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1290. OH RANFAN & Suzuki Karaichi and Latin Companion: “Pink Mood Deluxe” (Victor Records – SJV-386) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Fold Out Jacket: Near Mint). TOP copy of this bloody rare Iroke gem that just never surfaces and will remain shelved due to Oranfan opposing to any reissue plans. Oranfan, who is still active as an actress, is a name most of you will not be acquainted with. She only released a string of singles she hushed into being and this one-time of album that came out in 1968. The whole affair breaths out a forlorn sexuality and eroticism. Oranfan does not even sing in order to breathe out a cloud of pink sensuality. In between some of the tracks she just squeezes out erotic comments and teasingly sexy vocalizations that will spurn your already frozen sex life towards new geyser-like heights of delight. One can say she has that power that can spark your sexual imagination and guide it to previously unreachable territories, a power most babes seem to be depraved off. Oranfan elevates this power to an art form of unbridled lust. The music on the other hand is comprised of lushly depraved instrumentals, suitable to be played in your Austin Powers’ like strip joint filled with cream-puff killer vixens. Demented cheap organ sounds, cheesy saxophone lines, lounge jazz and kinky cocktail wuzzy-fuzzy horniness. In short, an easy listening lounge trip that comes over as snorting a line of uncut pure crystalline coke from a hooker’s pulsating ass. Stunningly great and totally vanished artifact of Japanese late sixties eroticism. Rare as hell. Price: 250 Euro
1291. OH RANGFAN: “Hiasobi no Blues b/w Nagisa no Ecstasy” (Victor Records – SV-774) (Record: Near Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Near Mint). Erotic kayokyoku rarity alert!!! Time to bring out some heavy erotic guns that drove ordinary punters crazy with lust and longing while roaming through a sleazed up 1986 pink Tokyo underworld littered with love hotels, expensive brothels, jazz kissa, venereal movie houses and nymphomaniacal call girls in the making Attentive readers might have noticed on some occasion the name of Oh Rangfan popping up here and there. Born in London in 1938 out of a Chinese father and Japanese mother, Oh Rangfan was raised in China before relocating to Japan. She was a suggestive utterly sexed-up vixen that made a name of herself as a car racer, sky diver and scuba diver, starred in a few flicks, churned out a handful of utterly rare totally depraved and erotic singles (4 to be precise) and appeared only on one sole LP album (listed on the site – being Pink Mood Deluxe) where she hushes some intoxicating sex-talk in between tracks. After appearing in some movies, the crossover to recording some singles was only a small step and in between 1968 〜 1971 she recorded 4 singles. The one here was her first recorded 7-inch and ranks up as one of Japan’s most erotogenic and clitoromaniacal releases out of that period. Released in November 1968, “Hiasobi no Blues b/w Nagisa no Ecstasy” is a real teaser, designed to drive listeners crazy with desire. Oh Rangfan comes over as an overtly sensuous, titillating and alluring nymphet that tends to arouse sexual desire or interest. Upon playing the disc, she succeeds wonderfully well in that attempt and suck you straight into a pink laced backroom of some cabaret somewhere, teasing you with her sultry, salacious talking and carnal insinuations. In all a totally aphrodisiomaniacal listening experience that will leave you hopelessly begging for more, craving for that next erotogenetic fix. Extremely rare and virtually impossible to track down, here you have a top notch copy. Highest possible recommendation if you are into erotically whispering Japanese ladies out of the late 60s. If Ike Reiko was to your liking, then this will whip your hedonistic cravings unto the next level of the obscene. Price: 150 Euro
1292. OKI ITARU TRIO: “Satsujin Kyoushitsu” (Jazz Creaters – No Number) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Top copy and it has been almost 10 years since I last had a copy of this head twister. Rare Free Jazz private pressing, released in an edition of 300 copies way back in the early seventies. Itaru Oki is a vastly under recorded Japanese free jazz heavy weight but the name should ring a bell if you check the entries on the magisterial “Power and Freedom 14” 2 LP set that contains a blood churning contribution by Itaru Oki. Here you have one a copy of a rare album of Itaru (Trumpet, flute, cowbells, triangle, bells, Indian bells, wood block, etc)) operating as a leader while being flanked by other under documented heavy weights Hozumi Tanaka (drums, gongs, timpani) and Keiki Midorikawa (bass, piano, gong). On this recording, the trio launches into fire blowing compositions that display a slowly enchanting atmosphere reminiscent to Don Cherry's eastern toned sound spheres before it all erupts into a fire belching free jamming assault on the senses, vicious and hard bopping, like spewing out hot chunks of lava. These guys meant business straight from the start, not giving a fuck about how the punters might conceive their sonic racket. The percussive maelstrom keeps on grinding down like tornado belching up debris on some deserted shoreline while the bass sounds like sawing and shopping away lumber in a Canadian forest. While this is the background crescendo, Itaru keeps on spewing out venomous sulfur induced fumes from his horn, making the whole experience lethally toxic to the exposed listener. After the hiatus grinds down to a slower pace, the trio ventures into more spread open improvisational territories, still burning with a craving intensity that spews out a shamanistic sense of beauty brimming over with sacred percussive rattles and shakes. More space is created for challenging interplay, demonstrating the greatness of each individual participant in this blood-curdlingly amazing slab of heaviness. Everything I expect a fantastic free jazz disc to have is embedded within this LP's grooves, heavy fixes everywhere you look, communal interplay, individuality and bliss-like cut in interventions. Hideously rare but sadly undetected piece of Japanese Free Jazz History. Private pressing and this is a dead mint copy, so go berserk, you won’t be disappointed. Price: 375 Euro
1293. OKI ITARU: “Genso Note” (Offbeat – ORLP-1010) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Mint). Rare Japanese original of this free jazz slammer in TOP condition. Melodic yet fierce Japanese free jazz slide recorded in 1975. Line-up consists out of Itaru Oki (trumpet), Yoshiaki Fujikawa (sax), Keiki Midorikawa (bass, cello), Hozumi Tanaka (drums) and Gozou Yoshimasu (poet). Fueled by a collective intuitive approach, the quartet has a gift for unexpected impact, injected at occasional moments with haunting echoes and thundering sonic outbursts. Oki was seemingly on the height of his trumpet howling power, ripping through the upper registers at full force, free and soulful, without ever laying down his cool and guiding hand that steers the quartet into head on collision improv heaven. From those early notes on, the quartet/quintet launches into a stellar set of well-balanced yet ferocious sonic washes and kerosene infused energy. Oki’s playing and that of the quintet trying in vain to pace up with his brooding and all engulfing mode of operations belched out an intoxicating blaze of stratospheric sound clusters. This deconstructive approach certainly attributed to bring out to the foreground again the bare essentials and essence of his music. Next to that cellist and bassist Midorikawa puts in a particularly muscular performance, trading in the kind of spatial acrobatics and air-curdling techniques in favor for a more esoteric based approach, a working method that more than compliments Oki’s sparse trumpet runs. This weaves motifs throughout the set but it remains Oki’s playing, so completely unguarded emotionally and beautifully bent that will set your heart on end towards spontaneous combustion. Stellar hardcore fire music with a soulful approach, making it one of its kind. One of my personal Japanese free jazz slides ever, a jangled mix of intense fire breathing and heart-felt pain, a whiplash assault that like acupuncture aims its darts at the pleasure points of your very self. Killer, top condition, complete with obi. Archive quality. Price: 200 Euro
1294. OKUMURA CHIYO: “Nightclub no Okumura Chiyo – Chiyo in Belami” (Toshiba Records – TP-8053) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Pin Up: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). In previous lists I have on numerous occasions praised “The Vartan of the Far East” Okumura Chiyo for her utterly sexy presence and renditions of great kayokyoku songs. This live recording of July 1970 at the peak of her popularity is probably my all time favorite recording by her. Chiyo is in top shape and plays the assembled crazy audience like a pinball machine. Ripping through ecstatic renditions of all time favorites like “Koi no Dorei”, “Yume wa Hiraku”, “Kuyashii Keredo Shiawase yo” and “Love me Tonight” (amongst many other tunes) while being backed up by the loungy Arrow Jazz Orchestra, Chiyo manages to cast an intoxicating spell upon her bewildered admirers who at times take a grab at the mike and start crooning along in their sake drenched voices. In short this is a stunning aural document of Chiyo in concert and upon listening to it, I always wished I was born in that time frame and could witness the effect she had on the assembled crowd. If you have to own one Okumura disc, then without any hesitation I could warmly recommend you this one, it certainly will bring you a heart warming sensation to get you through those lonely winter night. Boiling hot kayokyoku frenzies from a time long gone, shrouded in a misty haze of a skyrocketing economy and assorted cultural dementia. Amazing copy, impossible to upgrade upon and with all complete: Price: 100 Euro
1295. OKUMURA CHIYO: “Hikishio” (Toshiba – TP-8252) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold jacket: Near Mint/ OBI: Mint/ Big Poster: Mint). Top copy and 1st one I have fully complete with poster & obi. This one is a stunning Okumura Chiyo disc, one of her latter period when her big start popularity was a bit on the decline but still she managed to squeeze out one of my favorite discs by her, rich in texture and blessed with a more mature approach qua song writing and compositional approach. But still her charming feminine presence keeps on fluttering throughout the disc, making it as appealing as any other of her records. But the selection of more mature song material, enriched with brilliant orchestrations that never overwhelm and the delicate use of backing voices to accentuate her singing at the right intervals make this one so amazing. It also has a more distinct French odor than her other discs, making it an excellent LP that fuses wonderfully well a Japanese kayokyoku sentiment with Parisian frivolity. The opening and title track “Hikishio” already brings this to the foreground right from the moment the needle hits the groove. The backing provided by the Toshiba Recording Orchestra also illuminates the delicate punctuation they adhere to let Okumura excel and deliver tailor-made to soft swinging vibes that emphasize Chiyo’s coquettish flirtations with melodies and words. To me this is one of the great Okumura recordings, she sounds confident, less idol poppish as her previous releases and instead feels confident with the new direction her music is taking her although her popularity was on the wane. Brilliant and I love this one to death. Price: 125 Euro
1296. OLIVER NELSON SEXTET: “Blues And The Abstract Truth” (Impulse – SR-3023) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent/ Obi: Near Mint). Freakingly rare Japan 1st original pressing all complete with obi. As Oliver Nelson is known primarily as a big band leader and arranger, he is lesser known as a saxophonist and organizer of small ensembles. Blues and the Abstract Truth is his triumph as a musician for the aspects of not only defining the sound of an era with his all-time classic "Stolen Moments," but on this recording, assembling one of the most potent modern jazz sextets ever. Lead trumpeter Freddie Hubbard is at his peak of performance, while alto saxophonists Nelson and Eric Dolphy team to form an unlikely union that was simmered to perfection. Bill Evans (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Roy Haynes (drums) can do no wrong as a rhythm section. "Stolen Moments" really needs no comments, as its undisputable beauty shines through in a three-part horn harmony fronting Hubbard’s lead melody. It's a thing of beauty that is more timeless as the years pass. The "Blues" aspect is best heard on "Yearnin'," a stylish, swinging, and swaying downhearted piece that is a bluesy as Evans would ever be. Both "Blues" and "Abstract Truth" combine for the darker "Teenie's Blues," a feature for Nelson and Dolphy’s alto saxes, Dolphy assertive in stepping forth with his distinctive, angular, dramatic, fractured, brittle voice that marks him a maverick. Then there's "Hoedown," which has always been the black sheep of this collection with its country flavor and stereo separated upper and lower horn in snappy call-and-response barking. As surging and searing hard boppers respectively, "Cascades" and "Butch & Butch" again remind you of the era of the early '60s when this music was king, and why Hubbard was so revered as a young master of the idiom. A must buy for all jazz fans, and a Top Ten or Top Fifty favorite for many.” (All Music Guide). Price: 300 Euro
1297. ONO MATSUO: “Play On Animals – Choju Gigaku” EM Records – EM-1094) (EP Record: Near Mint/ Triple Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Long deleted limited issue of a rare electronic slide that was originally issued as a flexi disc in the 1970 but now got a welcome upgrade on virginal vinyl. First ever reissue of ultra rare 1970 production, in full reproduction of original triple gatefold sleeve, with new liner notes written by Matsuo Ohno, with English translation. A slice of lost history unearthed for your enjoyment and delight. The original flexi-disc was released as a souvenir during the famed World Expo '70 in Osaka (think Stockhausen and Xenakis), but was available for only a brief time and soon disappeared, an object of rumor and mystery for collectors. As befitting Expo '70's remit as a meeting of world cultures, Ohno chose 6 well-loved Japanese and international songs -- and rendered them entirely in animal and bird sounds, using analog tape recordings. Choju Gigaku contains equal measures of musicality, magic, madness and mayhem, with domestic and barnyard animals combining their natural and pitch-shifted voices with the calls and cries of a multitude of birds. Eschewing musical instruments, Ohno utilized Japan's first variable-speed tape recorder to create these melodies, adding delay and reverb to the warm analog mix. The five songs on Choju Gigaku are "Sekaino Kunikara Kon'nichiwa," the theme song for Expo '70 originally sung by Haruo Minami, the Japanese traditional songs "Sakura Sakura" and "Yagi Bushi," an Italian song "Funiculi, Funicula," the Russian "Volga Boatman" and an American classic "Oh My Darling, Clementine." Recording in Sogosha studios (his production company) in Aoyama, Ohno was ably assisted by avant-garde composer/musician Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers, Merce Cunningham), who was an integral part of the recording process. Housed in a full reproduction of the original triple gatefold sleeve with liner notes newly written by Matsuo Ohno. Essential slice of electronic music/ musique concrete & avant-garde sonic history. Price: 50 Euro
1298. ONO MATSUO: “Tetsuzuki Atom – Oto no Sekai – Roots of Electronic Sound” (ALM Records – ALP-204) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Insert: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Top copy with obi & insert. Originally released on ALM Records in 1975, this record documents some early Japanese tape music experiments recorded between 1963~1966. Documenting the tape experiments and electronic music excursions of Ono Matsuo that he constructed for the early fifties, sixties and seventies for the Atom animation series. The music or sounds on display on this disc are totally abstract and lift a top of the veil that enshrouded early Japanese electronic music. Takehisa Kosugi also participates on these recordings as Ono’s assistant. Records documenting this scene of composers are very difficult to track down. This disc is no exception and rarely surfaces, although that a reissue appeared (in totally different packaging some years ago). So here you have early vintage splice taping electronica, 100% analogue and primitive which gives it a warm and solid sound coloration, albeit that the sounds emitted by Ono are utterly abstract, deformed, circuit wired, beefed up with static outer worldly hissing, white noise interference, rocket simulated blasts and other manipulated sounds that were used to underscore the initial animated Atom series of the early sixties. Brilliant stuff and buried within all this static interference you might be able to detect the contributions of Takehisa Kosugi, who was learning some tricks of the trade, knowledge he could put to use in later work, all passed down to him by Ono. Completely vanished and rare record. Highest recommendation. For lovers of electronic music, musique concrete, avant-garde, etc. Price: 200 Euro
1299. ONO MATSUO: “Space and Maryjuane Trip Is Same” (TAM Records – YX-8049) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Great Japanese electronic music by one of its pioneering forces on the scene. Ono Matsuo has already been active as an electronic music composer since the late fifties. He achieved his highest fame when he became responsible for conceiving the sounds of Atom aka Astro Boy animated series in the early sixties, a venture for which he got assisted by his ‘then’ assistant Takehisa Kosugi of the Taj Mahal Travellers. However, this disc, one of the very few Ono released under his own name, came out in the first half of the 1970’s and contains some of his finest work to date. Free floating organic electronic clusters conceived out of spliced tape excursions and primitive analogue synthesizer equipment that evoke here eerie and unworldly sounds, static hissing, wire humming and demented alienated sound spheres. Like you might know, discs documenting the Japanese early electronic music pioneers are virtually non-existent and almost never resurface. They are way rarer that your so much desired psych obscurities but due to the lack of information floating around on this scene, people seem unaware of the sonic gems of this experimental scene. This one is a stunning copy, which comes with the always-missing obi and the whole package is in just mint condition. Price: 350 Euro

1300. ONOMATOPOEIA: “It’s Onomatopoeia” (Cheeses International) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint) Private press that came out in 1989~1990 in a tiny edition of 500 hand numbered copies, all the work of one deranged sound artist named Steve Fricker. Utterly organic and hand assembled sound collage/ sonic decomposition/ autistic puzzle punk junk sound aesthetic once described by Audion Magazine as “echoey noisy soundscape album” that dwells into the same wind swept plains as a dada-esque Nurse With Wound disc. Fricker commented once during an interview on the background that made him wedge out this disc as follows: “It was never a question of whether to record an album, but when. What gave me the initial inspiration to record was being sexually abused at the age of about seven. My parents used to strip me naked, tie me to a wall and throw hedgehogs at me. Fortunately, I'm not the sort of person to seek sympathy from such harrowing experiences. I managed to carry on with my life knowing that I had the privilege of experiencing such scenarios that most people hadn't even dreamt of. In fact, I'm pleased that my parents gave me the chance to encounter extreme possibilities of normal family life. I am forever indebted to them and ever since those heady days of enforced sadism I've looked beyond the parameters of normality.” So go figure that one out. Basil Kirchen of the early eighties? Certainly as stunning. Just glance at the track titles, gems like So I put her in the torpedo tube / A free dead dog with every jar / From the board of irresponsible people / It was due to a disordered mind and you can get an idea of the outward regions this disc touches on. Just sheer brilliance and highly collectible shit. Mint copy. Price: 75 Euro

301. OOSTERLYNCK, BAUDOUIN: “S/T” (Private) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Signed copy! Oosterlynck’s sole privately released minimal music masterpiece. Released in an edition of only 200 copies. Together with Paul Timmerman’s private press minimal brain bomb, the best Fluxus related release to creep out of Belgium. Oosterlynck once was found characterizing himself as a “silence artist”. His musical world evolves around penetrating into sound material, and feeling the relation of time and space. To put down sound, listening to it and keeping silent. It may come over as some heavy-loaded concept but that is certainly not the case. His sounds originate out of the use of prepared and normal piano, piano strings, his own voice, and other sound sources. It are naïve conceptual pieces, things he played come to him out of nowhere, at different moments, short as lightning flashes. He is of the impression that he has these so-called sonic visions since before long, visions he claims to have know since childhood, and which he gets acquainted with through listening to his own music. Oosterlynck’s music hence originates out of himself out of his own intuitions, after which he arrives at the “everyday sonoric”. The listener who hears these sonorities and sound sculptures has to get adjusted to them so to speak. Because it concerns here Oosterlynck’s own personal quest to the connection between sound, space and time. Upon a superficial listening, his works may sound monotonous and repetitive. But then it is very minimal music stripped down of all superficial elements after which the characteristics of each sound in it self reveal themselves to you, elements which will remain undetected in most music you have ever listened to. In short it is spell bindingly beautiful and disarming how Oosterlynck voice intertwines in Ontario out of 1977 thanks to a sort of repetitive mantra that evolves and blossoms into a melancholic miniature mass. So this eye-bleeding beautiful release has many things to offer and offers a totally self-sustaining listening experience. Impossible to get but here is a copy in all its glory. Mega recommended. Price: 200 Euro
1302. ORGANISATION: “Tone Float” (RCA Victor – SF-8111) (Record: Near Mint, just perfect/ Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint). Original UK copy of pre-Kraftwerk experimental electronic weirdness. This disc never had a German release. The first album with Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider melting into the outfit the Organisation. Here, the line up consisted of Ralf on organ, Florian on violin and flute, Basil Hammoudi on vocals, Fred Monics on drums and Butch Hauf on bass. Repetitive percussion cross-pollinates with addictive bass drum patterns, spiked up with guitar, flute, violin and organ. "Tone Float" was the last time that Ralf and Florian would rely on unrestrained expression and improvisation. With Organisation being a democratic five-piece band, it was difficult to develop a disciplined approach. Any comparison between "Tone Float" and the later Kraftwerk sound is hard to draw. Stunning UK original copy of pre-Kraftwerk experimental artifact that never got a German release and hard to dig up these days. Impossible to find a copy this clean due to the extreme fragile non-laminated sleeve. Without a single doubt in my mind, this is an all-time keeper copy. Hard to ever improve upon. Price: Offers!!!!

1303. OSANNA: “Colonna Sonora Del Film 'Milano Calibro9' Preludio, Tema, Variazioni E Canzona” (Fonit – LPX-14) (Record: Near Mint/ Textured Gatefold Jacket: Excellent 〜 Near Mint – small rubbing on upper seam). Very beautiful copy, first original Italian pressing. Original and utterly clean Italian original that comes housed in a great gatefold cover. Guitar/ organ / flute dominated complex progressive rock classic that these days is getting a bitch to find in such a nice condition. Price: 400 Euro

1304. OSHIDA REIKO: “Onna Wa Sore O Gaman Dekinai” (CBS Sony – SOND-66072) (Record: Near Mint/ Fold Out Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Pin-Up Poster: MINT) Rare 1972 Oshida Reiko pink artifact – COMPLETE WITH SEXY first Issue PIN-UP POSTER present. If you are acquainted with Toho's Pink Violence early seventies exploitation flicks then the name of Oshida Reiko will trigger the alarm bells in your skull. Oshida Reiko is the sexy actress from the middle 1960s to the mid 1970s. She is most renowned for the “Zubeko Bancho (Delinquent Girl Boss)” series, now commonly referred to as Pinky Violence (the photo of the front cover of the Pinky Violence Collection DVD box depicts her). Oshida Reiko didn't get undressed in the Zubeko Bancho series (unlike Ike Reiko). Oshida Reiko also starred on the great sexy TV drama “Play Girl”, the series that was headed by Kuwabara Yukiko and Sawa Tomomi. This album here is her 1st album (1972). Oshida Reiko, just like Ike Reiko, is not good singer, and has not a really sexy singing style. Actually she sounds quite normal in a depraved kind of way, a bit ramshackle in a coquettish way. And it is exactly here that her charm and attraction resides. Her imperfection to execute her songs is her greatest asset, making her a star in her own right. Sounds a bit like maladjusted French 1960s erotic rumbles. Rare to say the least, Oshida Reiko discs are hunted down like Moby Dick on any given Sunday. Great!! Price: 150 Euro
1305. OSHIDA REIKO: “Love’s Sweet Errors” (CBS Sony – SOLJ-58) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Top shelf copy, complete with always missing obi, all is in near mint condition. One of the hardest to come by Oshida Reiko slides, especially in such jaw-dropping condition as this copy here complete with obi. Just like her other recordings, Oshida dwells some more into the erotic kayokyoku realms that sprawled out of her career as a seasoned pink-violence actress. Like usual, her singing is far from perfect, in which lies its erotic appeal. It feels like a randomly picked up lovely hooker singing in your living room. Still that is just the beginning, Oshida Reiko gives it class, allure and a delirious 1970s sleazy appeal that transcends your everyday kayokyoku starlets. The backing band and orchestrations are top notch, providing the adequate puncture when needed, intimate feeling at other places and making Reiko sound like a fallen angel, a nymphet of broken hearts and lost love, the Aphrodite of misguided second rated pink actresses trying to break into the mainstream. Just brilliant and one of her hardest to track down masterpieces. First complete copy to cross my eyes in 4 years time. Price: 250 Euro
1306. The ORIENT EXPRESS: “S/T” (Mainstream – S/6117) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint). Original 1969 US 1st pressing on the collectible Mainstream label. One of the finest releases on the label. “Several artists tried to fuse Western and Middle Eastern sounds in the late 60s but few pulled it off as well as this trio. According to the back cover of their sole LP, “like the train whose name they bear, The Orient Express travels easily from West To East and back again, maintaining their individuality and integrity all the way.” Such puffery is usually nonsense but in their case it is completely justified. Spanning numerous moods, from the joyous “Fruit of the Dessert” to the hypnotic “Dance For Me”, rocking “Layla”, groovy “A Little Star” and mellow “Cobra Fever”, it evokes the mystique of the East without ever becoming kitsch. This is wholeheartedly recommended to anyone who likes their rock spiced up with a touch of oud, sitar and dumbeg” (RMJ – Endless Trip). Original press in top condition, just indispensable. Price: 200 Euro
1307. OST – ARMANDO TROVAIOLI: “7 Volte 7” (Seven Seas – WWLP-7216) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Rare Japan original 1st pressing of hideously rare Italian soundtrack. Some of the grooviest work ever recorded by Armando Trovaioli – one of his sweet 60s soundtracks for the 7 Golden Men series of heist films – done with a great mix of mod jazz and lots of vocal touches! The vocals are especially great – sung by I Cantori Moderni – but with this harmonizing quality that's warmer and jazzier than their usual work – almost a Four Freshmen/Swingle sort of vibe, but mixed with unique inflections by Trovaioli on Hammond organ and other jazzy instrumentation – usually driven by some sweet snapping snare as well! Rare Japanese pressing in pristine condition. Price: 50 Euro
1308. OST – BARRY, JOHN: “From Russia With Love b/w The James Bond Theme” (Odeon Records – OR-1057) (EP Record: Near Mint/ Triple Gatefold Picture Sleeve: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Excellent). First original Japanese pressing housed in amazing Japan only cover art. Price: 40 Euro
1309. OST- BARRY, JOHN: “JAMES BOND – 007 GOLDFINGER Original Soundtrack Recording” (United Artists Records/ Liberty Japan – SR-654) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Bloody rare 1st original Japanese pressing housed in a totally different Japan only cover and complete with bloody rare obi. Superb picture sleeve with hyper-rare "film strip" cover and OBI strip featuring the music of the late, great John Barry. All is in virginal condition. Price: 150 Euro
1310. OST - BASIL KIRCHEN: “The Shuttered Room” (Trunk Records – SHUT001) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Stamped letter pressed sleeve: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Never before available 1967 soundtrack to UK horror flick which was released completely legitimately and taken from the movies original master reel....and put out in a tiny edition of only … 25 copies, so bound to be rare forever. That aside the music is a stunner. “As for the film and soundtrack, both were made in 1967. It was a horror film starring Gig Young, Oliver Reed and Carol Lynley, all directed by the most interesting director David Greene. Very few people really know about David Greene but his cinematic work includes Sebastian, I Start Counting and this, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. He obviously liked Kirchen and used him for four of his movies., but in all the times I spoke with Basil, I never found out why. And perhaps we’ll never know.” (Trunk) Very beautiful film score that has both that typical 1960s UK jazzy feel as well as the gift for the unexpected impact that quells the darker side, sliding into a deep subterranean slur and cutting across cinematic dustup-jazz again. An austere intimacy as well emanates out of the jazzy tracks that offers direct access to deceptively intense skeletal music that displays nevertheless a meticulous lyrical economy. This score to the Shuttered Room stands shoulder to shoulder with the best slides of that era and should be filled next to John Taylor’s LP on Turtle, Neil Ardley and the likes. Just stunning. Pressed in an edition of only 25 copies, this is bound to be rare forever…. Top condition. Price: Offers!!!!
1311. OST - BLOW UP with HERBIE HANCOCK, YARDBIRDS - OST – BLOW UP: “The Original Soundtrack Album Of Blow Up” (MGM – NIPPON GRAMOPHON – SMM-1138) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Fragile Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Colored Picture Promo Only Booklet: Mint/ Picture Booklet: Mint/ Additional 48 page booklet with B&W Pictures – Promo Only: Mint/ OBI: MINT). Hideously rare 1966 Japan first original pressing of the Blow UP – comes housed in Japan ONLY Alternate jacket art. This one here is the never offered before WHITE LABEL PROMO issue and comes with promo only appendices such as 2 booklets. To make it even better, this one here also comes with the impossibly mega rare OBI as well. TOP CONDITION and impossible to ever upgrade upon. The music of this soundtrack, serendipitously, is provided by jazz composer/keyboardist Herbie Hancock. His songs, as well as a rare Yardbirds’ tune, play a digenetic role in the film, which means that when you’re hearing the music, the characters are hearing it themselves as well during the film. There’s no incidental, omniscient orchestral bursts or keening strings. Thomas – the main character of the movie, plays an LP and we hear it; it’s just that it’s mostly Hancock. The remainder of the soundtrack is the wind, traffic, the rustling of fabric, the snap of the camera’s shutter – the sounds of the day and some live club recordings seeing the Yardbirds in action. Killer soundtrack to Michaelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece. For the recording, Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter and Jack DeJohnette entered a New York studio to capture the vibe of 'swinging London' in a jazz mode - with grooves that create effective bluesy moods on the slow pieces and funky ones on the up-tempo tracks. Meanwhile in London, the Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page) were recording additional material for use in the Blow-Up movie soundtrack. Young Herbie Hancock contributed the bulk of the score, evoking the ambience of swinging London with grooves that create effective bluesy moods on the slow pieces, and funky ones on the up-tempo tracks. The soundtrack also includes a rare Yardbirds number, "Stroll On", one of only three songs they recorded with both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on guitars. Sheer brilliance. The whole affair here is in Near Mint to Mint condition. Never seen before rare Japanese 1st press with alternate jacket art, white label PROMO issue with appendices and freakingly mega rare OBI…making this copy genuinely rare. Virginal condition on all fronts, impossible to ever upgrade upon. Price: Offers!!!!
1312. OST. – CINE JAZZ DELUXE: “S/T” (Philips – SFX-7066) (Record: Near Mint - Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent - Near Mint/ Attached 6 Paged Photo still insert: Near Mint/ OBI: Mint). Rare Japan only issue that saw the light of day in the late 1960s. Stellar compilation of late night Beatnik/ Nouvelle Vague movie soundtrack bits by the likes of Miles Davis; Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers; etc. Comes complete with rare obi and gatefold sleeve comes adorned with loads of movie still pictures. All is in top condition, sleeve has little lower middle seam split but apart from that the whole package is in perfect condition. Amazing soundtrack slide & Japan only issue. Hardly ever surfaces!!!! Price: 75 Euro
1313. OST – DEEP THROAT PART 2 starring LINDA LOVELACE: “S/T” (Bryan Records – BRS-101) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent ‾ Near Mint). Original 1974 mint copy pressing, original copies rarely surface but this one here is the real deal!! After the runaway success of Deep Throat, a sequel soon followed two years later in 1974. The weird thing about Deep Throat Part II - also starring Linda Lovelace - was that it was a soft-core movie. We've heard two reasons for this; A) it was due to the confusion following the Supreme Court's Miller ruling on obscenity, which left communities to determine their own obscenity guidelines, and B) all the hard-core bits of action were lost or stolen at the processing stage. Whatever the reason, the movie subsequently bombed at the box office. This may have left fans with distinctly blue balls, but all was redeemed by the lounge-funk porno soundtrack that accompanied the on-screen action. “The funky funky soundtrack to the second Deep Throat film -- done in a tighter and more professional style than the first one, with some even funkier tunes! The music here was handled by the team of TJ Stone and Michael Colicchio -- who seem to be having a heck of a lot of fun with the tunes, especially the few vocal numbers that are based around sexy innuendo! Stone sings on 2 tracks, and Laura Green sings on 2 others -- and the grooves are as porno as porno can be -- slow-stepping, with a slinky funky sound that's all-action, but never too hopped up to lose its cool too soon! Titles include "La La La", "Latino", "She's Got To Have It", "Deep Throat", "Run Linda Run", "Deeper & Deeper", and "Saxy”. (Dusty Groove). Price: 250 Euro
1314. OST – DEEP THROAT: “Deep Throat no Thema b/w Ame ni Nuretemo” (RCA Records Japan – SS-2486) (Record: Near Mint/ Picture Sleeve Jacket: Near Mint). Japan only 7-inch soundtrack of this legendary porn flick that made Linda Lovelace the ultimate immortal porn starlet and a household name amongst vintage porn aficionados. Original single version that came out only in Japan with Linda in full swing depicted on the sleeve. Jacket with picture sleeve and disc are in stunning condition, an artifact that just never surfaces. Great stuff from times when porn flicks were still adventures into an unknown and forbidden world. Highest recommendation. Price: 75 Euro
1315. OST/ EDUARD ARTEMIEV – SOLARIS: “Original Soundtrack From Mosfilm Solaris” (Columbia Japan – YX-7212-MK) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent ‾ Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Japan only issue from 1978, first original pressing all complete with insert. Stunning electronic music soundtrack as released (only in Japan on LP) in 1976 to Andrei Tarkovsky's beautiful and astonishing 1972 masterpiece "Solaris". It melts neatly with the story of an odyssey of a Soviet scientist, a trained psychologist who travels to a space station orbiting the remote planet Solaris. The Soviet government would actually prefer to abandon the station, regarding reports of some of its findings as too incredible to believe. A brilliantly executed electronic music soundtrack, filled with hot bubbling, hissing and crackling noises, underscores the whole movie. This LP here is a dead mint copy of that score, massive electronic burst of energy swirl and buzz right underneath. Massive and rare to say the least. Price: 135 Euro
1316. OST – EL TOPO: “A Film By Alexandro Jodorowsky” (Apple Records – SWAO-3388) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). First 1971 original US pressing in TOP condition. Atonal, Tibetan Buddhist thighbone trumpets clash with beautiful, even sentimental, chamber orchestra pieces alongside pan flute rhapsodies, brass bands and parlor jazz; that Jodorowsky himself composed the score after, no doubt, intently studying the work of Morricone — is almost as impressive an artistic achievement as the film itself. Price: 100 Euro
1317. OST - ENNIO MORRICONE: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” (United Artists – YS-358-446) (Record: Excellent/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint). Comes with 2 Japan only bonus 7 Inch EP’s (see pictures)JAPAN ONLY ISSUE! First original Japanese pressing of this killer soundtrack that came in a Japan only alternate cover art. This beauty was released on December 1967 and is – believe it or not – as rare as a hen’s teeth. First time I see a copy of this in all these years and in exquisite condition to boot. I know, don’t give me this “holy cow this is expensive” shit because this disc is rare beyond belief and I bet even you have never even seen a copy of this one. So hence the price, whish I consider righteous seen its rarity museum stature and its top-notch condition. The music needs no introduction I believe, echoplex twangy guitars merge with detuned whistling melodies, orchestrated madness and dusty riders veering off into the sunset. For "Good, Bad and Ugly," Leone demanded a score that rebelled against the sonic pabulum of most Westerns. Morricone responded with a groundbreaking mix that included electric guitars, grunts, animal cries and other found sounds. The whistling trill that opens the main theme to the movie is so familiar as to be a cultural touchstone. Even an abbreviated sound byte of the theme is enough to conjure images of desolate desert plains, rolling tumbleweeds, and a cowboy-booted figure standing ominously in the distance. Morricone utilizes unconventional instrumentation. Peculiar vocal calls, clanging auxiliary percussion and electric guitars buckled up with an almost distorted and echo drenched version of Dick Dale’s trademark surf twang trade off with a full complement of strings. The music is startlingly eclectic, moving from folk melodies to avant-garde dissonance to plaintive ballads to delicate ambience. Classic and great, one of my all time faves. Price: 250 Euro
1318. OST – ERASERHEAD: “S/T” (International Records Syndicate – SP-70027) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Imprinted Inner Sleeve: Near Mint). Original 1982 1st US press issue. David Lynch’ Eraserhead rests firmly at the top of that canon of American underground culture for which there is no genre. Though Eraserhead’s most famous piece of music is undoubtedly Peter Ivers’ unforgettable, oft-covered haunting ballad “In Heaven”, a miasma of musique concrète, mechanical drone and static noise, the soundtrack to David Lynch's indelibly harrowing 'Eraserhead' is a prototypical masterpiece of Industrial gloom and dystopia. Alan R. Splet's visceral, clammy sound design conveys Lynch's bleakly unheimlich atmosphere in a manner, which has defined the limits of arthouse cinema for over forty years. It's nigh on impossible to imagine the film without it, but serrated from the celluloid's stark, flickering halogen and abrasive textures it more than stands up alone, primed for solitary, immersive listening in your low rent bedsit or industrial dwelling. It has been ages since I came an original 1st pressing of this bewitching slide, so here is one in all its degenerate glory. One of the best soundtracks ever! Price: 75 Euro
1319. OST – FIDENCE NICO: “Original Soundtrack Recording From EMANUELLE NERA” (Polydor – MP-2538) (Record: Near Mint 〜 Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). One copy back in stock and in better condition that the previous one I had. Original Japan only issue of great soundtrack that comes housed in Japan only cover art. White label PROMO issue. Brilliant soundtrack, stuffed to bursting with swirling exotic & intoxicating pulsating & butt-shaking rhythms, head-spinning female vox popping up all over the place, guiding you towards a psychic maze of sultry madness. Listening to this makes me feel like booming downhill towards a cushion of naked snow bunnies. Fidence surely put to use eroticism and mixed it gently with an ethnic smash ‘n’ grabs, jungle shoot-outs and sheer lust for swirling sounds, creating a sonic mutant variation that combines propulsion, eloquent ornamentation and cosmic phrasing aimed like acupuncture darts at your aural pleasure points. Brilliant and totally addictive soundtrack. Original Japan only issue that comes housed in an eye-popping erotic sleeve art. White label promo. Highest recommendation!!! Price: 250 Euro
1320. OST – GEGEGE NO KITARO: “Shuuroku Kyoku – Gegege No Kitaro Karankoron Uta b/w Obanashi – Fukkai Ame Furi Tengu” (Sonorama – ARM-4540) (33 RPM EP Record: Excellent/ Thick Gatefold Jacket: Excellent/ Attached Illustrated Booklet: Near Mint). Rare mid 1960s 1st original pressing. I am a big sucker for Gegege no Kitaro & all things Mizuki Shigeru. Extremely beautiful Showa era issue that comes housed in a thick and sturdy gatefold jacket that housed a full 14 paged manga comic by aforementioned protagonist. The music on the other hand is very addictive, Gegege no main theme song all complete with ghost-like attire, child-vox choruses, stripped down to the bare minimum backing instrumentation, spoken weird insertions, sound effects, electronic noises, etc - creating an eerie atmosphere the series became renowned for. Stunning example of Showa era addictive manga soundtrack to one of Japan’s most classic commix ever. The disc has very light lines visible and audible in between tracks & buried deep down behind a curtain of mayhem. Just beautiful. Price: 50 Euro
1321. OST – GET CARTER: “S/T” (Odeon – OP-80424) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). TOP copy, original Japan only 1971 issue. Freakingly rare original pressing, only released in Japan in 1971, never saw a UK or US release. Top condition. As Herbie Hancock's "Blow Up" soundtrack matched the director, I can't think of a soundtrack that better matches the cool of Michael Caine than "Get Carter". Roy Budd, a jazz and “easy listening” specialist, who worked well outside his previous boundaries for this film, composed the distinctive music in the film. The theme tune features the sounds of Caine's train journey from London to Newcastle. Budd and two other jazz musicians, Jeff Clyne and Chris Kara, played all the music. The soundtrack was only been released in Japan. The ODEON-label, mainly known for its Japanese Beatles releases is said to even have some releases, including the famous Roy Budd-score "Get Carter", starring Michael Caine in one of his best performances (advertisement slogan on British buses, when the movie was shown in GB: "Caine is Carter and Carter is Caine"!), to melt them down due to a vinyl shortage and in order to repress some Beatles LPs ... Most likely only a rumor, but at least a scaring one and considering the amounts, Japanese "Get Carter"-copies went before its vinyl and CD-re-issue by the British Castle-label, a possible explanation for its incredible scarcity ... and bloody scarce it is. Never seen a mint copy up for sale – let alone with obi present – of this funky butt-shaker, but here is a complete copy finally. Top condition, funky ass-kicking music and in order to wheel it in, you better kick your own ass and make a solid move. Never ever saw a mint copy offered before for sale complete with obi, hideously rare as you might know, so act accordingly. SOLD
1322. OST - GHOSTS…OF THE CIVIL DEAD: “S/T” (Mute Records – IONIC3) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint) Original UK press out of 1989 of a soundtrack that just on vinyl never seems to surface. Music created by Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld. Claustrophobic and alienated sonic wasteland on display that makes the hairs on your neck raise and stand up with fear and anger. “Ghosts … of the Civil Dead” was a the name of a movie/ pseudo documentary that gave you some insight into a high security prison in state of lock-down due to gruesome riots taking place. The film begins at the end. Central Industrial Prison has been "locked down" following the latest wave of violence that has plagued this institution for years:' A "Committee" has been appointed to report on its causes. The film, like the Committee, flashes back to trace the events that have led to the lockdown. The film is about the fact that prison further criminalizes its inhabitants. It is about the way in which the system, upon which our society is based. It has the capacity to exploit events that should be an indictment of it. Further, it is about the fact that our system now deliberately creates those events in order to exploit them. The music fits the movie like a glove, breathing out a claustrophobic and bubbling violent tension that gets under your skin, at times interspersed with spoken word interludes (by guards and inmates) that only add to the already suffocating and confined atmosphere. Definitely the best soundtrack ever recorded to slash your wrists on to, unsettling and sensory numbing that leaves behind a bitter aftertaste. Just massive, Cave and Blixa never have sounded any better and cold as ice as on this slice of vinyl. Awesome. Price: 70 Euro
1323. GIL MELLE: “Andromeda Strain OST” (Kapp – KRS-5513) (Record: Excellent/ Gimmick Silver Jacket: Excellent). Rare original US pressing. “Gil Melle, one of the most important composers today, has achieved an impressive landmark in creating the first all-electronic score for a major motion picture, the Andromeda strain. The work embodies the most revolutionary techniques in the annals of avant-garde music as well as film literature. Melle's central idea was to compose directly to the film and for this, he designed a special electronic music studio on the universal lot. it housed a complete rear-image projection facility as well as a number of one-of-a-kind electronic musical instruments. The most important of these is the percussotron iii, which the composer designed especially for Andromeda. it is important to note that an instrument has never been created specifically for a film score in the history of the medium. It is indeed percussionistic as its name implies, and is heard throughout the various tracks. musique concrete also plays an important role here. Many field trips were made by the artist in order to record the natural sounds of 20th century life. Liberally woven into the fabric of this music are the indigenous sounds of the jet propulsion labs in southern California, buzz saws, wind, bowling alleys and even the railways. Orchestral instruments are also included and many important soloists are represented. All of these elements were eventually electronically transformed to suit the needs of the Andromeda strain score. As futuristic as all of these sounds, it nevertheless owes its direct ancestry to the very first form of film music, the nickelodeon. The compositional method is essentially one of creatively shooting from the hip and in turn gaining a vast amount of artistic flexibility as well as a very personal. Representation of the composer's musical thinking”. (From Mimaroglu website). Melle's pieces ranks as cinema's first true electronic musical score. Using a battery of electronic instruments combined with reprocessed musique concrete sounds, Melle crafted a bizarre and compelling score that laced the picture with an unrelenting undercurrent of aimless, microscopic evil. The score's single repetitive theme is a rhythmically seething, cricket-like undulation for low-octave electronics and piano, associated with the mutating bacterial entity. Stunning piece of electronic music/ musique concrete and hard to track down these days. Highest recommendation. Price: 150 Euro

1324. OST - GIL MELLE: “Andromeda Strain OST” (MCA Japan – MCA-5094) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ OBI: Mint). TOP COPY, all complete with obi. Rare Japanese pressing of early 1970’s, comes with total different jacket design than the Kapp label ones. Very few copies of this one were pressed at the time in Japan and the sole two copies that have ever crossed my eyes were in both cases promotional copies so I am uncertain if a proper release ever saw the light of day. “Gil Melle, one of the most important composers today, has achieved an impressive landmark in creating the first all-electronic score for a major motion picture, the Andromeda strain. The work embodies the most revolutionary techniques in the annals of avant-garde music as well as film literature. Melle's central idea was to compose directly to the film and for this, he designed a special electronic music studio on the universal lot. it housed a complete rear-image projection facility as well as a number of one-of-a-kind electronic musical instruments. The most important of these is the percussotron, which the composer designed especially for Andromeda. it is important to note that an instrument has never been created specifically for a film score in the history of the medium. It is indeed percussionistic as its name implies, and is heard throughout the various tracks. Musique concrete also plays an important role here. Many field trips were made by the artist in order to record the natural sounds of 20th century life. Liberally woven into the fabric of this music are the indigenous sounds of the jet propulsion labs in southern California, buzz saws, wind, bowling alleys and even the railways. Orchestral instruments are also included and many important soloists are represented. All of these elements were eventually electronically transformed to suit the needs of the Andromeda strain score. As futuristic as all of these sounds, it nevertheless owes its direct ancestry to the very first form of film music, the nickelodeon. The compositional method is essentially one of creatively shooting from the hip and in turn gaining a vast amount of artistic flexibility as well as a very personal. Representation of the composer's musical thinking”. (From Mimaroglu website). Melle’s pieces ranks as cinema's first true electronic musical score. Using a battery of electronic instruments combined with reprocessed musique concrete sounds, Melle crafted a bizarre and compelling score that laced the picture with an unrelenting undercurrent of aimless, microscopic evil. The score's single repetitive theme is a rhythmically seething, cricket-like undulation for low-octave electronics and piano, associated with the mutating bacterial entity. Stunning piece of electronic music/ musique concrete and hard to track down these days. Highest recommendation. Price: 250 Euro

1325. OST – GOLDFINGER: “S/T” (Mercury/ Victor Records – SM-7203) (Record: Near Mint/ Flip back Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Very rare Japan 1st original press issue from 1965 in amazing condition. Earliest “Goldfinger” jacket to appear in Japan. This one contains some hybrid renditions of the Bond theme and others; all performed by a Japanese band/ orchestra and it sounds bloody amazing. This one is quite rare with the first issue obi intact and pristine as well as the actual LP and the fragile sleeve in such a virtually untouched condition. Great LP, especially if you have an all-devouring appetite like me for eye-filling and ear-drowsing screen themes and James Bond cinema tune variations that always yield unexpected pleasures. Top condition first press issue. Price: 150 Euro
1326. OST - V.A./ KILLING MELODY – “Instrumental Music From Japanese Violence Movies”: “S/T” (Ethbo) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Long gone and completely out of print killer vintage fuzzed out gangster-a-delic Japanese cinematic moves & grooves from the late 1960s. Killer set of obscure Japanese fuzz-disco-rock, hippy bossa and incredible breaks...!!! Japan's revered Ultra-Vybe label presents an album of fuzzy instrumental rock and psyche-funk themes lifted from the niche seam of 70's 'Pinky' violence films. From what we can tell, these films fell in between the more lurid ero-guro (erotic & grotesque), straight up soft porn and gangster movies, usually featuring fearless femmes getting into all kinds of scrapes and sexy situations. These films were obviously inspired by the undercurrent of American sub genres like Blaxploitation and biker movies and typically had American soundtracks to match, albeit with a Japanese twist. 'Killing Melody' stars a number of themes written by two leading composers, Hajime Kaburagi and Masao Yagi, talented writers adept at a variety of styles from Jazz to funk, rock, folk and Japanese pop tunes called Kayokyoku, whose music made the crude and lewd subject matter even more enjoyable. The seventeen tracks range from Moogy sleaze jams to propulsive proggy outbursts peppered with some real killer breaks like Kunihiko Murai's primmest 'Yagugari M-11T-3' and 'Yagugari M-14 T-1'. This is a proper object of desire for anyone with a kink for naughty Japanese flicks, B-movie funk soundtracks or the Finders Keepers catalogue. Awesome. (Label description). Price: 50 Euro
1327. OST – LALO SCHIFRIN: “Music From Mission Impossible” (Dot Records/ Victor Records Japan – SJET-8035) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ OBI: Near Mint). Bloody rare 1967 Japan 1st original pressing that comes housed in japan only jacket art and complete with never seen before first issue obi. The album is solely comprised of music used in the Mission: Impossible TV series. All of it was composed by Lalo Schifrin for the show and is played on the album by his band, with him on the piano. This in and of itself is something special for the listener, as Schifrin is an amazing jazz player. The compositions are, of course, outstanding, as can be expected. He also shows his wide range on the album, spending some time away from his leanings on softer, lounge type songs, such as "Cinnamon (The Lady Was Made to be Loved)" for Barbara Bain's character. Most of the album, though, follows through mainly with much more exciting tracks from the series. These more exciting ones are mainly single character "themes," such as "Wide Willy" for Peter Lupus' character and "Barney Does It All" for Greg Morris' character. The highlights of the album are, of course, the opening theme, "Mission: Impossible," with its pounding bass piano riffs, and the ending theme, "Mission: Accomplished." Beautiful and rare Japan original press with first issue obi in TOP condition. 1967 original and housed in Japan only sleeve art. Never seen an copy all complete before so… Price: 200 Euro
1328. OST - MANITAS DE PLATA: “Picasso, Guerre, Amour et Paix – Musique Original Du Film De Lucien Clerque” (Epic – ECPM-2) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Capsule Obi: Near Mint). Manitas and Clerque came out of a post-war France where tradition mixed with modernism. Manitas – born Ricardo Baliardo – grew up as part of a semi-nomadic gypsy community who spoke Catalan as their first language and played in a manner that disregarded the strict rules of Andalusian flamenco guitarists. He also embraced the influence of the late Parisian gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and began to incorporate Latin American rumba rhythms into his style. Slowly Manitas began developing a new French flamenco fusion, one that was – at the time – ridiculed by flamenco purists. This is a quite rare 1971 Japanese 1st press issue documenting Clerque shooting Picasso at home with the accompanying music of De Plata, a reunion of three close friends. Comes with great capsule obi present. Price: 50 Euro
1329. OST – MAYFIELD, CURTIS: “Super Fly” (Buddah Records/ Nippon Columbia – YS-2750-DA) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint/ OBI: Mint). 1972 first original pressing complete with obi. Curtis Mayfield score to classic Blaxploitation flick. Super Fly was the vehicle for Mayfield to make more of his acutely observed, incisively written, and gently phrased observations on black life in the early 1970s. Aside from the poetry and social commentary, there is obviously the music to accompany the film, one of the better-made and received 'blaxploition' movies of the time. Mayfield’s music packed more drama than the movie it accompanied and is astonishing, marrying lush string parts to deep bass grooves, with lots of wah-wah guitar. On top, Mayfield sings in his worldly-wise falsetto, narrating the bleak ghetto tales of "Pusherman" and "Freddie's Dead,"telling hard truths about the drug trade and black life in the 1970s. A classic! Price: 50 Euro
1330. OST – MICALIZZI FRANCO: “Karate Amazones” (Tam – YX-8023) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Original Japanese only press released in 1974. Brilliant OST composed by Micalizzi for the obscure Italian B Movie, Karate Amazones. Plenty of funky chase themes, intense dramatic moods, high quality Italian soundtrack recording, very hard to get nowadays. Price: 300 Euro

1331. OST - MILES DAVIS & ART BLAKEY AND JAZZ MESSENGERS: “Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud & Des Femmes Disparaissent” (Philips Records – SFL-7268) (Record: near Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint). Japan only issue of great cool jazz soundtrack. Side A is dedicated to the Miles Davis score recorded in a totally improvised manner for the Louis Malle film. This dark and seductive tale is wonderfully accentuated by the late-'50s cool or bop music of Miles Davis, played with French jazzmen -- bassist Pierre Michelot, pianist René Urtreger, and tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen -- and American expatriate drummer Kenny Clarke. This recording evokes the sensual nature of a mysterious chanteuse and the contrasting scurrying rat race lifestyle of the times, when the popularity of the automobile, cigarettes, and the late-night bar scene were central figures. At times the distinctive Davis trumpet style is echoed into dire straits or death wish motifs. The B-Side is granted to Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers in December 1958, playing short themes and sketches that were used in the French film Des Femmes Disparaissent and dwells in a similar dark Nouvelle Vague atmosphere as the Davis recording. The music is bewitchingly beautiful. However, this Japanese edition comes in a totally different sleeve than the European press. Turns up seldom. Price: 75 Euro

1332. OST/ MINORU MIKI: “Ai No Korrida – L’Empire Des Sens – Un Film De Nagisa Oshima” (RCA – RVP-6096) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint) Original rare 1976 1st original Japanese pressing. First time ever I have a complete 1st press copy with obi. Japanese press issue is much harder to dig up as opposed to the French issue, which came with different artwork, so here you have the real deal!! The music on the other hand is austere and minimal, breathing out the perfect atmosphere to the twisted tale of love, passion and death. Highest possible recommendation. Top copy!!! Price: 250 Euro
1333. OST/ MORRICONE, ENNIO – HUGO MONTENEGRO: “Music From A Fistful of Dollars – For A Few Dollars More – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” (RCA – R4P-5002) (Record: Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Hugo Montenegro earned the moniker "The Quadfather" in the early 1970s as a pioneering composer for quadrasonic recording. He made his mark on the future of film music in 1972 with his work in quadrasonic recording. The technique, an early version of surround sound, involved recording for four speakers instead of two so that the listener would hear sounds from the front and back, as well as left and right. When RCA Records asked Montenegro to write and produce it, he began to do research into psychoacoustics. He had realized the potential of quadrasonic sound the very first time he heard an example of it. He believed he could use the technique to create a complete circle of sound, motion in every direction, as well as a feeling of spaciousness. This album here sees Montenegro exploring the medium by creating new versions, different from the original soundtrack version, of those classic Morricone themes. The outcome is stunning, more playful, yet very compelling and haunting at the same time. These versions shed a totally new light on the power of Morricone’s greatest scores ever and reestablished Montenegro as the sole person capable to execute them and catapult them into stratospheric regions. This shit has been haunting me for many moons now, totally awesome rare Japanese pressing, alternated versions, complete with heavy-duty gatefold sleeve and obi. Just stunning! Price: 50 Euro

1334. OST - MORRICONE, ENNIO E LA SUA ORCHESTRA: “Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu ~ Yuhi No Gunmen” (Victor Japan – SHP-5562) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Fragile Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint/ OBI: Near Mint). Mega rare Japan first original pressing out of 1966 – WHITE LABEL PROMO issue, all complete with first issue RARE obi. One of the hardest to track down Morricone related Japanese pressings. First issue, flip back jacket, exquisite artwork, brilliant music and above all the OBI. One of Morricone’s most iconic works. Hardly ever surfaces the first all-complete Japanese pressing. Never seen before PROMO issue. The music is nothing short of being brilliant. Killer with no filler!!!! Price: 150 Euro

1335. OST – MORRICONE ENNIO: “The Big Gundown” (United Artists – SULP-1228) (Record: Near Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1969 UK first press issue. “Although no tracks even hit three minutes, all of them are so densely packed with dramatic information alongside the bravura and pathos that run so deep and consecutively balance themselves that it combines to distort the length of the album from that of a half hour into an afternoon. This LP could easily be considered a companion piece to those of ‘The Man With No Name’ trilogy (“A Fistful Of Dollars,” “For A Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.”) Of course, Morricone’s rich score makes it a dead natch -- Not to mention the back cover’s depiction of an armed Lee Van Cleef beneath the title: “Mr. Ugly Comes To Town!” what makes it a sister piece most of all was Morricone’s employment of nearly all the same talent present on ‘The Man With No Name’ trilogy, and with similarly outstanding results. Recording was made with the same orchestra, conducted (here by Bruno Nicolai) and one usually unknown but especially significant musician -- Morricone’s guitarist. This same guitarist twanged throughout the entire ‘Man With No Name’ trilogy of soundtracks and contributed much to their singular uniqueness. His name is Alessandro Alessandroni It’s worth noting that besides being an excellent guitarist, pianist and mandolin player, Alessandroni was also an expert whistler. It all starts off with the immediately compelling “The Big Gundown (Main Title)” as a woman’s caws and coos weave with other animalistic noisemaking before the onset of a highly reverbed percussion track reminiscent of (of all things) The Deviants’ “Nothing Man.” Soon, a female voice beams in to wordlessly wail the main theme of “Run, Man, Run” -- one that will subsequently wend and bleed its way throughout a third of the album’s proceedings in a variety of configurations. Dropping down to a near whisper, “The Widow” softly parts like twitched lace curtains with a mournful Spanish guitar strumming a slow and lonely tune. Soon joined by swelling strings, it’s an jewel of a elongated cue that ceases quickly and onto the single, throaty woodwind launch of the album’s absolute highlight, “Run, Man, Run (Vocal).” Vocalist, Maria Cristina Brancucci (who appears on this album under her stage name, Cristy) delivers a whispering-to-stentorian operatic wildness that switches between the ever-searing, strident qualities of Renate Knaup Krötenschwanz on “Archangels Thunderbird” and the even more rapid, strident qualities of Irena Papas’ wrenching vocalisations on Aphrodite’s Child’s “?.” It only begins quietly measured and restrained but doesn’t stay that way for long: for what starts as a wistful and ageless plea for peace jarringly switches tone and tempo to become the most demonstrative point of the entire soundtrack.” (head heritage – seth man). And that is just the beginning of the LP…such a killer and every track is a winner. Original UK pressing of 1969, top condition. Price: 100 Euro

1336. OST/ MORRICONE, ENNIO: “The Mercenary” (United Artists – UAS-29.005) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent). Original 1968 German pressing. This LP was initially first only released in Germany. Another indispensable 1968〜1969 Morricone score that blows up dust and boulders, surf-twangey guitar licks, deserted harmonica whistles and so forth. The score hat emphasizes the Mexican revolution and contains many ethnic source cues that sound authentic and are played and sung with great conviction. It is stirring, absolutely vibrant with energy. The Mercenary character himself gets a low-key whistling theme similar to the man-with-no-name theme of the Leone westerns. But the revolutionary themes, both inspirational and melancholy, are what carries this score. It also what makes L'Arena, the showdown theme at the end the best of any western film. Totally essential. Price: 75 Euro

1337. OST- MORRICONE ENNIO: “Citta Violenta” (RCA Records – SHP-6169) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint) Japanese first original pressing with 1st issue obi. Ennio Morricone is responsible for well over two hundred film soundtracks. Many of his Italian film soundtracks were only issued on Italian labels in tiny pressings of 500 copies or so. Due to the way that Italian soundtracks were issued at the time (quickly deleted and unsold copies destroyed rather than sold off!) and the sparse overseas licensing – in this case for the Japanese market in 1971 did not give it much more exposure either and they quickly sank into a sea of obscurity. Given such a large body of work, it's hard to identify the really strong funky or groovy material. Charles Bronson B-movies are always a good place to start; this soundtrack is tight, atmospheric and pretty damn funky. Good wah and fuzz guitar, strong drums and organ, but characterized by the sparse Morricone sound rather than layered on top of each other as would occur in a standard USA funk score. "Citta Violenta" may not have the same cache as other Italian crime films from the 1970's but Ennio Morricone's excellent score has faired much better. The tracks effortlessly flow from the dramatic to subtle to psychedelic along with a touch of funkiness on "Svolta Definitiva". However, most of the time things are quite dark, to the point were you could imagine this being the soundtrack to a David Lynch or Cronenberg film. Much of the album is tense incidental music. The kick-ass qualities evident on "Disperatamente" certainly evoke images of leading man Charles Bronson in his role as a violent assassin and the effortless "Riassunto" proves to be the perfect closer. It is easy to understand why Morricone fans rate this record so highly and you can add me to that list as well. Killer slide….and in top condition, all complete with very first obi. Price: 150 Euro

1338. OST/ MORRICONE, ENNIO et la Sua Orchestra– Orchestra di M. de Basi – Orchestra di L. Pagano – Orchestra di R. Blanco – R. Ortolani e la Sua Orchestra – Hugo Montenegro & his Orchestra & Chorus – N. Fidenco and others: “Italian Western Screen Themes” (RCA Records – SX-73) (Record: Near Mint/ Thick Hardcover Book-like Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Mint/ Attached Poster: Near Mint/ Attached 6 Paged Booklet: Near Mint). This LP has seen various pressings but this is the very first issue of 1971. Only the very first pressing came housed in a thick hardcover book like gatefold jacket sleeve. More delirious Western twangey guitar hallucinations, dessert vibe horn sections, dusty eerie chorus vocals, asymmetric grooves and surf-reverbed trashy guitar insertions galore. Killer stuff and top copy. Price: 50 Euro

1339. OST/ MORRICONE, ENNIO et la Sua Orchestra– Orchestra di M. de Basi – Orchestra di L. Pagano – Orchestra di R. Blanco – Orchestra di B. Mancione and others: “Kettei Ban – Macaroni Western Thema No Subete” (Victor Records – SRA-5089) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Scarce Japan only issue out of 1969, throwing together amazing Western movie theme’s out of flicks such as “Titoli”, “Per Un Pugno Di Dollari”, “per Il Gusto Di Uccidere”, “One Silver Dollar”, “Django”, “Arizona Colt”, “The Bounty Killer”, “Johnny Yuma” and other immortal tracks. These get executed by a bunch of Italian orchestras and the end result is just bewilderingly great as can be expected. Japan only issue, housed in great gatefold jacket art and complete with first issue obi. Top condition. Price: 50 Euro

1340. OST/ MORRICONE, ENNIO – HENRY MANCINI – DON ELLIS - MILES DAVIS – LALO SHIFRIN: “Ame No Homonsha - Golden Screen Music” (Kokusai Toho Sha – KJ-3006) (Record: Near Mint/ Heavy hardcover Book-like gatefold jacket: near Mint/ Attached Poster: Near Mint/ 20-Paged Fully Illustrated Attached Booklet: Mint). Original 1978 Japan only soundtrack LP. Tracks included from the following flicks: Le Passage De La Pluie/ La Melodie En Sous-Sol/ Exorcist II The heretic/ Violent City / Wait Until Darb/ The French Connection/ From Russia With Love/ Touchez Pas Au Grisbi/ Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud/ The Spy Who Loved Me/ 55 Days At Peking/ Enter The Dragon. Stunning packaging filled with a mass of screen shots and such, a great item for the cinephile. Price: 50 Euro
1341. OST/ MORRICONE, ENNIO: “Le Colonne Sonore Originali Di Un Film Una Musica” (RCA Italiana – DPSL-10599-2) (2 LP Set: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Fully Illustrated 28-paged Booklet: Mint). TOP COPY. Original 1973 Italian 2 LP set, complete with lavishly illustrated thick booklet. Rarely surfaces and one of the harder to track down Morricone LP’s. It gives a detailed musical overview of Morricone’s scores for various movies such as “Il Clan Dei Siciliani” (1970), “Una Pistola Per Ringo” (1965), “Metti, Una Sera A Cena” (1968), “Citta Violenta” (1970), “Incontro” (1971), “Vamos A Matar, Companeros” (1971), “Il Gatto A Nove Code” (1971), “Indagine Su Un Cittadino Al Di Sopra Di Ogni Sospetto” (1970), “Metello” (1970), “7 Pistole Per I Mac Gregor” (1966), “Gott Mit Uns” (1970), “Tepepa” (1969), “L’Attentato” (1972), “C’Era Una Volta Il West” (1969), “Sacco E Vanzetti” (1971), “La Battaclia Di Algeri” (1966), “Il Maestro E Margherita” (1972), “Per Un Pugno Di Dollari” (1965), “la Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso” (1971), “Giu’ La Testa” (1972), “Maddalena” (1972), “L’Avventuriero” (1967), “Uccellacci E Uccellini” (1966), “Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange?” (1972), “Veruschka” (1971) and “Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu” (1967). Just cheer brilliance and highest possible recommendation. Rare Italian 1st press on the RCA label, top copy, next to impossible to upgrade upon. Price: 125 Euro
1342. OST/ PENDERECKI: – The Manuscript Found in Saragossa: (OBUH) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint /Heavy Gatefold Jacket: Mint) Housed in an ominously heavy gatefold jacket, beautifully designed with film stills and a psyched out picture of the composer himself within. The music to Wojciech Jerzy Hass' cult movie The Manuscript found in Saragossa has been released separate from the film for the first time. The score was composed in 1963 and at this time Krzysztof Penderecki was a very edgy, restless and avant-garde composer. The score was finalized in the Polish Radio's Experimental Studio, led at the time by Josef Patkowski. The soundtrack is a mixture of electro-acoustic music, broad and light baroque stylizations, demonic sound effects and mysterious and grotesque illustrations. The music, released after almost half of the century, has not lost any of its magic. This was Penderecki’s sole electronic music score he released and what a mind blast it is. One of the best and key releases to have seen the light of day in 2005 and deleted ever since, copies seem to have been fallen of the face of the earth. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies, never to be reissued or issued on CD. One time only release and already bound to be a heavy collector in years to come so it is now or never. Numbered edition of 500, this one being 173/500. A true killer!!!!!! Price: 150 Euro
1343. OST/ R.D. BURMAN: “OST – Krishna Shah’s Shalimar” (Polydor Of India LTD – 2392.147) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Gimmick Multifold Gatefold Jacket: Mint). Original 1st pressing of 1978 in stunning condition, complete with 1st issue multifold gimmick gatefold jacket that folds open like petals on a flower. Top condition, especially seen the fact that this is the original Indian pressing, quite hard to dig up an original from over there in such a pristine nick. Rahul Dev Burman, also known as R. D. Burman, was one of the great music composers of Bollywood. This soundtrack is possibly the most revered Bollywood moog/sitar funk LP ever and on here R.D. Burman displays some of his best work ever, using huge orchestra musical instruments, female dervish like voices, soulful and funky vibes, sitars spinning out of control, electric twirls and twists, hard chunky funk with massive beats, horns and wah, just delirious and intoxicatingly addictive. The album has been issued twice, with the front cover for the first issue being used for the back cover of the second. The better of the two has a superb multi-page gatefold, which is this copy here. Always expensive as it's in such demand, but highly recommended. This is probably the best condition you will ever see of this disc, so…Price: 200 Euro
1344. OST/ RUSS MEYER – BILL LOOSE: “Cherry” (Beverly Hills – BHS-23) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Great exploitation soundtrack of another big breasted flick by Russ Meyer. Stunning exploitation moves by Bill Loose, complementing the narcotic naked big breast screen action perfectly. Price: 75 Euro
1345. OST/ RUSS MEYER: “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” (20th Century-Fox Records – TFS-4211) (Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Excellent). 1st original US pressing. “Made at a time when the studio was on its knees (doing heaven-knows-what!), Russ Meyer called in Stu Phillips to create an eclectic and dramatic score, which also features performances by The Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Sandpipers. This amazing extended restoration features previously unreleased original dramatic studio cues as well as many of the original playback vocal tracks recorded by, Lynn Carey. All here for the very first time! A sensational riotously full-color 20-page booklet includes candid liner notes by the composer/ conductor Stu Phillips plus revealing remembrances by screenwriter Roger Ebert. There's also an outrageous interview with the movie's director Russ Meyer." (Forced Exposure on the reissue). Amazing killer soundtrack. Price: 75 Euro
1346. OST/ SHIRE, DAVID: “OST The Conversation” (Victor – JET-2273) (EP Record: Near Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Mint). Completely vanished Japan only vinyl release of this magnificent movie and music. Rare Japan only single of the likely named movie. This film is so personal and intense. So completely thrilling and perfect. And it features what has to be Gene Hackman's best performance ever. David Shire’s score is mostly just solo piano. Dark and minor key. Simple, but so goddamn creepy. It's absolutely chilling and almost too perfectly captures the paranoid unhappiness of Hackman's Harry Caul character. This soundtrack has never been released in any form so this Japan only 7-ich was the sole release it ever saw before the Intrada label released the whole score on CD some years back. Still as far as vinyl is concerned, this is all there is. Comes in a beautiful picture sleeve to boot. Rarely surfaces. Top condition and so damned good. Price: 75 Euro
1347. OST – SIMON & GARFUNKEL: “The Graduate” (CBS SONY – SONX-60001) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Capsule Obi: Near Mint). High quality Japan 1st original pressing of iconic soundtrack that was released in September 1968. This is the quite rare very first pressing as released on these shores. Beautiful copy!!!! Price: 50 Euro
1348. OST/ STRAWBERRY STATEMENT – ICHIGO HAKUSHO: “S/T with Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young i.e.” (2 LP Set: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Rock Age Flower Obi: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Hardly ever seen 1st Japanese pressing complete with very rare “Rock Age Flower OBI”. By now, you already know that Japanese records and pressings stand and fall with the obi. Like they say on these shores “It's all about the obi, who cares about the record” and I guess this sums it up just neatly about this item, being that the Rock Age Flower obi present makes it such a fucking rare item. Great LP with tracks by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; CSN; Neil Young; Buffy Saint-Marie and Thunderclap Newman. Top condition. Price: 250 Euro
1349. OST – TETSUJI 28 GO/ CYBORG ZERO ZERO NINE/ GEGEGE NO KITARO/ SASUKE: “S/T” (Sonorama – ARM-5505) (Record: VG++ ~ Excellent/ Thick Gatefold Jacket: Excellent/ Attached Illustrated Booklet: Near Mint). Rare mid 1960s 1st original pressing.  Beautiful coupling issue that throws together 4 of the most popular comics/ manga space-age & weirdo cult stars together. Those had kids and adults alike glued to the screen and it is great to hear those main-themes again, flavors of a long gone age, weird choruses, over-the-top orchestrations, weird sound effects and an all-out alienating vibe that oozes out its grooves. Stunning example of Showa era addictive manga soundtrack to one of Japan’s most classic commix ever. The disc has very light lines visible and audible in between tracks & buried deep down behind a curtain of mayhem. Just beautiful. Price: 50 Euro
1349. OST - THE TRIP By THE ELECTRIC FLAG: “ THE TRIP - Original Soundtrack” (Capitol Records – CP-8405) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Flip Back Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Excellent ~ Near Mint). Japan only issue of this fantastic psychedelic movie that comes housed in Japan only jacket art, looking so much better than the regular US edition. To boot, the LP comes on blood RED vinyl. Original rare pressing that was released in Japan in June 1968!!! Top condition copy!!!. Price: 250 Euro
1350. OST – UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME: “Bande Originale Du Film de Claude Lelouch Un Homme et Une Femme – Otoko To Onna” (United Artists – YS-730-UA) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Picture Insert: Near Mint). Original 1966 Japan 1st original pressing that comes housed in beautiful Japan only jacket art design. One of the finest soundtrack albums of the 1960s came in 1966, when Francis Lai composed much of the music for Claude Lelouch’s French film Un Homme et une Femme. Most European films enjoy very little publicity in the U.S., but A Man and a Woman was an exception because the soundtrack was so superb. With this classic LP, Lai and his allies (who include arrangers Maurice Vander and Ivan Julien) brought together French pop, jazz, and the Brazilian bossa nova. The bossa nova was as hot in Europe as it was in North America, and France's interest in Brazilian music is underscored by sensuous, caressing Lai offerings like "Aujourd'hui C'est Toi" and the famous title song -- all of which feature French vocalists Nicole Croisille and/or Pierre Barouh. While Lai composed most of the melodies, Barouh provided the French lyrics -- including some lyrics that he wrote for Brazilian composer Baden Powell’s "Samba Saravah." Barouh has a soft, gentle quality to his voice, and he frequently brings to mind another gentle singer: Joao Gilberto. A five-star collection of mood music, this soundtrack has held up extremely well over the years.” (All Music Guide) Price: 50 Euro
1351. OST/ WAKAMATSU KOJI – SHINJUKU MAD: FOOD BRAIN playing “Shinjuku Mad M-8 b/w Shinjuku Mad M-6” (Solid Records – SD-516) (EP Record: Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Mint). Unreleased music by Food Brain. The film Shinjuku Mad (directed by Koji Wakamatsu) was released in 1970. Director and “pink film pioneer” Koji Wakamatsu is obviously one weird cat. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on in the black and white photos from the EP sleeve for this soundtrack to his 1970 cult film Shinjuku Mad, which finally made it onto vinyl for the very first time and as a ultra limited pressing. Music by the infamous Food Brain, a psych-free-jazz fusion improv super group-featuring members of April Fool, Strawberry Path, Speed, Glue & Shinki and Golden Cups. These early recordings by most of the line-up that would go on to become Food Brain - Hiro Yanagida, Shinki Chen, Hiro Tsunoda, but with Kei Ishikawa on bass instead of Masayoshi Kabe were recorded in 1970 several months prior to their sole "A Social Gathering" LP. These recordings made up to become the soundtrack to Koji Wakamatsu's film "Shinjuku Mad". With Yanagida on piano instead of organ, the music has more of a demented and psyched out blues-rock kind of vibe as opposed to their upcoming album. Just killer material and a vital missing piece in the Japanese psych underground scene of the late 1960s and the early seventies. SOLD
1352. OST/ WAKAMATSU KOJI – HARAKASHI ONNA: JACKS playing “Marianne b/w Wareta Kagami No Naka Kara” (Solid Records – SD-517) (EP Record: Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Mint). In the summer of 1967, the Jacks did well in a contest sponsored by Yamaha. Whether through attention from the radio show, the Yamaha contest or some other source, they were hired for the soundtrack of Koji Wakamatsu’s film Harakashi Onna (A Womb for Let). In one long session at Meguro Studio on February 3, 1968 they cut twenty tracks for the film. Most of these were released on two LPs released in 1986, a number of these songs would be re-cut for later single and LP releases: “Marianne” (マリアンヌ), “Gloomy Flower” (裏切りの季節), and “In the Broken Mirror” (われた鏡の中から). “Dm 4-50” would be re-recorded for the Super Session LP in much abridged form – here the band stretches out with a long solo passage and slower pace. This 2 tracks here were never released as a single and are available on vinyl for the first time. The Jacks always ruled!!! SOLD
1353. OST/ WAKAMATSU KOJI – TENSHI NO KOUKOTSU: YAMASHITA YOSUKE TRIO playing “Koko Ha Shizuka Na Saizensen; Yokoyama Rie b/w Tenshi No Koukotsu M-3” (Solid Records – SD-515) (EP Record: Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Mint). The Yosuke Yamashita Trio provides here a suitable furious soundtrack for a series of Japanese Red Army Faction bombings in this controversial and frequently banned “pink film” Ecstasy of the Angels, a 1972 movie by cult director Wakamatsu Koji. Clangorous piano chords burst in over a montage of newspaper headlines detailing the terrorist acts of the young revolutionary group. Drums skitter in freefall, as Yosuke Yamashita’s piano-playing veers from modal jazz to free atonality, switching dance partners from Alice Coltrane to Anton Webern. Akira Sakata’s soprano sax is squealing and honking like Ornette Coleman, Yamashita is pounding frenetically at the keyboard and Yuki Arasa’s section leader, Autumn, sat over at the table, is screaming hysterically as her empire crumbles around her. Killer free jazz for the first time released on vinyl. Indispensable freefalling cascading headspin sonics!!!! SOLD
1354. OST – YORU NO SHINSATSUSHITSU: “aka The Evening Doctor’s Examining Room” (Minoruphone – KC-8038) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ 4 Paged Picture Pin Up Insert: Near Mint). Original 1971 pressing, white label promo issue. Rare soundtrack of Japanese erotic exploitation movie centered around a doctor specializing in sexual therapy. Amazing soundtrack that fuses erotic moaning and talking with musical interludes, groovy vibes and weird sound effects. Pretty scarce Japanese pink movie soundtrack out of the glory days of the early 1970s, produced by the famed Daiei movie house. Comes with great 4 paged pin up picture insert. Top copy! If erotic soundtracks and Japanese porn flicks are your thing, this is a vital addition to a string of obscure releases that came out during that period. The soundtrack to this flick is both sexy and sleazy while at the same time exuding all the qualities of a burning and killer floor shaker with its musical interludes, making this one quite a weird outing! A prime example of Japanese Showa era sleaze, straight from its deepest bowels and sounding bloody fantastic!!! SOLD
1355. OST – ZABRISKIE POINT: “Sakyuu” (Nippon Grammophon - MGM Records Japan – MM-2014) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint). TOP COPY!!!! Rare Japan only jacket of this subliminal soundtrack complete with always missing obi. Stellar copy of this great soundtrack, rare Japanese 1st press that comes in totally different artwork than the US and European pressings. Killer disc with contributions by such luminaries like Pink Floyd surfing the foam crested waves of psychedelic improvisational bliss, Kaleidoscope, the Youngbloods rural caveman stomp, John Fahey’s deliriously insane finger picking, Patti Page’s Tennessee Waltz drifting through dead air, Grateful Dead’s lysergic hoedowns. Jerry Garcia’s loner Dark Star escapades, Roscoe Holcomb’s Appalachian hollering, etc. This disc is stuffed with killer material and no filler. Comes in amazing gatefold sleeve…first original Japanese press in near mint condition. Price: 250 Euro
1356. The OTHER HALF: “S/T” (Atca – A-38004) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent, has a small drill hole in upper left corner). Randy Holden of Blue Cheer fame joined the ranks for this one. Holden who, on The Other Half's demise, replaced Leigh Stephens in the better known Blue Cheer. Craig Tarwater (gtr) and Mike Pon (bs), both ex-Sons Of Adam, were also members of the band, but did not feature on the album. This disc is a highly competent effort, composed of original numbers aside from an interesting version of Arthur Lee's Feathered Fish. Holden's fine psychedelic guitar work stands out throughout and is at its best on Morning Fire plus the finale What Can I Do For You?, which will crash gnaw at your skull and suck your bones., before hitting your nerves like a blast of summer lightning across the empty canyons of your mind. Stuff of legends in my little world. Price: 200 Euro
1357. OUGI HIROKO: “Jingi b/w Tokyo Sandogasa” (Columbia Records – SAS-1283) (EP Record: Excellent/ Picture Sleeve Booklet: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Near Mint). Original 1969 1st original pressing. Stunning female vocals Enka tear jerker that was used in the Teruo Ishi’s amazing Nikkatsu Roman Porn flick “Nobori Ryuu Tekkahada” of 1969. Sweet & slightly gravel voiced late sixties Japanese female Enka recording that is a cornerstone recording as far as female vocalist in the genre go. If female vox are your thing, this might be a good one to get acquainted with, it surely will make you bring out the sake bottle, hit it hard and possibly make you slash your wrists. The perfect Saturday night!!! Essential mind fuck of a record. Price: 50 Euro
1358. OXLEY, TONY: “The Baptised Traveler” (CBS – S-52664) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent). Original 1969 UK 1st original pressing. One of the Holy Grails of British free jazz. The line-up on this one is just do die for: Evan parker blowing his lungs to smithereens on tenor sax, Kenny Wheeler humping viciously on trumpet and flugelhorn, Derek Bailey slashing his wrists while heavy fretting away on his six strings, Jeff Cline thumbing the pulse with his bass and Evan Parker manhandling the skins. The interaction is fierce and geomagnetic harmonic clusters bounce around like strong solar flares capable of producing strong levels of auroral activity when the associated ejected mass reaches the earlobes of the unsuspected listener. Slowly the throbbing mass of polarity interaction orients away into a maturing into a powerhouse of magnetic gradient activity. The music is like a solar flare associated with a coronal mass ejection. Wild, inventive and all incinerating. Killer album and all time highest recommendation. Getting so hard to score these days. Top copy. Original first UK press of 1969. Price: 150 Euro
1359. OZ DAYS LIVE: “V.A. with Taj Mahal Travelers, Minami Masato, Acid Seven & Les Rallizes Denudes” (Private – 1973) (2LP Set: Mint/ Inserts: Mint/ Outer Paper Bag: Excellent) Without a single doubt, this bloodsucker of a disc is THE holy grail of the Japanese early seventies lysergic psych scene, together with Speed Glue & Shinki, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers and People/Ceremony. Privately released in a tiny edition on the OZ Days label way back in 1973, the record was and is till this day the only legitimate recording on vinyl to feature the Rallizes and Acid Seven. Each of the four bands has a whole site to their disposal onto which they were allowed to open up the sonic floodgates to Valhalla. This set is an original copy, the 2 LP set is top and the inserts are untouched since the day it came out in1973. The music on the other hand is completely stellar, mind boggling and just jaw-droppingly great, leaving you, the listener, gasping for air on several moments while spinning this disc since your vital organs will just forget to function properly upon being exposed to this archeological sonic gem. Kosugi's clitter-clatter Fluxus induced ramshackle psychedelic drone unit the Taj Mahal Travelers put down a stunning outer worldly and almost transcendental performance, there where the Rallizes venture into an ephedrine soaked sub-linear universe of ear ripping feedback and slowed down stroboscopic madness. Acid Seven is the is as wicked as can be. Fair sale price, so act smooth, swift and quick for this one since such as chance is unlikely to cross your record collecting path within the following decade. Needles to say hideously rare. Top copy. Price: Offers!!!
1360. PANDIT PRAN NATH: “India’s Master Vocalist – Ragas Yaman Kalyan – Punjabi Berva” (Shandar – 83 514) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). TOP COPY, best I have seen in light-years!!! And it has been a while since I had a copy of this one in stock, probably haven’t seen a copy for the last 3 years or so. Another piece de resistance in this list is this minimal masterpiece – Holy Grail by La Monte Young’s teacher and guru Pandit Pran Nath. Cover artwork by Marian Zazeela. Participating musician: La Monte Young. Probably the best disc on the Shandar roster. Rare as can be expected. Apart from that I guess this disc needs little or no introduction since its reputations is already widely established. Without a single doubt one of the best minimal and Indian music discs ever to be put down on wax. If this one does not provide you with an instant lift-off into other planetarian realms, I am afraid there is no hope for you to ever levitate properly. Killer stuff. Highest recommendation as you could already have guessed. TOP COPY!!! Price: 250 Euro
1361. PANDIT PRAN NATH: “Earth Groove – The Voice of Cosmic India” (Douglas – SD-784) (Record: VG++ ~ Excellent/ Jacket: Excellent). Another piece de resistance in this list is this minimal masterpiece – Holy Grail by La Monte Young’s teacher and guru Pandit Pran Nath. Probably the best disc next to his Shandar excursion. Rare as can be expected. Apart from that I guess this disc needs little or no introduction since its reputations is already widely established. Without a single doubt one of the best minimal and Indian music discs ever to be put down on wax. If this one does not provide you with an instant lift-off into other planetarian realms, I am afraid there is no hope for you to ever levitate properly. Killer stuff. Highest recommendation as you could already have guessed. Price: 50 Euro
1362. PANDIT PRAN NATH: “Ragas of Morning & Night” (Gramavision – 18-7018-1) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Another piece de resistance in this list is this minimal masterpiece – Holy Grail by La Monte Young’s teacher and guru Pandit Pran Nath. Cover artwork lettering by Marian Zazeela. Participating musicians: Mohammed Ahmed bane, Prem Waleb, Sheila Dhar and Lalita Gupta. Probably the best disc next to his Shandar excursion. Rare as can be expected. Apart from that I guess this disc needs little or no introduction since its reputations is already widely established. Without a single doubt one of the best minimal and Indian music discs ever to be put down on wax. If this one does not provide you with an instant lift-off into other planetarian realms, I am afraid there is no hope for you to ever levitate properly. Killer stuff. Highest recommendation as you could already have guessed. Top copy, original press. Price: 100 Euro
1363. PARI ZANGENEH: “The Series of Music for Young Adults – Iranian Folk Songs” (2011-KS) (Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Excellent). Original (not the bootleg that is circulating) 1976 Iranian pressing. Absolute mega-rarity, an incredible discovery and the ultimate folk-psych artifact unearthed directly from Teheran!!!! Female vocalist Pari Zangeneh recorded this really amazing album in 1976 with a full backing band, covering a number of traditional Persian folk songs and giving them a lovely psychedelic flavor. Beautiful strings, flutes, really charming and tasty drumming, some organ and orchestration, percussions.... A truly fantastic album, and one of the rarest folk-psych records ever to file along other obscurities as Book of Am or Mellow Candle!!! Awesome out-there exotic vibe complete with full backing and female vocal chorus that will certainly appeal to psych folk aficionados. Original Iran pressing. Price: Offers!!!
1364. PARKER, BILLY: “Billy Parker’s Fourth World – Freedom Of Speech” (Strata-East/ Tokuma Ongaku – JC-7502) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). Pristine Japanese first press original with scarce OBI. Original press released in 1975 of one of the rarest Strata East release. Most of the musicians who gathered to record this fantastic spiritual jazz record for the Strata-East label on May 24th, 1974 had crossed each other's paths in various musical pairings over the preceding few years.  Husband and wife team Dee Dee Bridgewater (vocals) and Cecil Bridgewater (trumpet) had been working together on albums like Frank Foster's "Loud Minority", and Roy Ayers' "Coffy" and "Virgo Red". Ten weeks before the "Freedom Of Speech" session, the couple had been joined in Tokyo by Cecil's brother Ronald Bridgewater (tenor saxophone) to record Dee Dee's debut album, the beautiful "Afro Blue". Also in the studio on May 24th, 1974 was Donald Smith, (piano, vocals), fresh from recording on his older brother Lonnie Liston Smith's "Cosmic Funk" - on which Ronald Bridgewater had also played percussion. Cecil McBee (bass) was also there - just two weeks before, he'd completed his own Strata East date "Mutima", and in February he'd played on Mtume's "Rebirth Cycle" - with both albums also featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater on vocals. He'd also played on Lonnie Liston Smith's "Astral Travelling. It contains some superb track like the absolute classic soul jazz "Get With It" and the soulful jazz vocal "Dance Of The Little Children! Top condition and all complete with first issue obi. Price: 250 Euro
1365. PARKER, CHARLIE: “Initiation Au Jazz – Charlie Parker Lover Man” (Disques Vogues/ Victor World Group – MJ-7091) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent – has lower corner humidity stain on back/ OBI: Mint). Bloody rare Japanese pressing all complete with first issue obi. First time ever I have a copy of this legendary slide. Totally essential. Price: 50 Euro

1366. PARKER, EVAN: “Monoceros” (Incus Records - Incus 27) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original 1978 pressing in top condition, dead mint! “Monoceros distinguishes itself in several respects: first, because it was recorded by the direct-cut process, whereby the sound pathway went directly from the microphone to a vinyl master. By virtue of eliminating the tape intermediate, the hope was to reduce noise and limit the need for processing and filters. The important functional consequence of this technology was that the musician (and the technicians) had to get it right the first time. In the context of free improvisation, direct-cut served as self-imposed discipline for purists only. In the present day, this process is mostly obsolete. On Monoceros, Parker explores a wide range of soprano saxophone work, though most of it is hardly recognizable as such: squeaking, squawking, and birdlike noises persist throughout. The first piece on the record spans a long 21 minutes of essentially uninterrupted solo saxophone, facilitated by Parker's exceptional technical command of the instrument: circular breathing, triple-tonguing, false fingering, etc. The guiding principle of this music, as realized by Parker, was to use technical prowess to remove the barriers between the sounds in his head and the sounds coming from his horn. Generations of saxophone players who followed in Parker's footsteps owe a huge debt to his innovations on the instrument. Indeed, none of Monoceros is easy listening: Parker seems driven to play as freely and outspokenly as possible.” (Nils Jacobson). A jazz classic that is indispensable in any collection. Clean original pressing. SOLD

1367. PARKER, WILLIAM: “Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace” (Centering Records – 1001) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent). The first LP recorded by William Parker as a leader following his stints with Seikatsu Kyojo Iinkai and Marzarette Watts amongst others. William Parker's earliest recordings as a leader. First released in 1979 on his own Centering Records in an edition of 500 copies This recording is an important part of bassist William Parker's early discography. The CD collects the four ensemble pieces issued on the original LP, but adds one number and includes the complete version of another that was clipped. The sound quality is slightly subpar, but the raw, 1960s feel of this album should appeal to those who appreciate the unassuming brilliance of this giant of the string bass. Each of the five tracks features different groups, with Parker composing all pieces and appearing on four. The two larger ensembles presage some of the large bands Parker was to lead in the 1990s. Here, he features soloists on the level of Toshinori Kondo on alto horn, Daniel Carter on saxophones and trumpet, and Charles Brackeen on tenor saxophone. The chamber-like smaller groups stun with shimmering beauty, and string players Billy Bang, Tristan Honsinger, Ramsey Ameen and Jason Hwang each contribute nicely. Some may not completely appreciate Parker's heartfelt recitation on the closing number, but there is plenty here to satisfy those who enjoy the bassist's style of new music.” (All Muisc Guide – Steve Loewy). Fantastic free jazz statement by Parker and undisputedly his greatest recording to date. Original private press that is getting hard to find on the ground these days. Price: 175 Euro
1368. PARLIAMENT: “Osmium” (Invictus – C062-91-763) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint). German pressing of 1970, top condition. According to George Clinton, the five-man ex-doo-wop group Parliament performed music safe enough for you to play for your mother. However the five man backing band Funkadelic was a whole different matter and these folks had the capacity to scare your mother into cardiac arrest. Of course we are speaking puritan 1970 here. That all ten people were members of the same band happened to be just a matter of coincidence and convenience. That same year, Funkadelic was signed to the Detroit-based Westbound label. Parliament however was picked up and signed to the Detroit based Invictus label that would release the band's first album, called Osmium. And what a shock this album turned out to be. In the previous years, Parliament had already squeezed out tailor made smooth as silk middle-of-the-road kind of music that delivered them some hits but Osmium turned out to be a whole different affair. It was raw and torpedo hellion hooliganish music that made you realize that your once so naïve and straight parents actually were body-snatching trans-mutating bloodsucking xenophobe Vesuvian serial killers. This album is so refreashingly unlike any other parliament record with songs like 'Little Ole Country Boy', and 'Moonshine Heather', that it makes you wonder just how much of it to take seriously. They took the soul music of the '60s and Hendrix-esque psychedelic rock, acid-coated licks and “tore the roof off the sucka”. Combining bass-heavy party music with a theatrical live show and innovative rhetoric. After a stripped-down start, the whole group erupts into a full-swinging greased up and sleazed down psyched out funk vibe spiced up with heavy-acidic guitar slamming and caveman styled drum assaults. The vocalists sound like they're chewing LSD cubes without loosing their mojo for one split second -- sudden music dropouts, vocal cut-ins, volume level tweaks, and more add to the off-kilter feeling. In all it is a fabulous fuck-up affair and their overall sound is much more Funkadelic than later Parliament. A classic. Original 1970 German pressing, top condition. Price: 150 Euro
1369. PARMEGIANI, BERNARD: “Violostries/ Bidule En Re/ Capture Ephemere” (Philips – 836.889 DSY) (Record: Excellent, only has some few superficial paper scuff marks/ Silver Jacket: Excellent). Parmegiani is one the electroacoustic superstars of the INA GRM universe, and along with various Bayle titles this is a great place to start with investigating the INA GRM studio mavericks. “Violostries” (1963) is comprised of a sustained, ominous atmosphere punctuated with violent electro bursts and spooky, tweedling violin. The whole affair is thoroughly soaked with the intuitive power of brain-scanning sonic properties; tones fade and explode with stunning neuronal intensity. He gives free rein here to his interest in slowly moving, rich, dense sound materials. The act of listening becomes more relaxed and you can let yourself be submerged by Parmegiani’s lethal sonic creations. Just massive. Price: 250 Euro
1370. PARMEGIANI, BERNARD: “De Natura Sonorum”. (INA GRM – AM-714.01) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent 〜 Near Mint). Keystone musique concrete and electro-acoustic masterpiece. Original French pressing. Natural and electronic sounds collected and assembled (1975) and processed electronically into what is clearly one of the true masterpieces of accousmatic electro-acoustic composition. Master of subtlety and timing, Parmegiani guides you through a world of delicate and refined clusters of sound, swirling around, popping and crackling like waves breaking onto beaches of lava. The definition and resonant qualities of his tones are unparalleled, and provide the listener always with a refreshing experience whether they're hip to the Ina GRM thing or not. Parmegiani has always been a real composer & not just a math dork screwing around with sets of algorithms. I am almost convinced that no one is ever likely to come up with "better" electronic music than this 30-year-old piece. Groundbreaking and astonishing in its rich tonal texture, “De Natura Sonorum” will never fail to fill you with jaw-dropping awe and on repeated listenings, new sounds and previously undetected sonic pulses will constantly surface and resurface, making this disc on each occasion a challenging experience. A masterpiece and totally indispensable. Price: 100 Euro
1371. PARMEGIANNI, BERNARD: “Dedans Dehors” (INA GRM – 9-102PA) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ 6-Paged Insert: Mint). A true classic LP for the electronic music/ musique concrete buff, released on the legendary INA-GRM label. “In 1971 Parmegianni abandoned his somewhat sardonic commercial-sound collages to write, “Pour en finir avec le pouvoir de Orfee”. Pour en finir explores what he called “the kinetics of sound” through primarily electronic means, using complex processes of motivic and rhythmic aggregation. In De Natura Sonorum (1975), on the other hand, he brings a sort of pedagogical experimentalism to the nature of sounds. He anatomizes his sound material for its inherent characteristics and compositional potential, dividing the sound world into twelve categories to highlight sound's various physical and metaphysical properties. Emmerson refers to these pieces, quite appropriately, as “etudes.” He refined his experiments with 1977's Dedans-Dehors, concentrating almost obsessively on indeterminacy of reference with regards to sound, and the consequent processes of metamorphosis between sounds. In “Retour de la foret” (one of Dedans-Dehors 's five movements), ambient wind noise evolves over three and a half minutes into a terrifying electronic squall, while “Lointain-proche” juxtaposes intimate whispers with crowd noise. As Emmerson describes it, “the listener is aware that while recognition of many of the sounds is intended, the impressions are welded together in other ways than those based on associative image.” Dedans-Dehors also engages most thoroughly with Schaeffer's theory of the acousmatic, in probing the relationship between sound and its source.” (Newplasticmusic). Price: 125 Euro
1372. PATTI SMITH GROUP: “Frederic b/w So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” (Arista Records – 6RS-35) (EP Record: Mint/ Picture Sleeve: Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Mint). Bloody rare Japan only EP release. Comes in a beautiful picture sleeve jacket. Top copy, original 1st pressing and absolutely obligatory mind food. Price: 150 Euro

1373. PATTO: “S/T” (Vertigo Japan – SFX-7312) (Record: Near Mint/ Textured Heavy Gatefold Sleeve: Near Mint). Rare 1st edition original Japanese pressing from 1971 in top-notch condition. Stck Copy! This is the rare Japan “stock copy” issue with the vertigo Swirl on the label. Promo issues came on the white Philips label there were regular copies had the Swirl logo. Both are quite scarce on these shores. A true and indispensable classic on which Ollie Halsall shreds the sky to pieces. This album still rules my world after all these years. Japanese stock copy hardly ever turns up - promo copies are more common than stock copies....comes in heavy textured gatefold jacket. Highly essential and top notch condition. Japanese pressing sounds KILLER!!!! Price: 250 Euro

1374. PAYNE, CECIL: “Zodiac – The Music Of Cecil Payne” (Strata East/ Tokuma – JC-7506) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). A hard to find recording by the great baritone saxophonist Cecil Payne! Japanese first original high quality pressing all complete with OBI. Although Payne had his roots in earlier bop material, by the time of this recording, he'd emerged as an outspoken modernist – although few labels would give him the chance to prove himself in this respect – save for the legendary Strata East imprint, which gives Payne this chance to show a whole new side of his talents! The group is a perfect one to bridge the generations – with Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Wilbur Ware on bass, Wynton Kelly on piano, and Albert Heath on drums – stretching out beautifully in a set of original compositions that are easily some of Payne's best work on record ever. Tracks include "Follow Me", "Flying Fish", "Slide Hampton", and "Girl You Got a Home". Top copy. Price: 200 Euro
1375. PEACOCK, ANNETTE: “”I’M The One” (RCA – RCS-6025) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Excellent/ OBI: Mint). Rare Japanese 1st original pressing from 1972, white label promo & complete with always-missing OBI!!!!. “I’m the one, you don’t have to look any further. I’m the one. I’m here, right here for you,” oozes jazz, rock, and electronic music pioneer Annette Peacock on the leadoff title track of her solo debut LP. The album’s wide range of vocal emotions and diverse sonic palette (featuring Robert Moog’s early modular synthesizers, which the singer actually transmitted her voice through to wild effect) places it firmly at the forefront of the pop avant-garde. Originally released by RCA Victor in 1972 to widespread critical acclaim, I’m The One found itself amongst good company. Both Lou Reed and David Bowie had recently signed to the label—Bowie in particular was enamored with Annette—and artists ranging from ex-husband and jazz great Paul Bley, along with notable Brazilian percussionists Airto Moreira and Dom Um Romao, guested on the album itself. Writing and arranging I’m The One’s nine passionate tracks—bar a unique cover of Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender”— the disc grooves easily from free jazz freak-outs and rough and rugged blues-funk to gently pulsing synthesized bliss.” (Light in the Attic). Fantastic LP, Japanese original pressing – which sounds amazing – is genuinely rare and hardly ever turns up. Comes housed in stunning foil-laminated sleeve. Damned rare with obi present. Price: 250 Euro

1376. PENDERECKI & E.O.: “Contemporary Polish Music” (Philips – SFL-7819) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Attached Insert: Near Mint/ OBI: Mint). Rare Japan 1965 first original pressing complete with 1st issue obi. Every Penderecki LP is so essential, one of the quintessential 20th century avant-garde composers. This is a rare Japanese 1st original pressing in outstanding condition. Price: 50 Euro

1377. PENDERECKI: – The Manuscript Found in Saragossa: (OBUH) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint /Heavy Gatefold Jacket: Mint) Housed in an ominously heavy gatefold jacket, beautifully designed with film stills and a psyched out picture of the composer himself within. The music to Wojciech Jerzy Hass' cult movie The Manuscript found in Saragossa has been released separate from the film for the first time. The score was composed in 1963 and at this time Krzysztof Penderecki was a very edgy, restless and avant-garde composer. The score was finalized in the Polish Radio's Experimental Studio, led at the time by Josef Patkowski. The soundtrack is a mixture of electro-acoustic music, broad and light baroque stylizations, demonic sound effects and mysterious and grotesque illustrations. The music, released after almost half of the century, has not lost any of its magic. This was Penderecki’s sole electronic music score he released and what a mind blast it is. One of the best and key releases to have seen the light of day in 2005 and deleted ever since, copies seem to have been fallen of the face of the earth. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies, never to be reissued or issued on CD. One time only release and already bound to be a heavy collector in years to come so it is now or never. Numbered edition of 500, this one being 173/500. A true killer!!!!!! Price: 150 Euro

1378. PENTANGLE: “S/T” (Transatlantic/ Victor Records – SWG-7508) (Record: Near Mint/ Textured Jacket: Near Mint/ “NOW” Obi: Mint/ 4 Paged Insert: Mint). TOP COPY!!!! Next to impossible to upgrade upon. Japan original Victor Records press issue – WHITE label PROMO issue. 1st Pentangle LP original Japanese pressing with obi is a rarity that rarely surfaces anymore. Amazingly great and super clean TOP copy, they do not come better than this one. Price: 150 Euro
1379. PENTANGLE: “S/T” (Globe – SJET-8143) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ DIE CUT Outer Jacket Cut-Out Obi: Near Mint). PROMO ISSUE. Complete & utterly clean copy of this mega rare 1st press Pentangle debut Japan LP – they just never surface. Now for the 1st time ever, I have a copy with the die cut obi. Released in August 1969 - original Globe/ Victor LP by the Pentangle all-complete with the never-seen-before cut out wrap around obi!!! This complete edition 1st pressing is next to impossible to dig up on these shores. So let me explain about the condition some more. It is fairly easy as all is Near Mint, just perfect. Even the wrap-around-cut-out-obi sleeve I would conservatively grade at Near Mint, only has a few mildew spots on back, for the rest it looks like new, unbelievable TOP condition!!! The wrap-around-obi functions as a slide in that holds the actual record’s jacket and has the words “World New Rock” cut out. The whole die-cut is in MINT condition and intact with NO defaults on the letters, which is a small miracle for these fragile and often discarded obis. So seen against this all, you have a genuine rare gem here for grabs, strictly graded like an ascetic monk crawling the hills in search for spiritual salvation. So therefore, this baby will let you bleed a bit and will have to let it go at…Price: Offers!!!
1380. PENTANGLE: “Sweet Child” (Transatlantic/ Victor Records – SJET-8191-2) (2 LP Record Set: Excellent ~ Near Mint/Outer LP sized Cut Out Obi: Near Mint). First original Japanese press complete with big outer obi, just never turns up. The obi, a rare feat these days considering that obis make a unique, attractive addition to the overall package and are becoming increasingly rare, especially on LPs from the 1960s and 70s. Their delicate and disposable nature meant that very early obis were routinely discarded, so that now they can often be worth several times more than the record they accompany. And this 1969 copy has the obi present, given an all-different aura to the disc in question here. The music I am sure, most of you are fully acquainted with, one of the key releases out of the totally essential Pentangle discography. Top copy mega rare original Japanese high quality pressing with never seen before jacket-size cut-out obi present. Speaking of rare major label records by renowned artists? Well I guess this will do it for you then. SOLD
1381. PENTANGLE: “Basket Of Light” (Victor Records/ Transatlantic – SJET-8230) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent/ Insert: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Freakingly rare Japanese first pressing with Victor Records SJET obi. Although Sweet Child is usually cited as the group's high-water mark, Basket Of Light finds them at their most progressive and exciting. Highlights of this album -- which actually reached the Top Five in the U.K. -- include the buzzing jazz dynamics of "Light Flight," their moving rendition of the traditional folk song "Once I Had a Sweetheart," their reinvention of the girl group smash "Sally Go Round the Roses," and "Springtime Promises," one of their finest original tunes. Pentangle strength came from their impeccable level of musicianship. With guitarists Bert Jansch and John Renbourn there is a genuine mastery of guitars, sitars, banjos and almost anything held together by a bunch of strings. The foundations built by Danny Thompson (double bass) and Terry Cox (drums) provides startling fluidity, particularly given that rhythms would often switch between time signatures, lending the sound a refreshing jazz overtone. Jacqui McShee’s vocals are crystal clear in delivery and her vocal interpretation of traditional folk tunes is timeless. Working well within the folk genre the band manages to weave in some uplifting reflections from other genres to spice up the performance. “Light Flight” for example, is a complex, but wholly memorable experience, which switches between 5/8, 7/8 and 6/4 time signatures. In other words, it’s a folk song built on jazz rhythms. “Train Song” carries with it both blues and psychedelic influences which mesh effortlessly, relentlessly anchored by Thompson’s bowed bass performance. “The Hunting Song” is a new composition that heralds the English folk tradition of wide eyed story telling of myths and legends Just stellar. First time I can lay my hands on a first pressing with this all-complete with obi. Price: 350 Euro
1382. PENTANGLE: “Cruel Sister” (Victor Records Japan/ Transatlantic – SWG-7505) (Record: Near Mint/ Textured Heavy Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ 2 Obi’s: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). First original Japanese pressing complete with 2 obis, one being the always missing Rock Now OBI!!! WHITE LABEL PROMO ISSUE!!! Freakingly rare item with all complete that rarely surfaces, especially with the obi intact. Without a single doubt one of the key psychedelic folk releases to come out of the UK. Upon glancing on the band’s line-up it is easy to see why. Comprised out of London’s two most dexterous folk-blues guitarists and flanked by a jazz double bassist and drummer and topped off by a young blues singer looking to extend her reach, the band was bound to cross the borders of the until then rigid folk world. At the end of 1966 the spell was cast and the five points of the magical star were staked out to describe The Pentangle, Britain’s first folk-jazz-blues super group: Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson, Terry Cox and silk voiced maiden of the cancer moon Jacqui McShee. Emerging from the London scene, Pentangle were less pastorally inflected than many folk-rock relatives. They didn’t rock as hard as Fairport Convention, weren’t as stolidly rooted in loamy folk tradition as Steeleye Span, nor as warbly and wyrd as The Incredible String Band. Instead they were steeped into medieval traditionals spiced up by improvisational interplay that unleashed almost lysergic and intoxicating upon elaborating up their standard material. The band released a string of now classic albums and “Cruel Sister” was their fourth release. However by the time the disc came out, the relations within the group were becoming fractious and the album Cruel Sister flopped; a failure to capitalize on the previous success that had helped them cross over Still “Cruel Sister” is a massive accomplishment and contains nothing but stellar material, especially the side long “Jack Orion” is mesmerizingly great, a true classic and a masterpiece. Pentangle were definitely one – if not – the greatest of all UK folk outfits to hit the scene. This disc here is a rare 1st issue Japanese pressing of the day. A true beauty and has of course the highest recommendation. Price: 200 Euro
1383. PENTANGLE: “Basket Of Light” (Transatlantic/ Victor Records – SWG-7509) (Record: Near Mint/ Textured gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Mint/ Rock Now OBI: Mint). White label PROMO issue, complete with damned rare 1st issue obi, all is in perfect NM~M condition. The Pentangle’s critical acumen had already been created by their two previous albums, but their commercial breakthrough would come via “Basket Of Light”, which fortuitously had been bolstered by the opening track “Light Flight”; a song chosen as the theme for the BBC television show “Take Three Girls”. Pentangle strength came from their impeccable level of musicianship. With guitarists Bert Jansch and John Renbourn there is a genuine mastery of guitars, sitars, banjos and almost anything held together by a bunch of strings. The foundations built by Danny Thompson (double bass) and Terry Cox (drums) provides startling fluidity, particularly given that rhythms would often switch between time signatures, lending the sound a refreshing jazz overtone. Jacqui McShee’s vocals are crystal clear in delivery and her vocal interpretation of traditional folk tunes is timeless. Killer album, this being the very rare Japanese 1st pressing with 1st press issue obi. Top condition. Price: 250 Euro
1384. PENTANGLE: “”Sweet Child” (VICTOR Records/ Transatlantic – SJET-9507~8) (2 LP Set: Mint/ Textured Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Now Obi: Mint/ Booklet: Mint). Top copy, original Japanese pressing complete with booklet and the 2nd obi variation the “NOW” obi and sounding amazing!!!! Sweet Child released in 1968, at the peak of Pentangle’s career, is probably the most representative of their work. A sprawling two-record set, half recorded in the studio and half live at the Royal Festival Hall, showcases just how versatile Pentangle was in their unique brand of English folk, jazz, Celtic, blues, and pop styles. Some of the live covers are easily their finest performances. Furry Lewis’ "Turn Your Money Green," sung by the delightful Jacqui McShee swings sweetly, buttressed of course by John Renbourn and Bert Jansch’s guitar tapestry. Charlie Mingus "Haitian Flight Song" features a great solo by bassist Danny Thompson, who was easily one of the finest musicians to grace the instrument. The studio tracks are uniformly excellent as well, especially "The Time Has Come," which turns waltz time inside out. McShee, Renbourn and Jansch all turn in career performances on this track. But these examples merely scratch the surface of Pentangle’s peak. In all, Sweet Child is an awesome and delightful collection, and probably their finest hour.” (Matthew Greenwald - AllMusic). Never had this issue before, pressed & released by Victor Records and complete with the odd-shaped “Now” obi. TOP COPY. SOLD
1385. The PENTANGLE: “Solomon’s Seal” (Reprise Japan – P-8272R (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Rare white label PROMO issue, Japan original press issue from 1972 in TOP condition. Price: 200 Euro
1386. PEOPLE: “Ceremony 〜 Buddha Meet Rock” (Shadoks/ Teichiku) (LP Record: Near Mint/ Cloth Textured Jacket: Mint, still In shrink/ 4-Paged Insert: Mint). Long gone, deleted and much in demand deluxe limited reissue of eons ago – only issued in an edition of 450 numbered copies, this being 16/450. Comes housed in identical heavy weight cloth-textured sleeve with insert and matching labels. One time off unit People, lead by enigmatic guitar gunslinger Mizutani Kimio of Outcast fame recorded this one album for Teichiku Records back in 1971, followed by one “Record Release” life concert after which the unit ceased to exist. It wasn’t really a group but an adhoc assembled group of session players that cut this one album, which turned out to be a freaking masterpiece. The music they created is jaw dropping to say the least, doomy Buddhist monk chanting set against and crossbreeding with psychedelicized freak-outs fading in and out with a bumping Axelrod-style grooves. In all it creates an entrancing, eerie quality that sounds till this day remarkably fresh and magnificently twisted. The monks with their chanting aim at satori, beating down resounding gongs, intercepted with field recordings of birds and street sounds and colliding head first with soulful psych-funk producer David Axelrod's classic 1968 album Song Of Innocence. It all gets junked up with slashes of heavy acid drenched wah-wah guitar action. In short, it is total killer material that unfolds itself before your very ears, at the same time ceremonial-sounding, venturing from blissful grooves with tick-tock rhythms and hypnotic drones fading in and out before exploding into maniacal lysergic electric fuzz riffage that accumulates into laced screams of orgasmic ecstasy. Grab it while you still have a chance, it will enhance your life considerably. Price: 250 Euro
1387. PERE UBU: “The Hearpen Singles” (Tim/Kerr Records – TK957107) (4 x Seven Inches: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint/ 4 Individual Picture Sleeve Jackets: Near Mint/ Outer Box Set: Excellent). Released in 1995. Long out of print subliminal box that collects the 4 first Pere Ubu singles. Pere Ubu emerged from the urban wastelands of mid-‘70s Cleveland to impact the American underground for generations to follow. The combo was spearheaded by hulking front man David Thomas whose absurdist warble and rapturously demented lyrics remained the band’s creative focus throughout their long, convoluted career. Ubu’s protean art-punk sound harnessed self-destructing melodies, scattershot rhythms, and industrial-strength dissonance to capture the angst and chaos of their times with both apocalyptic fervor and surprising humanity. Named in honor of Alfred Jarry’s surrealist play Ubu Roi, Pere Ubu was formed in the autumn of 1975 from the ashes of local cult favorite Rocket From the Tombs, reuniting Thomas (aka Crocus Behemoth) with guitarist Peter Laughner, adding guitarist Tom Herman, bassist Tim Wright, keyboardist Allen Ravenstine, and drummer Scott Krauss. The group’s debut single, “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” came out on Thomas’ Hearthan label. The follow-up, “Final Solution” appeared on the renamed Hearpen in early 1976. Handsome box of the first four singles, all in their original sleeves. Highly essential and “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” stands as firm as ever, one of the greatest proto punk tracks ever to be put down on wax. Essential to say the least. Hand numbered edition, this one is 724/3000. Price: 50 Euro

1388. PEREZ PRADO AND HIS ORCHESTRA: “Golden Album - Voodoo Suite and Others” (Victor Japan – SRA-5069) (Record: Near Mint/ gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ OBI: Near ). Japan 1966 first original pressing all complete with first issue obi. This album comes in a fold out jacket and Obi. The title says it all I believe. The main track is the side long Voodoo Suite, a sweeping, percussion fueled mind bugger backed by a heated up to melting point horny horn section that just would not let go. Sweat soaking & tit shaking mumbo-jumbo. This baby swings like a bat out of hell, let loose on the doomsday fear 〜 loathing festival and is a must for mondo ass shacking & butt whipping aficionados. This one burns baby and will leave tire tracks all over your sorry ass. In other words, possibly the best Perez Prado recording ever. Super condition. Price: 75 Euro

1389. PETE BROWN AND HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS Featuring CHRIS SPEDDING: “Dark Lady b/w Morning Call” (Odeon Records – OR-2649) (EP Record; Near Mint/ Gatefold Picture Sleeve: Near Mint). WHITE LABEL PROMO Issue, Japan only release housed in Japan only picture sleeve. One of the rarest Pete Brown items, never seen a copy of this one before. This one was released on November 25th, 1970 and became instantly collectible due to extremely poor sales back in the day. In fact this is the first copy I ever encountered apart from a picture somewhere in a book. Price: 250 Euro

1390. PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO: “Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Art School Dance Goes On For Ever” (Odeon – OP-80114) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ OBI: MINT). Original totally rare 1st Japanese pressing from 1970 that came out on BLOOD RED WAX. Extremely RARE PROMOTIONAL ODEON/ TOSHIBA WHITE LABEL Issue. Comes complete with never offered before first issue OBI!! Following his shock sacking as leader of The Battered Ornaments on the eve of their prestigious support slot at The Rolling Stones' Hyde Park concert, vocalist and one-time Cream lyricist Pete Brown set about forming a new band, Piblokto! Retaining the services of Battered Ornaments' drummer Rob Tait, he recruited Scottish guitarist Jim Mullen, bassist Roger Bunn and organist Dave Thompson and released the single “Living Life Backwards/High Flying Electric Bird”. This was followed in mid-1970 by the LP, “Things May Come And Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever”, an album that to this day is regarded as one of the finest of the progressive era. A lot more commercial than the LP he made with the Battered Ornaments (“A Meal You Can Shake Hands With In The Dark”), it nonetheless was a varied work containing jazz-tinged rock alongside laid-back folk melodies and all augmented by Brown's witty, questioning and poetic lyrics. The inventive title track percolates, and “High Flying Electric Bird” features Brown on the highly unusual rock & roll slide whistle, mimicking a birdsong. But it's “Golden Country Kingdom” that's the highlight; long and involved, it's a wonderful and highly affecting piece of prog rock that stands as the best thing Piblokto! ever put on tape. It stands as a contrast to the more laid-back “Firesong”, although “My Love's Gone Far Away” offers a more soulful organ sound. A classic disc and 1st pressing white label promotional copy on Japanese red wax. Never seen a copy with 1st issue OBI before until now – seriously rare Japan 1st original pressing from 1970. A true killer!!! Price: Offers!!!!!

1391. PETE BROWN & HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS: “A Meal You Can Shake Your Hands With In The Dark) (Odeon – OP-8971) (Record: Mint/ Fold Out Jacket: Mint/ 4-paged Insert: Mint/ Obi: Mint). Rarest version of this killer LP, complete with obi – NEVER surfaces on these shores. Top copy!! Original totally rare 1st Japanese pressing from 1970 that came out on BLOOD RED WAX. Extremely RARE PROMOTIONAL ODEON/ TOSHIBA WHITE LABEL Issue complete with always missing OBI. UK progressive – psychedelic and jazz rocking rarity out of the early seventies. This is the first Japanese press of that time, coming in fold out cover, 4paged insert and read wax vinyl, only released in Japan on red wax!!, making it even harder and rarer that the original 1st UK Harvest pressings of the disc. Demonic wailing vocalist Pete Brown spearheaded this band before Chris Spedding and cohorts excommunicated him from their ranks. Still this is the finest moment of the Battered Ornaments, wild, free jazzing and beefed up psychedelic progressive masterpiece, deranged vocalizations, heavy organ riffage, boom boxing rhythm section, it has all the works. A classic, much in demand and utterly rare item. Stunning condition. Comes with insert & obi so with obi present you have to come over very convincing in order to take this baby home with you. Rarest Pete Brown issue. Price: Offers!!!!
1392. PETE BROWN AND HIS BATTERED ORNAMENTS: “A Meal You Can Shake Your Hands with In The Dark” (Odeon – OP-8971) (Record: Near Mint/ gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ 4 Paged Insert: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Original Japanese 1st pressing all complete with mega rare obi. This is a stock copy that comes on regular black wax. Impossibly rare with obi present and in a dream condition, impossible to ever upgrade upon. Price: 650 Euro
1393. PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO: “A Meal You Can Shake Your Hands With In The Dark” (Harvest – SHVL-768) (Record: Near Mint 〜 Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Mint). Original totally rare 1st UK pressing from 1970 NO EMI on label. Top copy, record and jacket are perfect, no damages or blemishes at all, sharp thick spine and corners, jacket graded mint = PERFECT, record as Near Mint〜 Mint, maybe one of the best-preserved copies around!! Demonic wailing vocalist Pete Brown spearheaded this band before Chris Spedding and cohorts excommunicated him from their ranks. Still this is the finest moment of the Battered Ornaments, wild, free jazzing and beefed up psychedelic progressive masterpiece, deranged vocalizations, heavy organ riffage, boom boxing rhythm section, it has all the works. A classic, much in demand and utterly rare item. Stunning condition. Comes with insert & obi so with obi present you have to come over very convincing in order to take this baby home with you. A classic disc and 1st UK pressing in perfect TOP condition. A true killer!!! Price: 400 Euro
1394. PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO: “Thousands on a Raft” (Harvest – SHVL-782) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). Original UK press. Record has only one faint little & barely visible hairline on side one, for the rest the record looks untouched by time and living things. Jacket is solid as well with no defects, sharp spine and corners. Piblokto's critically acclaimed second album was released on the Harvest label in 1970. Pete Brown's gritty vocals are backed by guitar virtuoso Jim Mullen who co-wrote most of the tracks, including such evocative songs as 'Aeroplane Head Woman' and the prophetic 'Got A Letter From A Computer' - a 70s-style prediction of the computer age to come! A classic beast that cannot be rivaled with. Price: 375 Euro
1395. PETITE MAMIE: “Girl Friend – Baby Doll” (Victor – SJV-511) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). ORIGINAL mega rare pressing COMPLETE with OBI in Near Mint condition, the heaviest record on the list…. Unbelievable, finally I have a spare copy to offer of Japan’s most rare erotic artifact, copies do not surface at all and so far we know only of a select handful who have a copy of this beast. Petite M'amie's "Girl Friend 〜 Baby Doll" LP has been reissued on CD by Tiliqua in its "Erotic Oriental Sunshine" series, documenting some hideously aural gems that portrayed the sleazy sexy underbelly of late sixties and early seventies Japan. Originally recorded and released on May 5th, 1971, Petite M'amie was the nickname for Mari Keiko. Although she does not get naked on the cover like all the other starlets, the music she hushes out into being is utterly depraved, spiked up with an unheard quality of forlorn sleaziness, an erotic hushing and uttering that would make even Ike Reiko blush. This record can be seen as the first ever recorded iroke record, a project to blossom out of the Victor's producer Mr. Okoda who approached the then (and now) virtually unknown Mari Keiko with his sonic intentions - a move that would ignite a whole new genre in the following years to come. The result is this sexy beast of a disc. But there where Ike Reiko's effort was drenched in a sultry pornographic vibe, Petite M'amie's benchmark recording is instead bustling over with an innocent - almost childlike - erotic sensuality that sounds harmless but is even wilder and more deranged than Ike Reiko's take on eroticism. Mari Keiko's hushes, sleazes, breathes and hovers like Nobokov's Lolita all over this one, teasing her lover, laughing in ecstasy, moaning, singing about erogenous spots and so much more while the music dwells in a psychedelic road trip towards the bedroom. “The final installment in Tiliqua's utterly essential 'Erotic Oriental Sunshine' series of re-issues, 'Girl Friend Baby Doll' moves in a markedly different direction from its predecessors. Although still adorned by the image of an angelic and scantily clad Japanese beauty, the disc is somewhat less overtly sexual than the others, focusing more on a childlike and hushed mood; giggling and whispering rather than groaning and screaming. However the more you listen to the album with these quite peculiar, sometimes goofy vocals paired with some downright funky Euro-sleaze instrumental parts the more insane a it begins to sound. I mean, it's erotic but it's just not quite as blatant as say, Ike Reiko, it's shrouded in a veil of naivety which only serves to make it that much more odd. Apparently Petite M'amie (aka nudie actress Mari Keiko) wanted the album to be much more obviously erotic but the producer was dead set on that shy girl angle, which unsurprisingly still seems to be the order of the day in Japan. The truth is though, for all its odd sentiment and somewhat dubious morals this is an absolutely killer release, somewhat comparable in style to the crucial re-issues of the Finders Keepers label, with exotica production and a vibe closer associated with the French New Wave than with Japanese music from 1971. Another stunningly presented and gloriously unpredictable release” A truly ultra erotic gem that never gets offered for sale. Jacket has some humidity stains but apart from that all is just great. Rarest disc to ever come through my hands and offered here complete with OBI---- so hit me with your offers as heavy as or exceeding CA Quintet – NO joke. Seriously, one of the rarest records to seep out of Japan. Price: SOLD

1396. PHARAOH SANDERS QUINTET: “S/T” (Victor Records/ ESP Disk Japan – SMJ-7494) (Record: Near Mint – has some mildew spots due to age visible on back against white background/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Excellent, small corner tear on bottom right corner). Japan original first pressing from the mid〜late 1960s all complete with very rare 1st issue OBI. Originally recorded in late 1964, Pharaoh Sanders cut his debut album for the avant-garde label ESP, simply called Pharaoh Sanders Quintet. These days it is hard to hear this LP as a hardcore avant-garde album In all Pharaoh’s reed work on here is attractive, fluent, contemporary tenor saxophone playing, retaining some influence of Coltrane’s work with Miles Davis of nearly ten years earlier. Clearly he has already worked on overblowing techniques, but uses them sparingly on some tunes, then again more aggressively on other originals. In fact the first track, with a very brief, catchy figure as a launching point, sees Pharaoh breaking up the time, using sheer sound as melody, and generally unfolding some of the extraordinary timbral effects that he would deploy with more ferocity later. Lovely Japanese pressing of an essential this that might not be as right in yer face as you would like. Still it is another highly essential slab of jazz (be it free or not) in transition. Rare original 1st press with obi, first time I have a copy to offer with the obi present. Price: 200 Euro

1397. PHAROAH SANDERS: “Tauhid” (Impulse – IMP-88075) (Red Wax Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Mint/ Insert: Mint). Rare 1st original Japanese pressing that comes on the famous Toshiba pressed RED WAX. Sounds fantastic and in incredible condition. “Tauhid marks the 1966 Impulse debut of tenor saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, who had already gained fame as a flame-throwing saxophonist of the "new thing" playing with John Coltrane. However, Sanders’ tenor appearance doesn't saturate the atmosphere on this session; far from it. Sanders is content to patiently let the moods of these three pieces develop, whether it be through the percussion of Roger Blank and Nat Bettis, Guitarist Sonny Sharrock or his own piccolo. For those looking for Sanders’ patented screeching tenor throughout, Tauhid will disappoint.” (All Music). Never seen a copy on red wax before. Price: 100 Euro
1398. PHAROAH SANDERS: “Deaf Dumb Blind Summun Bukmun Umyun” (Impulse – AS-9199) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). 1st original Impulse pressing of this amazing spiritual jazz masterpiece. Original 1970 first pressing. TOP COPY!!!A passionate recording from the greatest disciple of John Coltrane. The two sidelong performances of “Summun, Bukmun, Umyun” and “Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord” stretch and flow forward in spirited abandon. Pharoah’s passion is sustained and heightened by supportive rhythm section comprised of pianist Lonnie Liston Smith, bassist Cecil McBee, drummer Clifford Jarvis, and two percussionists. Sticking strictly to the soprano sax, Pharoah shows little of the cacophonous ferocity for which he is so well known. Instead, he builds majestically on an intensely hypnotic rhythm that throbs with a strong African vibe. The vastly underrated Woody Shaw adds his shimmering trumpet to this potent mixture. Deaf Dumb Blind brims with creative energy and drive, and thus makes it the best place to begin for those unacquainted with this living legend of the saxophone. Quite hard to find clean copies of this LP, this one here is just near perfect. Price: 75 Euro
1399. PHAROAH SANDERS: “Izipho Zam (My Gifts)” (Strata-East – SES-19733) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Jacket: Mint, still in shrink). Killer free jazz beast. Sonny Sharrock in full glory and effect, shredding the air to pieces. Still it gets seen by most people (and probably rightly so) as a rare non-Impulse Records album from the early days of Pharoah Sanders -- but a set that ranks right up there with his classics for that legendary label! To these ears, it is the contribution of Sonny Sharrock that fires up this whole session since he was the sole guitarist at that time (apart from Japan’s Takayanagi Masayuki who was even more inflammatory) to be able to fill the air with liquid flammable guitar riffage that totally shredded all in its path and leave you scorned and burned after the experience. Still, apart from that, the album's one of the classics in Strata East's Dolphy Series -- and it's a uniquely collaborative session from 1969, one that has Sanders working with a largish group that includes Sonny Fortune on alto sax, Sonny Sharrock on guitar, Lonnie Liston Smith on piano, Leon Thomas on vocals, and Cecil McBee on bass -- all coming together with a freely exploratory sort of energy, one that's a bit like some of Archie Shepp's most righteous sides from the same time. Sanders' tenor still dominates most numbers, but not as much as on some of the Impulse sides -- and there's a nicely relaxed and personal feel to the whole album. The album features 3 long tracks -- "Prince Of Peace", which has Leon Thomas doing his "Creator Has A Master Plan" thing, and the cuts "Balance" and "Izipho Zam", the latter of which jams for a full 28 minutes! Killer beast of a record, mint original press copy!! Price: 150 Euro
1400. PHAROAH SANDERS: “Izipho Zam (My Gifts)” (Strata-East/ Tokuma Records – JC-7509) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent – no damages but there are some clearly visible mildew spots visible against the white background/ Insert: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint). Bloody rare Japanese pressing all complete with even rarer OBI!!! First time ever I could wheel in a copy with obi. This one comes cheap due to the visible mildew spots on the cover, if they were not there it would be 2 times this price, so a chance to wheel in this Japanese press original with obi for dirt cheap. Price: 150 Euro
1401. PHAROAH SANDERS: “Elevation” (Impulse – AS-9261) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: near Mint). Original 1974 US original pressing in top condition. Musician and acclaimed saxophone player Pharaoh Saunders' masterful live album 'Elevation', initially released in 1974. It's an album of languid brass sounds, rough around the edges and showing off all of Saunders' skill and improvisational prowess. Hard to find these days in great shape. SOLD
1402. PHAROAH SANDERS: “Pharoah” (India Navigation/ Columbia Records Japan – YX-7573-AX) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Mint). Rare Japan 1978 original pressing, licensed from India Navigation label and issued by Columbia Records Japan, which resulted in a high quality pressing and a killer sound quality that surpassed the US pressing of this LP. After 10 years of the death of his mentor John Coltrane and a fruitful collaboration with Impulse Records, Pharoah Sanders appears with a new line-up and a refreshed sound. The fact of having been one of the most neglected works, added to the negativity on its assessment by critics, resulted in one of the most underrated records of the artist’s career. With only three tracks and just over 20 minutes on each side, the album starts with “Harvest Time”, full of melancholy and spirituality, with the guitar and the organ conferring a spatial sound and a floating rhythm, marked by the bass of Steve Neil who gradually reveals himself as the great helmsman of the rhythmic section. It is 20 minutes long, are filled with a contagious and innovative sound. The B-side begins with “Love Will Find a Way” in which Sanders, even without being an experienced vocalist, manages to perform reasonably well. By his charisma and rhythm, this track was later re-used (especially on compilations), becoming one of the “hymns” of the solo career of this musician and composer. In addition to the organ by Jiggs Chase, the percussion by Lawrence Killian and the drums by Greg Bandy, the excellent guitar played by Munoz gives this song its main identity. The Afro-Latin influences in the style of Santana, seem to raise some reminiscences from the Woodstock period. The shortest song - “Memories of Edith Johnson” - closes the album with a tribute to this pianist, singer and songwriter of blues, which is performed like a prayer, a spiritual ritual that even has an organ, choirs and bells. The three tracks that comprise it denote an enormous originality and honesty. Its diversity is complemented with a regular and uniform quality throughout the recording, Price: 150 Euro
1403. PIL: “Metal Box” (3 LP Set: Near Mint/Outer Metal box: Excellent ~ Near Mint, has some minor oxidation marks, but looks fantastic seen the age) First original UK pressing of this landmark recording. All time classic disc in stunning condition. Jah Wobble is in the prime of his bass whopping career, leaving molted brocks of bopping lava all over the tracks, while Keith Levine does anything in his powers to derail them with his clinically circumcised guitar licks that will keep you begging for more slabs of unrelenting lysergic greatness, while all the time Rotten tries to ignore he was ever a part of the Pistols by putting down the greatest act of his career, hurtling in and out of focus like a beached whale. Legendary stuff, genius music emblazed by a single flash of greatness. Pristine copy. Every collection needs at least two of these. Price: 150 Euro
1404. PINK FLOYD: “Ummagumma” (Odeon Records – OP-8912‾3) (2 LP Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ OBI: Excellent/ Booklet: Near Mint). Top copy Japan 1st original press issue of all time greatest Pink Floyd slide. The live set, recorded in Birmingham and Manchester in June 1969, is limited to four numbers, all drawn from the group's first two LPs or their then-recent singles. It sounds like they've got the amplifiers to make their music count, which is more than the early band had. "Astronomy Domine," "Careful with That Axe Eugene," "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun," and "A Saucerful of Secrets" are all superior here to their studio originals, done longer, louder, and harder, with a real edge to the playing. The studio LP was more experimental, each member getting a certain amount of space on the record to make his own music. Great condition, hard to improve upon. Price: 125 Euro
1405. PINK FLOYD: “Atom Heart Mother” (Odeon Records – EOZ-80008) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Mint/ Booklet: Mint). The rarest version of this LP, the 4 Channel RM Sound version, quadraphonic with obi present. And to make things even more mouth watering, this is the never offered WHITE LABEL PROMO issue of the Quadraphonic pressing. Never seen a white label Quad PROMO before and in this condition is especially a bitch to unearth. TOP COPY, all is virginal. Price: Offers!!!!
1406. PINK FLOYD: “Atom Heart Mother” (Odeon – OP-80102) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Obi: Near Mint/ Inserts: Near Mint). Black wax version complete with rare 1st issue obi. The music needs no explanation I guess and “Alan’s psychedelic Breakfast” stills continues to rule my world. Rare Japanese pressing on virginal wax, disc is mint all the way, same goes for gatefold jacket and obi’s, all is just NM, TOP COPY!!! Great copy and hard to come by these days. Price: 100 Euro
1407. PINK FLOYD: “Live In Montreux 1971” (Swinging Pig Records – TSP-071-3) (3 LP Set: Near Mint/ Box Set: Mint/ Individual Inner Sleeves: Mint). Rare and amazing Pink Floyd live recording that comes on marbled PINK wax. Track listing is as follows: S1: ECHOES
/ S6: A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS. Sound quality is amazing and packaging is also superb, one of the best Pink Floyd live shows out there. Totally awesome. Price: 200 Euro
1408. PINK FLOYD: “Getting Better All The Time – British Winter Tour 1974” (Trade Mark Of Quality – TMOQ) (Sealed Copy of this 2 LP set housed in sturdy gatefold jacket) Comes on colored wax 2 LP Set, sealed copy and numbered edition of 300 copies only, this one being 185/300. Live recording from Empire Pool, Wembley, London/ UK November 17, 1974. SOLD
1409. PINK FLOYD: “Rainbow Sequence” (Trade Mark Of Quality – TMOQ) (Sealed Copy) Comes on colored wax, sealed copy and numbered edition of 300 copies only, this one being 60/300. Live recording out of February 20th, 1972 at the Rainbow Theatre. SOLD
1410. PINK FLOYD: “The Embryo” (Swingin’ Pig/ Trade Mark Of Quality – TSP-020) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Rare Pink Floyd live recording from 1968〜9 that saw the light of day in 1989. This one comes on pink colored wax. Amazing sound quality as the material was recorded for BBC Radio. Tracks include: Let There Be More Light – Point Me At The Sky – Murderistic Woman – Julia Dream – The Embryo – A Saucerful Of Secrets – The Narrow Way – Green Is The Color. Stunning sound quality and some great vintage Pink Floyd recordings. Killer!!!! Price: 75 Euro
1411. PINK FLOYD: “Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa” (Shadow Man Records – PF-102432) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint). Limited small run edition that came out in Germany in 2006 and which was issued on yellow colored wax. Recorded live at the Festival Actuel in Amougies, Belgium on October 25th, 1969, Zappa takes the stage with Pink Floyd for an extended “Interstellar Overdrive” jam. Frank Zappa was present at the festival in a twofold capacity. First, as Captain Beefheart’s road manager; secondly, as M.C. The latter task proved problematic given Zappa’s limited French, the prevailing language among the audience, who themselves didn’t seem to understand much English. Instead, Zappa relinquished his M.C. job for one of occasional guest guitarist. He plays with almost everybody; especially with Pink Floyd, Blossom Toes, Archie Shepp and Aynsley Dunbar but especially his jam with Pink Floyd is stuff of legends. His guitar sounds gels wonderfully well with the Floyd and gives it an extra dimension. Great recording quality for an audience recording, and above all one of the best and most unique versions of “Interstellar Overdrive” ever. Limited release that vanished as quickly as it came. Comes on colored wax. Highest recommendation. Price: 75 Euro
1412. PJ HARVEY: “To Bring You My Love” (Island - ILPS8035) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Imprinted Inner Sleeve: Mint). Getting scarce 1st original UK pressing of killer album!  Original 1st UK pressing of 1995. Killer slide. After fumbling around with producer-from-hell Steve Albini on Rid of Me (1993) and signing with U2 manager Paul McGuinness, Polly Jean Harvey is ready to live up to her lethal early promise at last. With its growling bass tones, "Meet Ze Monsta" sets the stage early on as Harvey explores her feminine psyche with an intensity and raw power unheard since Patti Smith's heyday. Unlike the terminally inconsistent Smith, however, Harvey plots a brilliant course through slippery laments ("Working for the Man"), corrosive testifying ("Long Snake Moan"), and fuzz-toned menace ("Down by the Water"). Skeptics who think Harvey can't outgrow her art-punk base are advised to cue up the flamenco-inflected, string-caressed "Send His Love to Me." (Jeff Bateman). TOP copy, UK first original pressing that is getting scarcer and scarcer. Price: 75 Euro
1413. PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE: “Egon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Banned” (Invisible Record S.C.O.P.A – SCOPA-1001) (Record: Mint/ Book: Mint/ gatefold Jacket: Mint). TOP Original 1978 pressing of their best and rarest LP. Taking their name from the lyrics of a Frank Zappa song, the Plastic People of the Universe were the leading band in Czechoslovakia in the 1970's and 80's The Plastics were one of many late-'60s Prague bands inspired more by the Beatles and psychedelic rock than political repression. Soon hair length, vulgarity, and English-language band names were deemed sufficiently dissident to earn persecution from the post-Dubcek government. Threatened with loss of the state support they needed to perform in public, the band chose amateur status, and in the early '70s moved to the country, where they took jobs in forestry and performed at "private" events like the weddings of friends—both before and after they were detained and brought to trial in 1976, with two Plastics eventually sentenced to prison. In response to the case, Václav Havel and others formed the human rights organization Charter 77, which seeded the resistance that would culminate in the Velvet Revolution. But the music does have the unmistakable sound of protest -- unmistakable both to the band's young fans, hungering for a Western pop experience in the late 1960's, and to the Czechoslovakian secret police, whose crackdown on the Plastics began shortly after the Soviet invasion of 1968. In 1970 the government revoked the group's license to perform professionally, and it was forced to play at secret concerts, staged in rural areas under the guise of local weddings. One such concert took place in a barn on the country estate of the playwright Vaclav Havel, a Plastic People fan who was inspired partly by the band's plight to establish the human rights movement Charter 77, which contributed to the downfall of Communism in Czechoslovakia. The LP documents the often psychedelic, yet also Dadaist in approach, fumed up with free-jazz and avant-garde elements. Bone-chilling great and invigorating listening experience. Just massive. Price: 100 Euro
1414. PLG BAND: “Armageddon” (Vertigo – 6483336) (Record: Excellent ~ Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent) Original 1982 Greek pressing on the collectible Vertigo label. Although released in 1982, PLG Band’s sole recorded artifact is one to be reckoned with. But right from the start the band was plagued with heavy opposition in Greece due to the blasphemous nature of their sole LP, evoking fits of rage and anger from the Orthodox community that demanded the album to be withdrawn and banned. And so it happened, very few copies made it out into the real world and the band quickly sank to the bottoms of oblivion. Still the very few copies that managed to leak out of the country created enough excitement amongst music lovers to make this disc now a long time dead stoned classic. And rightly so. Biblical inspired apocalyptic doomsday quotations and doomed loaded heavy progressive psychedelic moves reign throughout, making it a chilling but psychedelic listening experience. Atmospheric synth driven progressive undertones flower against acidic guitar leads, steady rhythm section and ominously sounding dark clouds hovering above mood swings that will have you heading towards your nuclear fallout shelter in order to dodge those Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that are heading straight towards you. Hair-rising and bone-chilling stuff. This definitely is the shit. Top copy. Price: 275 Euro
1415. POMERANCE, ERICA: “You Used To Think” (ESP Disk – 1099) (Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Near Mint). Original pressing. Erica Pomerance delivered one amazing LP, a combustional combination of some pretty wild folk, injected with lethal doses of jazz and demented psychedelia. The end result is a kind of collage of fucked-up eastern ragas, disjointed jazz moves and atonal folk which gets poured over with her beautiful, raspy, feverish, drug-induced howl. The end result is a stunning glance into outsider visions of freewheeling chanting and moaning and opining over an unsteady whirl of finger picked acoustic, troubled sitar and squalling alto sax. Pomerance's edgy, acid folk compositions may not appeal to middle-of-the-road travelers, but those with an ear for outsider vintage sounds of times long gone should appreciate this highlife fuckaround gem that these days could fit perfectly in the so-called t "freak folk" scene. Price: 250 Euro
1416. POP GROUP: “Y” (Warner Pioneer Japan – P-10705F) (Record: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint/ 2 separate inserts: Mint). First original Japanese pressing from 1979 in perfect condition. Abrasive, but interesting, the Pop Group’s debut is perhaps the most succinct summation of their angry and defiant approach to rock & roll. Although at times resembling the discordant funk of fellow post-punk radicals Gang Of Four, the Pop Group leave rhythm behind almost as quickly as they find it, and the result is a clattering din of sound resembling an aural collage. The longish, guitar-driven track "We Are Time" is the strongest cut, establishing a solid groove that won't let go. Price: 75 Euro
1417. POP GROUP: “How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder” (Rough Trade – ROUGH-9YZ) (Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Excellent/ All Inserts: Excellent – all 4 huge poster like double sided prints). First original UK pressing from 1980 with all complete!!! “If the title doesn't tip you off as to what this record will probably sound like, then you're hopeless. More accusatory than their debut (only because the lyrics are more clearly recorded), How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? is more funk-powered. Oddly, what hurts this is a lack of experimentation, but with the Pop Group, it's always too much of one thing and not enough of another. An interesting experiment that is as maddening as it is satisfying.” (all music). Another classic LP that is totally obligatory mind food. Original 1st UK pressing – all is present. SOLD
1418. POPOL VUH: “Affenstunde” (Liberty – LBS 83 4601) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint). First original German pressing in top condition. Affenstunde is the debut recording by composer and multi-instrumentalist Florian Fricke’s Popol Vuh, named for the sacred Mayan text. It was issued on the Liberty label in Germany in 1970 and has been in print, off and on, in Europe, Japan, and even in the United States sporadically since that time. For those completely dislocated by Tangerine Dream’s early experiments in sonic terror and dynamics, Affenstunde is somehow akin yet very different. Fricke’s synthesizers are more interested in pulse and circularity, not utter dislocation and shock. The music here all seems of a piece, despite the different selection titles and the single percussion piece on the set, "Dream, Pt. 5" -- primitive hand drums run through the middle of the mix. Other than this selection, the entire album would have made a fantastic soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky's film Solaris. The sheer momentum of the title cut, which closes the album and integrates spacious electronic soundscapes, ever deepening tonalities, found taped choral vocals whispering in the background, and percussion is one of the most provocative pieces to come from the Krautrock generation. This is an auspicious debut, which holds up wonderfully in the 21st century.” (Thom Jurek – All Music Guide). Popol Vuh’s rare debut LP as released on the rare Liberty label. Price: 150 Euro
1419. POPOL VUH: “Aguirre” (Nexus Records – K22P-425) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint/ Obi: Mint/ Insert: Mint). First original Japanese pressing complete with obi in virginal condition. Although Werner Herzog’s film “Aguirre, Der Zorn Gottes” (“Aguirre, The Wrath Of God”) ¬was released in West Germany in December of 1972, its accompanying Popol Vuh soundtrack didn’t materialize on record until 1976. When it did, it was hardly a note-by-note recounting of that film’s accompanying music in its entirety, due in part to the dozen reoccurring, incidental passages of volume-controlled electric guitar as well as the reiteration of the main theme in three different configurative states. Principally, the “Music From The Film Aguirre” album was released to fulfill a contractual agreement Popol Vuh founder Florian Fricke had agreed to years earlier with Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser’s Ohr Records subsidiary label, Pilz. What was eventually assembled as an album were two versions of the self-titled main theme, a side-long Moog synthesizer-based piece recorded in 1972 (chronologically the last such outing on a Popol Vuh recording), and a pair of acoustic reveries, “Morgengruss II” and “Agnus Dei” -- previously known as “Morgengruss” and “Gutes Land” when they first appeared on Popol Vuh’s 1974 album, “Einsjäger & Siebenjäger.” Two of the aforementioned “Einsjäger & Siebenjäger” tracks flank the second “Aguirre” theme and both are pastoral, near-vignette length exercises. “Morgengruss II” is comprised of clear Telecaster electric and acoustic guitar lines by Daniel Fichelscher that are meandering, airy, gentle but precise and purposefully focused. “Agnus Dei” is an ensemble piece comprised of oboe, piano, electric guitar and drums that build slowly into ensuing waves of tidal vibes that pulsate until Daniel Fichelscher steps out with clean Telecaster soloing. In between this pair lands the reprise of the main theme, “Aguirre II,” split between that heart-rending choir-organ and an obvious cross-fade into an acoustic passage recorded by Fricke and Fichelscher with all the Telecaster-electric-guitar-alongside-acoustic-12-string hallmarks of “Einsjäger & Siebenjäger.” Side two is taken up with the darkened and über-restrained dream cloud of “Vergegenwärtigung and for nearly 17 minutes there is nothing but visualizations of the most minimalist and deeply cosmic kind. A collage of passing shadows and weighty, heft-shifting polarities, it begins quietly with a violin droning slowly in the corner (perhaps the bowing work of Fritz Sonneleitner, the violinist on Popol Vuh’s “Hosianna Mantra” album?) as UFO-hovering-above sounds emerge from Fricke’s Moog to overlay in quiet restlessness. A variation of the Moog voicings he perfected on side one of “In den Gärten Pharaos” swell in and out of the main wash of electronic ebb and flow. This continues in its balance between formlessness and compositional strength of direction as it treads nowhere and everywhere at once but ever-so-lightly as it does so. Absent from the original 1976 album are overdubbed snatches of “Aguirre I” that appear briefly and softly several times at song’s midpoint, only to vanish back into the ethereal folds from whence it came. The whirring of electronic locusts appear then fall away, great undertows crash, and further voicings dot its quietude but nothing distracts its sustaining, deeply meditational course. “Music From The Film Aguirre,” man. It’s unbelievable the degree of and depth of transcendental qualities to be found in a record released only to honor a clause in a recording contract, but I’m grateful that it did.” (Julian Cope). Damned spot on, one of the single greatest Vuh recordings of all time…. Price: 75 Euro
1420. PORTAL, MICHEL: “Our Meanings And Our Feelings” (EMI Pathe – C.054-10525) (Record: Mint/ Jacket: Mint). Just the perfect copy without any defects. Was only released in France and this copy is so perfect it comes in fragile flip back cover that is perfect on all fronts and looks like new & it still has the still has the little "languette" (the French variant of the OBI which is always missing) still virginally attached to the flip back. This is one of those magical free jazz slides that might have effectively amplified the revolutionary tumult of the times but it was attributable as much to extra-musical variables – like miniscule budgets, limited availability of equipment and the fact that no one had yet worked out how to properly capture this music on tape – as it was to a deliberate musical aesthetic. Either way, it actively defines all of the best recordings of the era. The awareness and openness this demanded on the part of the musicians can be heard throughout this pioneering album. Compared to the magnificent raging bark of Peter Brotzmann's Machine Gun (recorded a year earlier), the music on Our Meanings And Our Feelings (recorded on June 27, 1969) distances itself from the energy and impassioned self-expression of free jazz by adding a more spiritual flavor to the mix of defiance and despair. Joachim Kuhn (piano), Jenny Clark (bass), Aldo Romano (drums) and Jacques Thollot (drums) play with extraordinary closeness, between and beneath them Michel Portal had already taken the sax and clarinet into unheard-of territory. The rhythmic flexibility of Jacques Thollot's gentle work provides the space for it all to happen unfolding against a musical background that incorporated mutant ethnic variations/ Middle Eastern influences, hurling in and out of focus and churned out a panoramic sound floating somewhere between the controlled burn of jet engine and the boundless fury of whiplash assault or a bloody gang fight. Like the best of the improvised music that has followed in the ensuing 30 years, it touched on a special kind of intensified awareness, an in-the-moment saying and listening that is enthralling to hear unfold. You will realize upon spinning this beast that the middle of the road is only popular when nothing is happening and Portal and Company surely rip the system sonically apart like a pile of cheap hay. It is without a doubt one of the most defining moments and best recordings to seep out of the late 1960s European free music/ spiritual jazz scene, easily standing shoulder to shoulder with the best records of that golden era. Never seen a better copy of this Freakingly rare & obscure lethal & maniac fury of a disc. Price: Offers!!!!
1421. PRETTY THINGS: “S.F. Sorrow” (Odeon Toshiba – OP-8640) (Red Wax Record: Excellent/ Jacket: Near Mint/ Company Inner Sleeve: Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint) Hideously rare and obscure Japanese pressing that comes on RED wax housed in a Japan only jacket. Original Japan only release out of May 1969. The music is more than well known I guess so I will spare you of my neurotic ramblings. Still that aside, this is a true rare artifact, original Japanese pressing of the day, very few were sold, making that these babies just next to never turn up here. Comes in a Japan only sleeve art and is pressed on that gloriously salivating great red wax. Top condition to boot so; don’t think twice about this one ‘cause I don’t think another copy will pop out of the woodwork any time soon. Price: Offers!!!!
1422. The PSYCHEDELIC ALIENS: “Psycho African Beat” (Academy – ASB-005) (4 EP’s: Mint/ Booklet: Mint/ Outer Box: Mint/ Patch: Mint). LIMITED EDITION (500) 4 x 7" box set including a booklet and embroidered patch! Long gone and out of print edition. A lost chapter from the late 60s/early 70s Ghana scene – a great mix of African rhythms & melodies with the raw grit of garage rock, the heavy groove of funk and soul, the swirling and fuzzed out guitars and organ of psychedelia – the Psycho African Beat of The Psychedelic Aliens! The group released one 4 song EP and a pair of 7-inches in it's 3 year existence. Academy compiles and beautifully packages all of those songs here and they are completely incredible – it's an almost painfully brief blast of pure genius, but important and vital work that needs to be heard! Psychedelic funk from Ghana with a raw edge and soulful groove. Price: 100 Euro
1423. PUNGO: “1980 ~ 1981” (Pinakotheca Records – PR#000) (Record: Near Mint/ Heavy Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Booklet: Near Mint). Pinakotheca has by now become one of Japan's most collectable record labels that emerged out of the swamp of the late seventies, only to stumble on the scene at the beginning of the eighties in order to carve out a stellar catalogue in the mere span of two years time. After that the label vanished as quickly as it had emerged and left without leaving a trace, except for some titles of its back catalogue to be snatched up.  Released on August 15th, 1981. Pungo were a bit of a weird collective releasing sounds comprised out of tango and punk elements. The outfit was centered around Suganami Yuriko and is responsible for developing a sound lacking any fixed shape. The activity of the outfit didn't last longer than one year, leaving behind only this artifact. To put it fourth daringly, the music starts of from a dark noisy tango that reflects a Japanese-like gloomy feeling, over a confusing musical accompaniment, while touching upon European decadent moods and free jazz. The instrumentation the free form shaped collective embraced on the other hand is all too conventional and is comprised out of vocals, piano, accordion, sax, flute, violin, sax, flute, guitar, bass and drums, creating a highly unique blend of southern European, Japanese, free improvisation and punk influences that blend all together into a strange atmospheric appeal. Suganami also appears in the line-up of Kudo Tori's Machinegun Tango group and bassist Imai Jiro resurfaces also in the ranks of Cock ‘C' Nell. Rare to say the least. price: 75 Euro
1424. PYG: “S/T” (Polydor – MR-5007) (Record: Excellent ~ Near mint/ Gimmick Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint/ Insert: Mint/ Obi: Excellent). Top copy complete with always missing obi. Comes with the original first press gatefold gimmick cover – upon pushing hard on the pig’s nose, oink can be heard. Vintage killer side, the first LP by PYG, Japan’s first rock super-group, made up of members of the most famous bands of the Group Sounds era, The Tempters, The Spiders and The Tigers. The members were (keyboards) Katsuo Ohno, (guitar) Takayuki Inouye, (drums) Hiroshi Oguchi, (lead vocals) Kenichi Hagiwara, (bass) Ittoku “Sally” Kishibe and (lead vocals) Kenji Sawada. Session man Yuji Harada, a non Group Sounds star, was also added to the line-up as a second drummer. The band was a seven piece ensemble on stage. Formed in 1970, the unit was fronted by the two biggest stars of the era, lead singers Kenji Sawada of The Tigers and Kenichi Hagiwara of The Tempters. The musical director of the band was guitarist Takayuki Inouye of The Spiders. So seen against this heavy hitting line-up, the band was bound to mess up and blow some headz. And with their first initial LP, the certainly did. Wailing vocals, tumbling down rhythm section, blistering guitar leads, swirling keys, etc. fantastic hard rockin’ psych, a head-spinning trip of killer tunes. Highest recommendation, first original press. One of the finest Japanese psychedelic records to seep out of 1970!!! Comes with always missing obi & insert!!! Price: 200 Euro