest and most perfect copy to ever have passed through my hands. The fragile outer slipcase box set has NO wear at all – same goes for its contents. Impossible to ever upgrade upon this one. Released in an edition of 600 copies only in West Germany in 1978, “For Example” is the pinnacle of free jazz dementia housed in one eye-popping box set complete with thick as a brick booklet crammed with FMP related info and live action shots of all the artists involved in this set. The list of big name participants is hallucinational and includes all of the big players emerging out of the US and Europe late sixties and early seventies scene. “This package consists of three records (the first featuring soloists, the second groups and the third orchestras) and an album size book whose 136 pages are filled with photos, statements from artists as well as critical/historical views centering around FMP and the German free jazz scene in general. The impetus for the package stems from an annual event at the Academy of Arts which brings together musicians from all over the world, for a yearly get together. The photo sections of the book are arranged chronologically from the first festival/workshop in 1969, to the most recent and are introduced with a reproduction of each year's poster as well as a complete listing of the participating musicians and groups. The texts are quite excellent and self-explanatory. Discussions of history/philosophy/ramifications by Ekkehard Jost and Wolfgang Burde are informative for the uninitiated listener who is not familiar with how the free music scene developed in Germany and are quite objective unlike the often biased posturing by American "critics”. 
The statements by artists Peter Brötzmann, Steve Lacy, Misha Mengelberg, and Nino Malfatti are wry, driving and right on, as are the discussions of the interaction that the musicians had with children at the workshops.” (Milo Fine). First LP is reserved for soloists and includes amongst others: “Steve Lacy; 
Paul Rutherford; 
Hans Reichel; 
Fred Van Hove; 
Derek Bailey; 
Albert Mangelsdorff, etc. The 2nd LP is reserved for group recordings and features: “Schlippenbach Trio; Brötzmann/Van Hove/Bennink plus Mangelsdorff; Frank Wright Unit; Schweizer – Carl Quartet. The 3rd and final LP are recordings from orchestras and include: “Willem Breuker Orchestra; Globe Unity Orchestra; Vinko Globokar & Brass Group; ICP-Tentet. Killer set and one of the corner pieces of the European free music and free jazz scene of that day. Top copy and all complete!!! Never seen this one in such perfect nick as this copy here – without a doubt impossible to ever upgrade upon so has to go for…. Price: Offers!!!
17. V.A./ FREE IMPROVISATION: “New Phonic Art/ Iskra 1903/ Wired” (Deutsche Grammophon 3 LP Box). (Mint condition). Legendary three LP box set. “Deutsche Grammophon was prepared in 1974 to allot three Improv groups an album each on an absorbing three LP set. Guitarist Derek Bailey, trombonist Paul Rutherford and bassist Barry Guy move together like facets of a turning mobile sculpture in the superbly integrated trio Iskra 1903, recorded during a concert series in Berlin in 1973. New Phonic Art provide French clarinetist Michel Portal, trombonist Vinko Globokar and percussionist Jean-Pierre Drouet with an alternative improvising context to their thorny involvement with Karlheinz Stockhausen's “Intuitive music”. They make vivid, dramatic music with Argentinean pianist Carlos Roque Alsina. The real surprise in the box is Wired, recorded in 1970. Canadian Mike Lewis plays sustained Hammond organ, Karl-Heinz Bottner interjects guitar and ocarina voicings, American Michael Ranta adds sparse, clangorous percussion and homemade plucked instruments. Supervisor Conny Plank contributed live electronics. Trimmed from two hours 20 minutes, it's a spellbinding meditation, a long hidden adjunct to Krautrock's finest atmospheres and evocations” (Julian Cowely – The Wire). Hugely influential box, top condition. A MUST! Price: 200 Euro

18. V.A./ FROM CZECH ELECTRONIC MUSIC STUDIOS: “S/T” (Supraphon – 1.11.1423) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Absolutely brilliant & fantastic LP documenting the early Czech electronic music scene. Out of the window are high academic dialectics and in come adventurous and crude sound creations. Absolutely a killer slide and one of the great electronic & music concrete slides out there. TOP COPY, original 1st pressing. Price: 150 Euro

19. V.A./ GASHO ONGAKU NO RYOIKI. Featuring amongst others Takehisa Kosugi, Takemitsu Toru, Takahashi Yuji, Yuasa Yoji, etc.: “S/T” (Victor – SJX-1067〜73) (7 LP Set: Near Mint/ Cloth Bound Box Set: Near Mint/ 48 Paged Illustrated Booklet: Near Mint/ Outer Cardboard Slip Case OBI: Excellent). Totally complete copy with slipcase cardboard obi – all in TOP CONDITION!!!! It seems Kosugi Takehisa related items are mushrooming all over the list this time around. Here we have another obscurity for you, released here in Japan in a tiny edition way back in the mid-seventies. Ultra rare item and first copy I see for real. These babies just never ever turn up and are only referred to in hush voices in dark hallways. Great ultra rare 7 LP box set that came out in 1975. The whole set is comprised out of compositions by some of Japan’s finest avant-garde composers who each wrote new compositions especially for this release that were to be executed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus. The end result is baffling and had me floored, stupefied and mesmerized. I had never expected choral music to be such a challenging and mind blowing listening experience as on display on this box. The box is literally filled with highlights but my personal entrance point was Takehisa Kosugi’s contribution “South No. 5”, which comes close to sounding like insect hissing and chirping descending from the heavens, a plague of ghost like cave dwelling locusts to infest your dreams. Hard to believe this is merely voices at work, sounds at times like electronic music or musique concrete. Compelling to say the least. Other tracks sound like wild esoteric Buddhist chanting as if Magma had invaded the local monastery. On other pieces Akira and Osorezan era Geino Yamashirogumi spring clearly to mind. Still these are all first impressions since it will take me a couple of weeks to fully come to terms with the richness buried within this set. In all mind bending great stuff, austere and esoteric at the same time and a chilling listening experience. Highest possible recommendation and nowhere else available so take your chance and hold your piece forever. Rare beyond belief and bound to not surface again for years or decades to come. Massive original pressing!! Price: Offers!!!
20. V.A./ GATHERING OF THE TRIBES aka CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS ALBUM: “S/T” (Penguin Records) (2 LP Set: Near Mint/ Cool Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). Rare live recording LP, released in 1981 in a limited run. Very rare double LP set limited edition 500 copies from 1981,(see at the site as I have also a 2nd issue 2 LP version listed but housed in a single jacket sleeve) including previously unreleased tracks by Quicksilver Messenger Service (live '66), Charlatans (demo), Jefferson Airplane (live '66), Steve Miller Band (live '67), Moby Grape (live '66), Country Joe & The Fish (live '68), Grateful Dead with Janis Joplin (live '69), Byrds (radio show '67). Price: 200 Euro
21. V.A./ GOZIRA SPECIAL DINNER (Gozira Records – GZ-666) (Record: Near Mint/ Fold Out Poster: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original Gozira Records LP, comes with rare poster and never ever offered before. Hideously rare compilation released in 1983 in an edition of 300 to 500 copies that document the short-lived activity of Tokyo's greatest punk label ever. Gozira Records was one of the first independently run labels to emerge during the early days of the Tokyo punk scene. The label got erected in the summer of 1978 and was active only during the span of one single year, until the fall of 1979 and briefly again in 1983. Lead by Higo Hiroshi of the Mirrors, Gozira Records was responsible to release during it all too short period of activity six seven-inch single releases. Out of this collision of energies with his band the Mirrors, the S-Ken Studio got erected in the middle of 1978. The studio acted as a base of operations for the budding Tokyo Rockers Movement. In the wake of the S-Ken Studio the independent label Gozira Records got itself started. Due to some extent it was rather inevitable to commence the label. For Higo there was no other alternative but to release music he adorned. Despite the scarce preparations and primitive approach, the whole operation embarked under the initial impetus of “raw power”. The lowdegree of experience Higo beheld to wards it all was not regarded as a problem. Instead it was part of the punk-like mentality and the “do it yourself” attitude that was omnipresent amongst the participants. The flip side of the coin were the unavoidable restrictions operating autonomously brought with it such as the unavoidable limitations as far as recording costs, pressing expenditures, product circulation to wards retailers, etc. Apart from these financial related restrictions, the actual organization and daily operation of the label was also labor consuming, due to its was a rather primitive way of handling and coordinating the overall activities. This however didn't prevent Gozira Records from unleashing some highly interesting titles. On this compilation of unreleased tracks and live material, contributions by such pioneers as Mirrors, Tsunematsu Masatoshi, Flesh, Mr Kite, Pain and Maria 023 can be found. The real Tokyo Rockers. Rare as hell. Mint condition and over the top brilliant, this is where the current scene got their inspiration from. SOLD
22. V.A./ HARRY SPARNAAY - LUCIEN GOETHALS - LOUIS De MEESTER: “S/T” (Alpha – SP-6028) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1975 pressing, 1st time ever I could encounter a copy of this gem. If you are after seriously mind-bendingly awesome and obscure beyond belief vintage electronic music recordings out of BELGIUM of all places (how many electronic recordings out of this country do you actually have? Right…it needs some seriously spicing up then since Belgian electronic music records are virtually inexistent), then I guess you came to the end of your quest. Look no further, this here is as obscure as it can humanly possibly get. The music on the other hand is also top shelf material, and after being exposed to it I am sure you will burn down the larger part of your musique concrete and electronic music collection because it will sound utterly boring when put down next to greatness like this recording here. I tell you, this is no hyperbole or delusional ranting but a fact of life. The record is made up out of one side for each composer and starts off with two contributions by Lucien Goethals. “Difonium” was composed for bass clarinet (played by Harry Sparnaay) and magnetophon and dates back to 1974. It became Goethals’s first work dedicated to the mixed genre. Here it is composed out of a complete complementary approach to the used instrumental and electro-acoustic mediums at his disposal. The serialist method came in handy for Goethals. The relation to electronic live performance poses the instrumental virtuosity into a new light, the never-ending pulsating vibration of the tape urges the instrumentalist to ever and never-ending response while all the time he has enough space to demonstrate his own inventiveness. “Studie V” on the other hand is completely electronic in its nature, mixed electronic and concrete material, filtered and ring modulated sounds interact with metallic thunder drones, taking you beyond the abyss and back again. Louis De Meester dedicates the second side to the sidelong composition “Mimodrama” (1971). Here we enter more austere and wicked waters brimming over with pulsating electro-acoustic impulses that interlock with magnetophonic manipulations of sound clusters. The method of composition goes back to the earliest manipulation techniques of musique concrete with voices popping up out of the fog, creating a monographic drama that dissects all of the movements into fractious pieces that in their turn bounce back into apocalyptic tidal waves of ever emanating sound. Killer with absolutely not a second of filler. Hideously rare and obscure LP that just never turns up and is unknown to most electronic music scholars and collectors. Highest possible recommendation. Price: 300 Euro
23. V.A./ HUNGARIAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC: “S/T” (Hungaroton – SUPX-11851) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Stunningly hard to come by but jaw-dropping great LP documenting Hungarian electronic music as recorded at the Electronic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio. All selections were recorded between 1972 ~ 1976. Original Hungarian press, just a massive collection of eerie sounds that seem to have originated in a vacuum outside of this world. Fantastic disc compiling tracks by pioneers like Zoltan Pongracz (1972 & 1975); Peter Eotvos (1968), Ivan Patachichi (1976 & 1975) and Mate Victor/ Peter Winkler (1975). Original 1979 pressing filled with ear watering vintage electronic sounds out of this scarcely documented scene. Simply one of the best discs in the field. Price: 150 Euro
24. V.A./ “INSPIRATION & POWER 14 FREE JAZZ FESTIVAL 1” (Trio Records – PA-3006~7) (2 Record Set: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint/ 4 Paged Booklet: Near Mint). Rare 1st original press with 1st issue GREEN OBI!!!! TOP CONDITION & with OBI!!!! Here you have a copy of the hideously rare 2 LP that documents a free jazz and improvisation festival that was staged in downtown Tokyo over the course of two weeks in June-July, 1973. As you might know, records that document the Japanese free jazz scene are almost impossible to track down. This one in particular gives a detailed overview of what was happening during the hey-days of the early seventies. The highlights on this disc are amongst others one of the most stunning pieces of sonic assault terrorism ever put down on vinyl by Takayanagi Masayuki's New Direction for the Arts ensemble, bringing forth a tremendous earlobe shattering version of “Mass Projection” that will certainly drive the cats completely nuts into the curtains and kerosene-infuse your otherwise sorry ass sex life. Furthermore are their stunning performances included by bass wonder Yoshizawa Motoharu, the Itaru Oki Quintet, Now Music Ensemble, Masahiko Togashi & Masahiko Sato, Yosuke Yamashita Trio etc. A highly recommended document that comes in a foldout cover graced with a beautiful ink drawing. Cool music and visual arts go hand in hand on this record. Needles to say that this sucker is also quite rare and rarely resurfaces. Price: 350 Euro
25. INTERNATIONAL HOLY HILL JAZZ MEETING – 1969: “S/T” (MENO Liechtenstein & CB Records – No. 6769) (2 LP Record Set: Excellent ‾ Near Mint – has one visible scuff on opening of side 4, for the rest utterly clean 2 LP set/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint). This is the very first original pressing – German private press issue that saw the light of day back in 1969 in a small limited run. Comes with totally different gatefold jacket art as opposed to the second issue – listed below – that appeared a couple of months later. This very first press issue is much rarer and surfaces…never. A record renowned for always surfacing in bad condition. This is the first time however I could lay my eyes upon a first press copy!!! A true “holy” modern/free jazz gems of the late 1960s. The original double LP was issued by Meno Liechtenstein’s CB Records – he was also the organizer of the “International Holy Hill Jazz Meeting” in Heidelberg/Germany. Stupidly rare very first gatefold sleeve issue, the 2nd issue is already a rarity but this one dwarfs that one in comparison. Only a handful of these appear to be in circulation and this one is in amazingly good condition. Killer with absolutely no filler of this mega rare version. SOLD
26. V.A./ INTERNATIONAL HOLY HILL JAZZ MEETING – 1969: “S/T” (MENO Liechtenstein & CB Records – No. 6769) (2 LP Record Set: Near Mint 〜 Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint ~ Mint). First original pressing – German private press issue that saw the light of day back in 1969 in a small limited run. A record renowned for always surfacing in bad condition. This is the first time however I could lay my eyes upon a mint copy!!! Impossible to upgrade upon!!! A true “holy” modern/free jazz gems of the late 1960s. The original double LP was issued by Meno Liechtenstein’s CB Records – he was also the organizer of the “International Holy Hill Jazz Meeting” in Heidelberg/Germany. The sound quality is fairly good as can be expected for a below-the-radar private press issue of that day. But bare in mind, this was a low-key operation and a cheap pressing so do not expect any Blue Note type of high fidelity audio honey dripping. Nevertheless this was a legendary moment in European free jazz – performances all recorded on a single Sunday in 1969 – but which stand as some of the most powerful music of the time! The vibe here is often in the best spirit of early FMP, or maybe the most outside work of MPS – and the recording quality equals the best avant jazz on both labels – with very long performances on each track that represent the pinnacle of all players involved! One side alone is worth the price of admission – a searing track titled "Finally", performed by an octet with Peter Brotzmann at the helm, alongside Evan Parker on tenor and soprano sax, Fred Van Hove on piano, Paul Rutherford on trombone, Peter Kowald on bass, and Pierre Favre on drums. Favre returns on "Let's Talk About The Weather" – played by a trio with Kowald on bass and Irene Schweizer on piano. Other tracks include "Five To Five" and "Gluga Gluga Blues" by the Joki Freund Quintet, "In Memory Of John Coltrane" by Marion Brown, "Vibration" by the group of saxophonist Joe Fiera and trombonist Ed Kroger, and "Circus Live" by a quartet led by Rolf Kuhn on electric clarinet, with Joachim Kuhn on piano and Stu Martin on drums. As you know a viciously rare slide, not many copies were pressed and so far most copies that surface are at best in VG++. This copy here is NM〜M on all fronts, gatefold jacket is crispy and clean with no damages and both records appear to be unplayed. Seems like a dead stock mint copy. Impossible to find better, ever. Killer with absolutely no filler. Price: Offers!!!
27. V.A./ 2. INTERNATIONALES NEW JAZZ MEETING AUF BURG ALTENA: “Various Artists with PETER BROTZMANN TRIO – ALAN SKIDMORE QUINTET & MIKE OSBORNE – THOMASZ STANKO QUINTET – NEW JAZZ ENSEMBLE ’71 & KARIN KROG – ALBERT MANGELSDORFF QUARTET & THE TRIO JOHN SURMAN/ BARRE PHILLIPS/ STU MARTIN” (JG Records – JG 027/28) (2 LP record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). Bloody rare 1971 German private press set that contains the most furious Peter Brotzmann Trio ever recorded on wax, blowing his illustrious Machine Gun even out of the water as far as sonic violence is concerned. Bloody rare original that just about never ever surfaces. Price: Offers!!! 

28. V.A./ KAERU NO UTA: “The Calls Of The Frogs Of Japan” (Columbia Records – JX-1024) (Record: Near Mint/ gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Booklet: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). ORIGINAL 1970 Pressing with BOOKLET!!!! A stellar field recording album filled with a wide range of frong sounds, their mating calls and so much more, all recorded in Japan in mid sixties. Listening to this marvel late at night, it comes over like the audio equivalent for one of Toho film studio's monster movies soundtracks. Filled with the sound of frogs as soloists and in group as wicked amphibians it all sounds like weird electronic compositions. High and screeching sounds interact with their natural environment, often escalating into full-orchestrated cacophony of different species chirping away in the late night setting. It all get counter-balanced with the barking of various frog species you didn't even knew existed, each a track of its own before they all wander off into full frontal blearing and ushering out mating calls. These sounds were eerily beautiful, yet unsettling as they vibrated the air with such ubiquity that their origin was impossible to pinpoint. The sounds these frogs make have some similar qualities to the Morse code or “noise stations”, and like The Conet Project is both bizarre and fascinating. These frogs and toads, displays a wide variety of drones and clicks that could be from some Taj Mahal Travelers concert, INA GRM tape music or Pierre Henry experiment with tape loops. Utterly fantastic and mind lifting. Price: 50 Euro

29. V.A./ KOSMISCHE MUSIK: “S/T” (Ohr Records – OMM-2/56.027) (2 LP Set: Excellent/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent/ Attached 4-Paged Booklet: Excellent). Classic and much in demand Krautrock & Kosmische Musik 2 LP set that threw together various artists of the Ohr label roster such as Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream and as bonus a sidelong unreleased track of Ash Ra Tempel and Klaus Schulze. All tracks are killers, spacey cosmic psych jams that will crack your skull wide open. Rare these days and hard to come by in such a nice condition as this copy here. Price: 200 Euro
30. V.A. – MARIJUANA UNKNOWNS: “S/T” (Stoned Records – THC-001) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Long gone and deleted amazing compilation that comes pressed – how can it be otherwise – on translucent green colred vinyl. A nice seldection of freak beat and pop psych tracks all with a Marijuana themed undertone. Many onbly released at the time as a single, this is a great selection of well crafted 1960s pop psych tunes. Highly recommended!!! Price: 30 Euro

31. V.A./ MAX’S KANSAS CITY: “Max’ Kansas City 1976” (Ram Records/ King Records Japan – GP-474) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent/ Obi: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Very rare Japan 1st original pressing from 1976 all-complete with obi. Never turns up as at the time in Japan this record sold badly and only around 300 copies were issued. Most copies that turn up are white label promo issues as regular copies just did not sell and were withdrawn following the depressing sales. This copy here is one of the few surviving stock copy issues, just never surfaces. Killer slide. Price: 200 Euro

32. V.A.: “Me And The Devil – Anthology Of The British Blues” (Liberty – LP-8722) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Rare Japan original that comes pressed on red wax and complete with rare obi. Top condition. This album is a credible snapshot of a vibrant British acoustic blues scene featuring the talents of Dave Kelly, the ‘Memphis Minnie’-esque feel of Jo Ann Kelly, second time around Groundhog Tony TS McPhee and the Delta blues style of Andy Fernbach. Blues fans Jo Ann and her brother Dave knew McPhee from Dave Carey’s Swing Shop in Streatham. Across town, Liberty records A&R man Andrew Lauder was looking for new talent and reputedly snaffled up the Groundhogs for £50. Hogs manager Roy Fisher negotiated a series of Hogs albums and McPhee had the idea of recording in front of a live audience, an idea rejected by producer Mike Batt. The resulting compilation wasn’t a commercial success, but remains a good example of the British acoustic blues scene finding its feet, with Jo Ann Kelly confirming her standing as the UK’s greatest female blues singer and acoustic slide guitarist. Price: 100 Euro
33. V.A./ MICHIGAN BRAND NUGGETS: (Belvedere Records – TY8-7100 MONO) (2 Records: Excellent/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent). Over the top exhilarating fuzz drenched mind torcher of a compilation album that comes housed in a stunningly designed jacket and is filled to bursting with raw Michigan nuggets from late sixties and early seventies. Four sides of unadulterated mayhem which are topped of with the MC5's blowtorch take on garage psych, a track on each side. Fred Sonic Smith definitely ruled. So bloody awesome. Other conspirators on this compilation are amongst others Bob Seager & The Last Heard, Underdogs, Human Beings, Question Mark & The Mysterians, Rationals, Amboy Dukes and others. This set rocks like no other and should appeal to those who love their garage psych with a sniff of uncut kerosene mixed with Methamphetamine. Took me ages to dig up an extra copy. Fantastic all way through. Price: 150 Euro
34. V.A./ MINIATURES: “S/T” (Pipe Records – PIPE2) (Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Poster: Near Mint) Completely vanished compilation filled with one minute contribution of luminaries such as Robert Wyatt, Ron Geesin, David Cunningham (Flying Lizards), kevin Coyne, Pete Seeger, 1/2 Japanese, Gavin Bryars, Metabolist, Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin, Ralph Steadman (yes him!!), Trevor Wishart, Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, Residents, Ollie Halsall and many many others. In total, the disc is comprised out of 51 tiny one-minute masterpieces that will seriously derange your head. Comes with the poster. Released in 1980 and even now it sounds absolutely mesmerizing. Great all way round. Price: 40 Euro
35. V.A./ MODERN JAZZ FESTIVAL with Miles Davis; Thelonius Monk; Modern Jazz Quartet; John Coltrane & Sonny Rollins: “Miles Davis – My Funny Valentine/ Thelonius Monk – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ M.J.Q. – Vendome/ John Coltrane – Russian Lullabye/ Sonny Rollins – It’s All Right With Me” (Prestige/ Victor Music Book – MBK-4021) (4 Flexi Disc EP’s: Mint/ Book Styled Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Picture pages: Near Mint). Bloody rare but damned so cool little item, first time I can encounter a copy of this one in super shape. Released in the early to mid 1960s, this release comes graced with stellar b&w pictures shot by renowned photographer of Japan’s finest jazz magazine at the time “Swing Journal”. Each side of the release is dedicated to one jazz hero, playable at 33 RPM. Design of this oddity is dead on gorgeous. Never encountered before and in top shape as these flexi discs of that era are in most cases completely trashed. This one here is in absolutely perfect shape, a little miracle. Need some obscure Coltrane release no one has ever seen before, this one might fit the bill perfectly. Killer and damned rare. SOLD
36. V.A.: MUSIQUE CONCRETE: "S/T" (Candide – CE-3125) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint, still in shrink/ Insert: Mint). Obscure French original that brings together the crème de la crème of the early French budding electronic music & musique concrete scene. Composers include: Pierre Schaeffer "Object Lies" – F.B. Mache "Terre De Feu, 2nd Version" – M. Philippot "Etude III" – Francois Bayle "L'Oiseau Chanteur" – Luc Ferrari "Tete Et Queue Du Dragon" – Ivo Malec "Dahovi" and Bernard Parmegiani "Danse". Stunning period piece and TOP copy, impossible to upgrade upon. Price: 75 Euro
37. V.A./ MUSIQUE CONCRETE: “S/T” (Disque BAM – LD-070) (Record: Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Excellent). Freakingly rare top copy original French pressing. Contains early electronic and musique concrete compositions by Luc Ferrari, Yannis Xenakis, Michel Philippot, Henri Sauguet, Pierre Schaeffer. Next to impossible to score in mint condition as this copy here. Price: 150 Euro
38. V.A./ MUSIQUE EXPERIMENTALE (BAM – LD-071) (Record: Near Mint/ Fold Out jacket: Near Mint) Rare French omnibus album that compiles some works by Luc Ferrari (Tautologos II), Andre Boucourechliev (Texte II), Francois-Bernard Mache (Volumes), Romuald Vandelle (Crucifixion) and Michel Philippot (Ambiance II). All was recorded at the legendary French GRM Studios under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer. The disc itself was released in 1976 although that the material presented here dates from the late fifties and early sixties, the golden age of electronic experimentation. Getting scarcer with the minute. Price: 150 Euro
39. V.A. - MUSIQUE CONCRETE: “S/T – Premier Panorama De Musique Concrete” (Ducretet - Thompson/ Nippon Disuku Kabushikikaisha – LDG1497/ DGC-100) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Top copy!! Hopelessly obscure and rare Japan only jacket art issue of subliminal electronic music slide!!! Best condition I have ever seen and complete with plastic outer cover. Original 1st Japanese pressing of 1958, housed in fragile jacket and adorned with Japan only jacket art. Impossible to get this 1958 1st Japanese pressing. This pressing containing groundbreaking works by Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer and Philippe Arthuys. Impossible to get in such a top condition as this copy here. Historical important and a milestone recording. A total must if experimental music is something you live by. TOP COPY!!!! Price: 450 Euro
40. V.A./ MUSIQUE EXPERIMENTALE (BAM – LD-5872) (Record: Near Mint/ Fold Out jacket: Near Mint) Rare French omnibus album that compiles some works by Luc Ferrari (Tautologos II), Andre Boucourechliev (Texte II), Francois-Bernard Mache (Volumes), Romuald Vandelle (Crucifixion) and Michel Philippot (Ambiance II). All was recorded at the legendary French GRM Studios under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer. The disc itself was released in 1976 although that the material presented here dates from the late fifties and early sixties, the golden age of electronic experimentation. Getting scarcer with the minute. Price: 75 Euro
41. V.A./ MUZIEK IN VLAANDEREN – MUSIC INFLANDERS: “S/T” (Alpha Records – DBM-N257) (Record: Near Mint/ Fold Out Jacket: Near Mint) Hideously rare and seldom offered album documenting the early sixties and early seventies electronic music and musique concrete excursions of Belgian composers affiliated with the IPEM studios. Barely documented, in writing as well on disc, electronic music of the Low Countries is highly innovated and extremely robust in its approach to sound. Unlike their contemporaries like Jan Boerman and Dick Raaijmaekers, Belgian composers such as Louis De Meester, Lucien Goethals, Peter Beyls and Raoul De Smet have a tendency to be more radical as far as their approach to sound is concerned. This essential compilation of early Belgian electronic music excursions is filled with mind-bending sweeps in the electro-acoustic score contrasting with razor sharp biting main themes, voltage fluctuations, changing speed and pitch, rarely articulated rhythmic manners, rectangular waves of thermal noise, harsh electronic sound clusters that follow each other in rapid succession in order to build very well defined figures with a pronounced beat all with decreasing and increasing intensity, sinusoidal sounds and so much more. A delirious listening experience. All compositions were created between 1962 – 1974. Hideously rare and in top-notch condition. This disc is too good to be described in words. A killer from beginning to end. Rare as hell. Price: 400 Euro
42. V.A./ NI HON NO DENSHIONGAKU - JAPANESE ELECTRONIC MUSIC: “Experimental Music Of Japan”(Victor – VX-52) (Record: Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Inner Booklet: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Well it is hard to believe, but here you have a copy of the much rumored but hardly ever seen Japanese electronic music disc. FIRST ORIGINAL ISSUE with VX-52 CATALOGUE NUMBER 6 COMPLETE WITH 1st ISSUE OBI. Later pressings diverge from the VX numbering and have different obi. This is the very rare 1st press. Records documenting those early days of composers avidly splicing tape, trying to figure out those new studio technologies and setting out to map deep space by means of all obliterating bleeps, whooshes, static hissing and white noise are almost impossible to locate. First of all, they were all released in tiny quantities by major labels that regarded the stuff to have little and no commercial potential. In a way it was a tax deduction post on which young and eager composers could create sonic havoc. Next to that, a heavy-duty art-collecting crowd rapidly snapped up copies since most of the discs were adorned by prints and silk screens of up and coming modern art big names such as is the case with this disc. And the copies that didn’t sell were simply taken out of rotation and destroyed. The music on the other hand is just gorgeous and on of the best electronic experiments ever to be entrusted to vinyl. Recorded in the NHK studio (established in 1954, 4 months before the German Cologne Studio) it documents never before or elsewhere released sonic experiments by oncoming mavericks such as Takemitsu Toru, Mayuzumi Toshiro, Maki Ishii and Ichiyanagi Toshi. The compositions here on display date respectively from 1956 & 1967 (Mayuzumi), 1958 (Takemitsu), 1964 (Yuasa), 1966 (Ichiyanagi) and 1965 (Ishii). All tracks were recorded and conceived in the legendary NHK studios. This disc contains one of the best electronic music pieces to my ears. Just splendid stuff, only that these babies are hideously rare. This copy is mint as can be. Price: 275 Euro
43. V.A./ NI HON NO DENSHIONGAKU ’69 - Experimental Music of Japan 1969 (Victor – SJX-1004) (Record: Near Mint/Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint – has some mildew spots within the gatefold, for the rest totally pristine/ OBI: MINT). Original press copy, with RED OBI!! Top copy! Well it is hard to believe, but here you have a copy of the much rumored but hardly ever seen Japanese electronic music disc. A couple of lists ago I had the first of the series up for sale and here you have the almost never seen second one in the series. Records documenting those early days of composers avidly splicing tape, trying to figure out those new studio technologies and setting out to map deep space by means of all obliterating bleeps, whooshes, static hissing and white noise are almost impossible to locate. First of all, they were all released in tiny quantities by major labels that regarded the stuff to have little and no commercial potential. In a way it was a tax deduction post on which young and eager composers could create sonic havoc. Next to that, a heavy-duty art-collecting crowd rapidly snapped up copies since prints and silk screens of up adorned most of the discs and coming modern art big names such as is the case with this disc. And the copies that didn’t sell were simply taken out of rotation and destroyed. The music on the other hand is just gorgeous and on of the best electronic experiments ever to be entrusted to vinyl. It is even far better than the first one of this series and sounds more radical and right up in your face. Recorded in the NHK studio (established in 1954, 4 months before the German Cologne Studio) it documents never before or elsewhere released sonic experiments by oncoming mavericks such as Moroi Makoto, Mayuzumi Toshiro, Maki Ishii and Shibata. The compositions here on display date respectively from 1969 (Mayuzumi), 1968 (Ishii), 1968 (Moroi) and 1968 (Shibata). All tracks were recorded and conceived in the legendary NHK studios. This disc contains one of the best electronic music pieces to my ears. Just splendid stuff, only that these babies are hideously rare. Highest recommendation and possibly the best record on this time list. Top-notch copy. Original pressings of this beauty with obi are seriously rare on these shores, next to impossible to upgrade upon this one. Price: 275 Euro
44.. NO NEW YORK: “S/T” (Antilles – AN7067) (Record & Jacket: SEALED ORIGINAL). Original 1978 US 1st original pressing – sealed copy. Brian Eno put together this compilation of the no-wave scene in New York, and he chose four bands: Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Mars, Contortions, and DNA. For the compilation “No New York,” Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Mars, DNA, and the Contortions were included on the album, a fair slice of the smartest and most aggressive bands of the time. The album became famous, years later, as a reflection of a moment, but it is also valuable because many No Wave bands recorded so little during their brief careers. These four bands, however, did make recordings, which are all truer to their spirit than Eno’s vision of them. They all exhibited a faith in dissonance, distortion, or confrontation —sometimes all at once. This disc kicks off with four James Chance and the Contortions tracks and with the ravaging saxophone and bass allure of “Dish It Out”. None of the tracks really differentiate from each other but each have their own quality appeal. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks then show off four tracks from their small discography. Possibly the most abrasive of all the bands featured here, these tracks slowly burn away and leave a unique mark. Mars deliver the most weirdness from this compilation with four “avant-garde punk” cuts and leave the most pleasurable taste in my mouth while DNA have qualities from all the bands here yet add a fuzzy electronica trait. Bloody awesome historical recording, original US SEALED 1st pressing ….SOLD
45. V.A./ NUGGETS: “Original Artifacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 〜 1968” (Elektra Records – 7E-2006) (2 LP Record Set: Excellent/ gatefold Jacket: Excellent 〜 Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeves: Excellent). First original US pressing – White label PROMO issue. The brainchild of Elektra Records chief Jac Holzman, Nuggets was a double-album survey of grass roots American garage-rock “one-hit wonders”, originally released in 1972, at the very moment when rock’n’roll was making its first backwards-looking audit. Curated by critic Lenny Kaye whose original liner notes would coin the term punk rock), it documented the widely pervading influence of the so-called British Invasion on young mid-to-late-60s beat combos across the USA. Stuffed with short, sharp, electric guitar and Farfisa organ-soaked essays remain preserved in musical amber, evincing the impact of The Beatles (to an almost preposterous level – faux Scouse accents and all – on The Knickerbockers’ Lies), The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Them et al on an eclectic tranche of musicians. These acts’ recordings would project British Invasion tropes through the prism of 1960s American musical (and, increasingly, counter-) culture. Typically, The Electric Prunes’ I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night), The Seeds Pushin’ Too Hard and the 13th Floor Elevators You’re Gonna Miss Me – all of which would enjoy deferred "classic" status courtesy of Nuggets – are products of a ricocheting process of cross-fertilisation. US blues and soul-inspired British styles are bent back into feisty, indigenous variants on garage-rock, brimming with "out there" lyrics and disorientating studio effects which bear testimony to a burgeoning awareness of drug-induced altered states. Count Five’s spiky Psychotic Reaction proffers the missing link between The Yardbirds and early Television, while The Remains’ angsty Don’t Look Back might have been the blueprint for Richard hell & The Voidoids. The Shadows of Knight’s Oh Yeah, meanwhile, is surely the prototype for David Bowie’s The Jean Jeanie. Thus, Nuggets remains a Rosetta Stone among rock compilations and an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the rapid, wild and vivid evolution of 1960s psychedelia.” (David Sheppard – BBC) Price: 175 Euro
46. V.A./ ORCHESTRAL SPACE ‘68: “S/T” (Victor Records – SJX-1003) (Record: Near Mint / Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached insert: Mint) Well it is hard to believe, but here you have a copy of the much rumored but hardly ever seen Japanese electronic music disc. Records documenting those early days of composers avidly splicing tape, trying to figure out those new studio technologies and setting out to map deep space by means of all obliterating bleeps, whooshes, static hissing and white noise are almost impossible to locate. First of all, they were all released in tiny quantities by major labels that regarded the stuff to have little and no commercial potential. In a way it was a tax deduction post on which young and eager composers could create sonic havoc. Next to that, a heavy-duty art-collecting crowd rapidly snapped up copies since most of the discs were adorned by prints of up and coming modern art big names such as is the case with this disc. And the copies that didn’t sell were simply taken out of rotation and destroyed. The music on the other hand is just gorgeous and on of the best electronic experiments ever to be entrusted to vinyl. Recorded in the NHK studio (established in 1954, 4 months before the German Cologne Studio) it documents never before or elsewhere released sonic experiments by oncoming mavericks such as Takemitsu Toru and Yuji Takahsashi there were the 2nd side was the first introduction of the music of Steve Reich and John Cage to a Japanese audience. The compositions here on display are respectively “Cross talk for Sam Francis” (Takemitsu Toru), “6 Elements” (Yuji Takahashi), “Piano Phase” (Steve Reich) and “Concert for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra” (John Cage). Comes with liners in Japanese by various composers like Xenakis. Extremely rare gem in virginal condition. The music is even better than the mint state of the record, pure bliss. Highest recommendation. Price: 175 Euro
47. V.A./ OZ DAYS LIVE: “V.A. with Taj Mahal Travelers, Minami Masato, Acid Seven & Les Rallizes Denudes” (Private – 1973) (2LP Set: Mint/ Inserts: Mint/ Outer Paper Bag: Excellent) Without a single doubt, this bloodsucker of a disc is THE holy grail of the Japanese early seventies lysergic psych scene, together with Speed Glue & Shinki, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers and People/Ceremony. Privately released in a tiny edition on the OZ Days label way back in 1973, the record was and is till this day the only legitimate recording on vinyl to feature the Rallizes and Acid Seven. Each of the four bands has a whole site to their disposal onto which they were allowed to open up the sonic floodgates to Valhalla. This set is an original copy, the 2 LP set is top and the inserts are untouched since the day it came out in1973. The music on the other hand is completely stellar, mind boggling and just jaw-droppingly great, leaving you, the listener, gasping for air on several moments while spinning this disc since your vital organs will just forget to function properly upon being exposed to this archeological sonic gem. Kosugi's clitter-clatter Fluxus induced ramshackle psychedelic drone unit the Taj Mahal Travelers put down a stunning outer worldly and almost transcendental performance, there where the Rallizes venture into an ephedrine soaked sub-linear universe of ear ripping feedback and slowed down stroboscopic madness. Acid Seven is the is as wicked as can be. Fair sale price, so act smooth, swift and quick for this one since such as chance is unlikely to cross your record collecting path within the following decade. Needles to say hideously rare. Top copy. Price: Offers!!!
48. V.A. Panorama of Musique Concrete 1 LP: “S/T” (Ducretet-Thompson – DTL93090) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Tip Back Cover: Near Mint). Top copy!! Original pressing containing groundbreaking works by Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer and Philippe Arthuys. Impossible to get in such a top condition as this copy here. Historical important and a milestone recording. A total must if experimental music is something you live by. Price: 150 Euro
49. V.A. – PEBBLES: “Vol. 9 – Original Punk Rock From The Psychedelic Sixties” (BFD records – BFD-5026) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint, still housed in shrink). The first signs of decline on this folk-rock/punk volume. Several classics and a good consistency. But this is still a damn hot set. The Pretty Girl by the Bugs is maybe one weaker cut but other than that this flows magnificently. I have to say that listening to this now, it is much better than I remembered or expected it to be. Very consistent and utterly delirious in a good way, just love it. Price: 20 Euro
50. V.A. – PEBBLES: “Vol. 14 – Original Punk Rock From The Psychedelic Sixties” (Archive International productions – AIP-10016) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1984 release, Highs in the Mid Sixties - originally compiled as a semi-bootleg vinyl compilation in the 1980s, as a thematic follow-up to the classic proto-punk anthology Nuggets, Pebbles became a legitimate anthology of rare and vintage garage rock singles from the style's 1960s heyday. The point of the Pebbles compilations has always been that they take it as given that the listener is familiar with the best-known works in the style, such as the The Golden Cups' ear-blistering rendition of "Hey Joe." So these tracks are filled with the more obscure and often downright unhinged, like the The Morning Dew’s "No More," or the amazing untitled bonus track that makes you wish you were just there and…well ya know… This makes Pebbles an excellent second step into the garage rock underground. Price: 30 Euro
51. V.A./ “Prospective 21* Siècle: “Xenakis – “Orient – Occident”/ Berio – “Moments – Homage to Joyce”/ Maderna – “Continuo”/ Kagel – “Transition 1” (Philips – 836.897) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). 1970 France 5-track stereo vinyl LP of incredible musique concrete pieces in the Prospective 21e Siècle, as supervised by Pierre Henry and realized at the R.A.I., l'O.R.T.F., W.D.R. & Apsome studios, featuring the big name composers in their field Mauricio Kagel, Iannis Xenakis, Bruno Maderna & Luciano Berio. Comes housed in a silver tinted front laminated sleeve. A classic!!! Price: 50 Euro
52. V.A. – RELATIVE DISTANCE: “A Compilation of New England Garage Bands” (Stanton Park – SRE-002) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint – still in shrink/ Insert: Near Mint). Legendary and one of the greatest garage comps out there. Price: 40 Euro
53. V.A./ SAN FRANCISCO SOUND: “Fifth Pipe Dream Vol. 1” (private – S7-11680) (Record: Excellent – has a couple of faint hairlines – plays NM/ gatefold Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint). 1st pressing that comes housed in a B&W gatefold jacket, 2nd press came in a colored version. 1st pressing of this beauty is damned rare there were the 2nd pressing turns up at regular intervals. Essential compilation with unreleased tracks by Tripsichord Music Box; It's A Beautiful Day, Indian Puddin & Pipe, etc. Stupendous b&w gatefold cover art that is in top condition, no shelf or ring wear. Amazing artifact as spewed out of the cradle of acid rock at that time, totally essential genre piece. Price: 400 Euro
54. V.A./ “Shutdown 66 –: The World's Only 60's Punk Record” (Ernie Douglas Records – ERN-66) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Well this is probably the best teenage angst compilation ever released filled with mid-sixties acne punk rock performed by utter geeks and other misfits who failed to attain enough coolness and brainless muscles to join the high school rugby team and failed at dating the home coming prom queen or any other girl on campus. The major rejection these guys experienced from their all American fellow classmates, combined with being totally unpopular, bad at any sport activity (that was required to be socially acceptable) and failing to get dates with any of the dreamboat chick inflicted them with inner frustration and pain. This ignited however their refuge towards instigated Coke bottle eyeglass punk rock spiced up with true pain and utter teenage angst. Utterly great garage punk classic record that includes heart shattering tracks by the Crucibles, Barons, The Uncivilized, The Boards, The Royal Coachmen, The Half Beats, The Possums, The Avantes, The Byrds, The Hearts of Stone, The Rockers, Jerry Waugh & The Skeptics, The Playgues, Bo & The Weevils, The Conquests, We The People, The Shandells and Pete Morticelli. Stunningly great and tear-jerkingly hardcore teenage psychedelic garage punk. They do not come better than this. Copies of this gem seem completely vanished these days. Price: 50 Euro
55. V.A./ SOUND SCULPTURES: “S/T” (Wergo – SM-1049/50) (2 LP Set: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1985 German issue of this stunning 2 LP set that will bring you towards the drone zone. Published by Wergo in 1985, Sound Sculptures is a gorgeous, state-of-the-art overview of Austria and West Germany’s instrument builders and sculptors curated by composer and music critic Klaus Hinrich Stahmer. A German equivalent to Bart Hopkins’ Experimental Musical Instruments compilation CDs, though the concept here being that composers/interprets will use someone else’s sculpture or sound construction to create their sound work. The title’s double-entendre is perfectly maintained throughout the album: sound producing actual sculptures and sound crafting as an art form. Particularly striking is the variety of sonorities emitted, from angklung-like metallophones to interactive electronic sensors, from industrial bleak soundscapes to subtle microtonal nuances, from improvised free music to drone-a-thon. This is rather un-classifiable music only occasionally sounding like Stockhausen or Boulez solo percussion pieces. Apart from the sculptures, additional instruments include: strings, bowed metals, metal chimes, saxophone, seashells, wood, processed vocals, voice, electronic effects, etc. While some composers/improvisers are instrument builders themselves, like Hans-Karsten Raecke, others are avant-garde music composers, like Greek-born Austrian Anestis Logothetis, whose enchanting and nuanced minimal music – one of the highlights of the set – blends electronic and acoustic sounds, and have a visual dimension often based on graphic scores. Wilfried Jentzsch studied with Xenakis in Paris and is now an electro-acoustic music composer living in Dresden. His piece Lithophonie is based on electronically processed sounds from a stone sculpture, with a decidedly stochastic touch in its clouds of high-pitched notes. Herbert Försch-Tenge‘s Tri-Cello II sounds like a Zoviet-France live recording, complete with bass string instrument hit with mallet, ethnic flute and long reverb effect. Too many good tracks here to mention, but this is a major addition to the sound art pantheon that can even help widen the definition of it.” (Sculpture Sonore). Price: 100 Euro
56. V.A./ SPACE THEATRE: (RCA – JRZ-2501) (Record: Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Attached inner 10 paged booklet: Mint). Never seen before WHITE LABEL PROMO issue. On the RCA Red Seal label. Another totally vanished electronic music/ experimental record out of Japan, put out in 1970 in order to accompany the Japanese Pavilion at the World Expo in Osaka. Contains the following tracks: Iannis Xenakis’ “Hibiki Hana Ma”; Takemitsu Toru’s “Crossing” and Takahashi Yuji’s “Yeguen”. Extremely Japanese avant-garde disc documenting the 1970 Expo, when exploration and sound expanding awareness still had some meaning. Killer material, impossible to get these days with all in near mint condition + obi and booklet enclosed. Price: 200 Euro
57. V.A. STEVE REICH/ RICHARD MAXFIELD/ PAULINE OLIVEROS: "New Sounds In Electronic Music" (Odyssey - 32 16 0160) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Jacket: Mint, still in shrink). Fantastic electronic music slide that seems to be totally evaporated as of late. "One of the most beautifully pressed vinyl's of electronic music with 3 important works: Steve Reich "Come Out" (see Reich's Early Works), Richard Maxfield "Night Music," and Pauline Oliveros "I of IV." Maxfield's "Night Music" is an exquisite pre-synthesizer electronic music made -- like his pieces "Sine Music" (1959) and "Trinity Piece" (1960) -- with only the supersonic bias signal of a tape recorder and a supersonic sawtooth waveform from an oscilloscope producing audio range difference tone "ghosts". Identical in feeling to a response to the sound of birds and insects on a summer night in a city park. "I of IV" is a good example of Oliveros' earlier electronic music using a configuration of tape recorders patched into each other with magnetic tape spliced in loops so that a form of "automatic generation" system was created by feedback. Similar to Richard Maxfield, Oliveros used bias frequencies of tape recorders and difference, or lower "ghost tones" produced by the interference of very high frequencies." ("Blue" Gene Tyranny). Spot on, just bewitchingly awesome!!!! Some foxing on the vinyl due to the cheap pressing but no marks or hairlines at all. Perfect!!! Price: 75 Euro
58. V.A/ “T5” FIVE 7inch set featuring THE IDITAROD, STONE BREATH, CHARALAMBIDES, BARDO POND, and THE SONIC YOUTH. (TIME-LAG 007-011) (Individual Records: Near Mint/ Individual Letter Pressed Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Outer Box: Near Mint). “A special 7” box set to coincide with the TERRASTOCK 5 festival, and benefiting the wonderful PTOLEMIAC TERRASCOPE. Magazine one 7” apiece by each of the bands, with all contributing exclusive tracks. Five unique sounds all united by that certain psychedelic luminescence… together, a flowing trip through everything from psych-folk to avant-drone to full blown psych-rock. Each 7” comes in it's own two color letter pressed uni-pak style gatefold sleeve, printed on five tones of high quality art paper, and then packaged together in a die-cut wraparound box. Numbered edition of 500.” (TL) Long gone and out of print. Price: 150 Euro
59. V.A./ VANITY RECORDS – 2 LP SET BOX: “Vanity Music – Various Music” (Vanity Records – Vanity-0010〜0011) (2 LP Record Set: Near Mint/ Gimmick Outer Box Set: Excellent/ All 5 Inserts: Near Mint). Complete copy with all the inserts and in great condition rare 2 LP box set on illustrious label. Vanity Records out of Osaka, run by Agi Yuzuru, was responsible for birthing out new sounds and labeling this new style of sounds “techno-pop”, a term Agi used to describe Eno-produced bands such as the Talking Heads and DEVO. Techno-pop would eventually achieved international fame via the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Inspired by the punk movement and the mass of independent labels that boomed in its wake in London and New York, Agi started Vanity Records in 1978 and released in total eleven LP’s, three singles, twelve flexis and six cassettes. Each of Vanity’s releases was limited to a run of 300 to 500 copies. The item here is an amazing 2 LP set crammed to bursting with primitive, murky minimal electronics. The set gives an overview into the label’s stock-in-trade musical philosophy, which was centered on raw, electronic experimentation which sounds impressively contemporary when put up against current glitch, minimal techno and laptop artists. The music on the other hand consisted out of various home-recorded materials by totally obscure and anonymous artists. It featured in total 13 groups such as Pessimist, Unable Mirror, MR, Anode/Cathode (migrants from the Pinakoteca label), Kiiro Radical, Tokyo, Daily Expression, Plasma Music, Nose, New York, Arbeit, Isolation and Nectar Low. Most of the recordings that ended up on this compilation were low-fi electronic music exploits that are at times quite interesting. In short fantastically zonked minimal synthesizer buzzing gems, light-years ahead of their time. Totally elusive and never offered for sale before ultra rare item, the rarest issue/ edition on the ultra collectible Vanity Records label. Top copy of rare and in demand title SOLD
60. V.A/ WOODSTOCK: “Original Master Recording Box Set” (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab – MFSL-5-200) (5 LP Record Set: Near Mint/ 2 Individual Triple Gatefold Jackets: Near Mint/ Slip Case Outer Box Set: Excellent, some storage wear visible around the edges). This is an out of print Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs limited edition audiophile quality from the original master tapes. Pressed at the Victor Company of Japan (JVC) on Super Vinyl at half speed. Everything about these albums is top notch, from the sound to the packaging. The albums Woodstock and Woodstock Two released as a boxed set of Limited Edition Original Master Recordings. Produced by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. Stereo Recording. MFSL 5-200. First Japanese Pressing. Half-Speed Mastered from the original first-generation stereo master tapes recorded live at the festival. Numbered Edition. 

This is the best sounding edition of Woodstock ever released, period. It blows away any of the "digitally remastered" CDs and LPs, allowing you to hear "into" the recording, to catch every background detail. This pressing was made in Japan, using a half-speed mastering process and specially plated stampers, on heavy, thick premium virgin vinyl. 
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab uses an album’s master tape(s) combined with a unique procedure known as "half-speed" mastering, which literally slows down the cutting system involved in mastering the vinyl so that musical information can be transferred from the source tape to the lacquer with greater precision. This advanced mastering technique adds substantial refinements in the vinyl compound itself and improves methods of plating the lacquer. The result is a significant improvement in overall performance from the vinyl medium." The vinyl records are pressed on "High Definition Super Vinyl" by the Victor Company of Japan. This edition came out over a decade ago and sold out immediately on the spot. Here is a nice copy for your aural deprivation. Price: 350 Euro
61. V.A./ WOODSTOCK: “S/T” (Nippon Grammophon - Atlantic – MT9065~67) (3 LP Set: Mint/ Triple Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint/ 16 paged illustrated booklet: Mint/ 12-paged illustrated booklet: Mint). First original Japanese pressing, complete with first issue “birdie” design obi and Japan only two large illustrated booklets. Top copy. Price: 150 Euro
62. V.A./ MISSISSIPPI BLUES 1927 ‾ 1941: “S/T” (Yazoo Records – L-1001) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Mind-boggling collection of hair-raising Delta-blues songs executed by the likes of Harvey Hull (1927), Henry Sims (1929), William Harris (1927), Skip James (1931), Charlie Patton (1929 & 1934), Geechie Wiley (1931), Mattie Delaney (1930), John Byrd (1930), Bobby Grant (1927), Son House (1941) and Robert Johnson (1936). Top copy on the amazing Yazoo Records imprint. Price: 40 Euro
63. V.A./ TEXAS COUNTRY MUSIC Vol. 1: “S/T” (Roots Records – RL-312) (Record: Near Mint/ Coated Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Rare top copy 1st pressing housed in sturdy laminated jacket and with typed insert. Some more demented goodness from the always-astonishing Roots Records label, which is getting hard to find these days, especially their mid-sixties released 1st pressings. Here they set out to document the rich pre-war blues heritage of the state of Texas and highlighting God-fearing and Devil-hopping musicians such as Henry Thomas, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bernice Edwards, J.T. Smith, Texas Tommy, Ramblin' Thomas, Billiken Johnson, Dallas String Band, Blind Willie Johnson, Texas Alexander and Jesse James. Too many obscure fire-breathing tracks for a sane man to handle without getting infected. Highest possible recommendation. Price: 50 Euro
64. V.A./ MISSISSIPPI BLUES Vol. 3: “S/T” (Roots Records – RL-314) (Record: Near Mint/ Coated Jacket: Near Mint). Rare top copy 1st pressing housed in sturdy laminated jacket. More Roots Records dementia, this time excavating rare slides and busting rhymes out of the Mississippi area and throwing at you obscured and esoteric tracks by luminaries such as Arthur Petties, Bo Carter, Poor Boy Lofton, Mississippi Sheiks, Big Joe McCoy, Robert Johnson, Freddie Spruell, Robert Petway, John Hurt, Mississippi Jook Band and Tommy McClennan. There is no better exorcism than these wailing stripping the paint of your walls. Simply hardcore punk-moves avant-la-lettre. Price: 50 Euro
65. V.A./ THE EAST COAST STATES (Georgia/ Carolina/ Virginia): “S/T” (Roots Records – RL-318) (Record: Near Mint/ Coated Jacket: Near Mint/ Typed written Insert: Near Mint). Rare top copy 1st pressing housed in sturdy laminated jacket and with typed insert. By now you already know that those maniacs of the Roots Records label have the always and never missing ability to hit you senseless and bust your brains sideways with some real music, all totally darkened and amphibological anarchic pre-war vintage blues slides. This time the East Coast States get the full treatment with demonic howlers and string benders such as Peg Leg Howell & Jim Hill, Kokomo Arnold, Lonnie Coleman, Weaver & Beasley, Will Bennett, Buddy Moss, A & J Baxter, Lil McClintock, Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley, Blind Boy Fuller, Luke Jordan and William Moore. Fathomable music wrapped in clouds. Price: 50 Euro
66. V.A./ MEMPHIS BLUES VOLUME 2: “S/T” (Roots Records – RL-329) (Record: Near Mint/ Coated Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Rare top copy 1st pressing housed in sturdy laminated jacket and with typed insert. Man, without a single doubt one of the best – if not the best ever - label to have roamed the face of the earth with a mission to dig up forgotten and nebulous pre-war blues slides. Now Roots Records digs up the Memphis area and bring you dusted off slides by ramblers and peddlers such as Memphis Minnie, Kansan Joe, Jack Kelly, Blind Clyde Church, Rosie Mae Moore, Little Buddy Doyle, Yank Rachel, Furry Lewis, Will Batts, Cannon's Jug Stompers, Will Weldon and the Three Stripped Gears. All the tracks were again recorded between 1929 ~ 1939 and will make your blood stand up while sleeping. Killing and totally lethal stuff. 50 Euro
67. V.A./ ALABAMA COUNTRY 1927~31: “S/T” (Origin Jazz Library – OJL-14) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Inserts: Near Mint). Another label with a vision as far as pre-war blues recordings were concerned was the Origin Jazz Library label, long defunct and forgotten but for me, one of the labels I always dig deep for. Here it gives a look at comparative blues styles that will bear out the fact that Alabama Blues form a nebulous but by no means a “Brand X” product. Fantastic guitar ignited spirituals and cross-fertilized sonic dementia as birthed out by players such as Barefoot Bill, Jaybird Coleman, The Two Poor Boys, Ed Bell, Ollis Martin, Whistlin' Pete and Daddy Stovepipe, Wiley Barner and George “Bullet” Williams. Awesome!!!!! Price: 50 Euro
68. V.A./ The MISSISSIPPI BLUES No. 2 – THE DELTA 1929 ~ 32: “S/T” (Origin Jazz Library – OJL-11) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). The madness continues with Origin now diving into the murky muddy waters of the Mississippi Delta. Heavy-weight names pass the revue such as Son House, Louise Johnson, Charlie Patton, Jaydee Short, Blind Willie Reynolds, Blind Joe Reynolds, Robert Wilkins, Hi' Henry Brown, Joe Calicott and Grafield Akers. Screaming and hollering madness!! Price: 50 Euro
69. V.A./ REALLY! THE COUNTRY BLUES 1927 ~ 33: “S/T” (Origin Jazz Library – OJL-2) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Magic tunes and dusty classic by luminaries such as Tommy Johnson, Son House, Sam Collins, George Bullet Williams, Henry Thomas, Ishman Bracey, William Moore, Garfield Akers, Henry Sims, Buster Johnson, Sunny Boy & His Pals and Skip James. When you have been through all of this pre-war blues sides, you will be convinced that the devil has gotten to your woman. Price: 50 Euro